Day 9 Advent Calendar 2017!

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  1. The NA premium shop doesn’t even sell the KS Waffle, Panther/M10, or 4503. I believe you can buy them for gold but they aren’t in the shop. Weird.

  2. snagged the M10, thanks for the heads up man ! Ha en god jul circon ^_^

  3. I love the Filthy Frank memes 😀

  4. Okay so I was whatever with wargaming with this whole Advent calendar but now that they’re selling e25 a tank they said was Op and took it out of game and all this and made it such a huge deal about it they’re selling it like it’s nothing now

    • They have sold it on and off for the last couple of years. I picked one up last year. Played it a few times.

      I’m trying to get one of every tank in the game, but still don’t want this on sale, it messes tier 7 MM up so much.

      You know a TDs camp is OP when sitting in a bush (note not behind or double bush) at 70m away from an enemy I can still remain unspotted while firing.

  5. Yay! Totally happy about this

  6. Ok, just fuck off WG

  7. Im glad they sold the E25, now I can finally buy one.

  8. Great video. Very informative. Thank you.

  9. if anybody is surprised by this, raise your hands. If you raised your hand slap your face with it until your cheeks are blue and wake up. This is what WG is: A cash grabbing company that doesn’t care about it’s customers.

  10. One thing to keep in mind if you are on NA; since the Tankrewards tanks for this month are tier 6, if you buy them for gold now from the tech tree at 30% off, you’ll then get the gold compensation at 100% when you get your Tankrewards payout since the sale will be well over by then. That way instead of just getting a free tank you’re essentially getting a free tank plus some extra gold 🙂

  11. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    So this will totally Fuck over T7 MM 😀 Happy grinding lel. I will wait like 2 weeks or sth. and then continure the 3rd mark grind on it^^ Im at 2 Marks, just gotta wait a Little until all the bots will decrease the AVG. Damage expected 😀

  12. just a few russian tanks on sale in NA, screwed again thankl WG

  13. rip tier VII

  14. All old TD has their old stats.

  15. LMFAO its time to stop !

  16. Don’t think the Dicker has the old camo values because its still on the tech tree, I would agree tho the Type 64 and M10 are steals at 30% off. Would also consider the SU-122-44 and being that the tier 8 MM sucks and if you don’t have a Skorpion or any of the other 50 premium German TDs, I would consider the Krupp Steyr WT, its not a bad TD and is often overlooked, has the Tiger gun with great camo values. Easy to equip Rammer, Net, Binos….don’t let the base VR scare you, with binos and a crew it gets pushed easily over 465m.

    • Chancellor, I get over 530m view range with my DM and it does feel like camo drops a lot when you fire unlike the SU. (Edit, without food on DM)

    • Yeah it has great VR, but it sounds like you run binos with it, DM and binos base 500m right off the bat. Thing is since no turret the binos get reset a lot being that you have to pivot. That’s why I went with Optics on mine instead. Optics with a good crew minus food I get 475m VR, that is always on. At tier 6 that’s usually more than enough and still good at 7 and 8 for sure. I just feel in most cases if you are out front spotting things for yourself past a reasonable VR at higher tiers you are soon screwed anyway. As for the camo again….even if the Dicker had the old camo values it would be nothing like the E25 and some of the other old prem TD’s remaining with that advantage. The DM doesn’t really have that good of a base camo rating to start with, many other standard TD’s are much better than it. So its not super difficult to spot as is, even with a loaded crew and Net. Its main advantage is the awesome 15deg gun depression that can keep it from being spotted and out of harms way.

    • i love the krupp

    • Gun rammer, optics and binos I find get me tons of points. Certain maps you rake that spot assist in.

  17. so happy im not playing this game anymore

  18. That meme was really on point x.x

  19. My reaction was pretty much: Advent Calendar Day NEIN NEIN NEIN NEIN!

  20. Dicker Max has the old settings for spotting. Also it has the old 400m view range + good gun depression. But D.Max is still borderline bad. You have your good games with 10 hits, which equals 3k damage or less damage and some kills. On the other hand you get outplayed, because of no armor and bad gun handling. It is slow also. It is still better than Sturer Emil with it´s stock gun.
    I would highly recommend new players to stay away from D.Max.

