Day 9 Advent Calendar 2018! – World of Tanks

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  1. Xミスタークロ

    It is tank for people who love scouts…

  2. The most useless premium tank.

  3. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    Itz a smol tenk. ha . ha

  4. Love this little tank, had some of my most fun battles using it

  5. I still remember the wonderful “Gimme 25 seconds, i’ll fuck ‘im up!” game

  6. I have one issue: it is really vulnerable to HE. It happened to me 4-5 times now, that the whole crew got knocked out (without the tank getting destroyed) from 90mm+ guns. So tank standing there with almost half health but the crew is dead ^^

    Nevertheless I enjoy playing this little bugger. It’s small and fast and the DPM doesn’t bother me in most situations.

  7. I have to say, this is my most favorite tank in tier 8.
    With a 5 skill crew, averaging 3k combined so far and having over 4k wn8 in this sneaky little toy tank. (FULL APCR by the way 😀
    It’s so troll that I don’t EVEN believe it would be my favorite when a friend gifted to me when it was sold this summer.

    • Pretty much the same here (except AP only). This tank is a blast to play but a excellent crew is absolutely needed to get the most out of it.
      Besides the heavily viewrange and camo centered playstyle it also added another new gameplay aspect for me:
      Having to avoid fences and small stonewalls. It bleeds a lot of speed driving over those. Lost a couple of fights because of that. 🙂

    • Awesome_Face
      Oh you reminded me of all those destructible objects on the maps. They’re sooooo annoying for this cute little troll, losing most of the momentum when running over anything.

    • yes – I agree! – it takes the game to a new level

      – mostly crap on paper (especially firepower) – but so much fun to play. Also this tank on the move is actually very hard to hit – I have driven straight through enemy lines multiple times and did not die. This obviously gives your team a huge advantage, as all the enemies are wasting time by stopping and shooting, while obviously getting spotted.

    • So basically get this tank, if you have any skil

    • lol – with no skill it is better to buy no tank at all ;o)

  8. I used the rental code to get it & test it, I loved this little beast so I bought it. Currently training the female commander we got from twitch for wheeled tanks.

  9. “Those people already bought it the first time.” Right as I thought, I’m the 1% but already got it haha. This tank is all troll. Trolls you, trolls the enemy.

  10. Morning Circon, thanks for the advent calendar run down this year.

  11. I made up my mind when it was first released. A complete waste of money. I’m now 9 for 9 on this year’s Advent calendar. Not one of these “sales” has enticed me.

    • Yeah the sales have been pretty meh! I think the biggest dissapointment is the lack of a new tank on day 1 and the premium day sale and then having the blackdog be a 234 hour sale at random and not advent..

    • since Wargaming is so money grubbing they should just bring back the type 59….its not op at all and i bet they would sell an boat load of them.and do it like a $100 package 24hrs only.

    • +Paul Mayt this tank help me do all misions for 260 for spoting 🙂

  12. 2 MoE and my best spot was 10k and 246 dmg ??

  13. Herbert Odilio Balsamo

    I’ll get 432 and/or bulldog that this Even tank

  14. change the vents to EGLD and your life is way better in the ELC..

    • I rather take vents over EGLD for 9m better viewrange and 0.9 increase in camo + the other improvements it gives.

    • you can but if you want to use your autoloader with max eff you choose the EGLD

      but if you rather take vents go for that 🙂

  15. I miss the old Elc amx 🙁

  16. This is good for scouting missions I might get it just for that.

  17. This tank just need a better engine.

  18. can wargaming EVEN give good discounts for the advent calendar?
    Edit: I do enjoy playing the tank but its absolute dogshit for the fact that it can’t 1v1 and that you are super dependant of your team.
    its not good in fast wins and it can’t kill tanks fast enough if you are being pushed.

  19. I enjoy it a lot playing it for the lol and sometimes have a hell of the game

  20. one of my favorite tanks. I love getting close to super heavies and then very very slowly shoot them to death and they dont have the gun depression to hit me back.

  21. AMX 13 57 is the main reason to not EVEN give this one a second look 😉

    • This is the BEST* tank you can have!!

      * disclaimer:  if the left mouse button of your mouse is broken and/or if your index finger is too numb to play.

      I have it,  and I actually like it. It keeps me on my toes all the time, and I can passive scout from the smallest micro bushes. The reason to buy it is if you want something completely different – and obviously only if you have a very good crew for it.

  22. warunderwhelming?

  23. Circon please talk about the SU-130PM discount bs, where you get “10%” off the price for every mission you finish but the discount isn’t on the base price of the tank but on the price of the tank + all the things you would have got if you finished all the missions. I finished 5 missions so I should get 50% off which should be like 20e but nope the price with 50% off is 30e cause I have to pay for all the bullshit that I didn’t get from other 5 missions. Just fuck you WG.

  24. I like my even only because of the hide and seek factor.. They have to get within 51 kms to proxy spot you if you got my 49% cameo on the move and a 59% stationary its a 1 trick pony you can not carry games in this unless the enemy team is full of 45% players that have 50% crews.. However circon is correct it will dissapear infront of your eyes.

  25. So …. It’s not worth EVEN a penny ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  26. I’ll stick to the 13 57 for crew training and fun. Now wasn’t that a Circon recommendation?

  27. This is a joke they sell this even though its way underpowered than LT 432.

  28. I’ve got most of these….where’s the lefh???

  29. The LT-432 is better in every way except for camo (only by about 3%) and profile.

    With that said though, the Even 90 has a unique play style. It is so small that it can hide in bushes no one thinks of. It opens up so many possibilities on many maps.

    It’s not novice friendly. It’s not the most competitive. It can’t fight 1-on-1 and expect to win. But it is an absolute blast to play. It’s worth it for the fun factor.

  30. Even those this tank isn’t great, its hilariously funny and fun xD i love this tiny tank

  31. It’s fast and stealthy.

    Is DPM really that important? You only get the most out of DPM when you can either just sit there and shoot or are circling somebody who can never catch you.

  32. This tank reminds me of ROB the robot.

  33. Wish this got a 220hp engine

  34. If you go onto wot-news, the elc even 90 is consistently the second highest scout tank by win rate, in the MOE tiers. The only tank higher is the 13/57. This will probably change if the mming improves, but right now, it scales upward into tier 10 mming the best of all of the tier 8 light tanks. For the way that the vast majority of people experience the game, this is one of the better tier 8 buys, Sub-purple players tend to absolutely struggle with reading the map fast enough and accurately enough to position their tanks to take advantage of high DPM. Thats why the black dog is consistently hovering around the same win % of the much worse LTTB and wz-132, despite having insane DPM for its tier. This tank is a frustrating experience from an MOE or wn8 farming perspective, as its play style is an extreme version of the light tank style: spot early, perserve hp, clean-up crew in the late game. However, don’t be fooled by the occastional negative press, this is one of the better light tanks you can get for actually winning games in tier 8.

  35. It is the most fun tank in the game. It’s a hipster tank. Every kill it gets is an insult. Whenever a tank sees it, they chase after it like a dog chasing a laser tag. It’s so meme I run improved equipment on it.

  36. Not for me. I’ll stick with my Black dog, LT-432 and AMX 13 57.

  37. Does it still suck to play any/most Tier 8 Premiums or have they fixed that yet?

  38. Second best scout in the game at least for me. Due to it’s size and incredible camo you can get away with some cool stuff.

  39. This year is beyond disappointing these “sales” are all terrible not a single one worth the money

  40. To Circonflexes, thank you for your informative and enjoyable content, but due to ongoing dis