  21. Some times you just gotta look at wargaming and…………………

  22. I am confused is Wargaming running an Advent Calendar or an Advert Calendar.

  23. You can no longer buy the Panther M10 on NA. It was removed from sale in 2015, the same time as the TOG, T14, and FCM 36 Pak 40. I think it has been on sale in a couple of special events since then though.

    • nablsi14
      Panther m10 in game for gold

    • It’s in the German tech tree lol

    • lol I didn’t notice that. I guess that means WG went back on their word because in the article I posted WG said “When Update 9.7 is launched, the vehicles will be removed from the in-game Store and tech trees.” I wonder what made them change their mind, because all the other vehicles in the article were removed from the tech tree.

  24. only played a bit today, but didn’t see too many E25’s around. Only one game with a total of 5 between the two teams, and two seemed to be older e25 players (had them before today). Noticing the same about most of the other offers as well. Last year, loads of E25s around on day one and two. No one buying at these prices ?

    • I had a game today with 8 E25 in it. Almost every game I play there is from to three of those. Oh, they are plenty. And they are annoying.

  25. Oh, and great tip about the Panther M10 and Type 64. Now I’m finally tempted to spend some cash!

  26. Holy shit boys. Brace for tomatos with E25’s suicide rushing your positions soon.

  27. I highly recommend the Type 64 and the Panther M10 too

  28. Bought the e25 and the m10 in game today is good day

  29. i bought it last year

  30. type 64 doesn’t have that much ammo I run out a lot when playing it

  31. Tier 7 is currently fucked. Thanks WG

  32. Thx for the m10 tip, it’s so good it shouldn’t even have preferential mm. Also people really underrate the vk, I’m an average player and I get 3-4 k dmg games regularly in it, just forget it’s a heavy tank.

  33. Marshall Allshouse

    I love my type 64 lmao, its easily overpowered for what it is. Most people forget that it exists, its the best tier 6 medium

  34. Panther M10 is awesome.. got it today and had so much fun with it!! keep up the good work m8 <3

    • Sam Nam yeah I agree I just have fun in it every game. The only issue is that really low alpha. The same thing I day everytime….why do crappy Swedish 75mm guns have 150 alpha but the worlds best anti armor tank gun up until the 1950s gets 135 alpha….war gaming has zero knowledge of reality it’s basically throwing darts at a spinning wheel to see what comes up.

    • couldn’t agree more :/

  35. Great work doing free advertising for WG 07

  36. Very good quick review of all those 6 and 7 tier premiums.

  37. On console, it’s still available on the tech tree… and it’s only $31.

  38. Guess the only question left to answer about this years advert calendar is when in the next two weeks will WG put the Pz.IIJ on sale…?

  39. Lol E25 on today’s city maps …
    E25 no longer OP

  40. Tharaka Wijerathne

    Shhhhh Circon, Type 64 is not good. It don’t need a nerf. Shhhhhhh

  41. @1:34 I have no Idea what the sound is but it hurts

  42. today when i watched your video i thought yea its too much money but i got few beers tonight and i said fuck it and got one and i used gold to buy pnather m10 i think i have a problem…

  43. im only waiting for the 13-57

  44. Woah – 50 Euros. Damn sure I didn’t pay that for it when it first came out….

  45. I seem to remember some people like the Dicker Max for vacuum cleaning purposes.

  46. if e25 is 10/10 on the OP scale, where does the type 64 sit?

  47. They only put it on sale so they can nerf it…..this tank is not special anymore now. This game really start to suck.

  48. It’s like every man on earth looses battle with not-to-fap WG lose with their greed again XD

  49. The only solace is that the E25 sucks in the hands of a bad player..

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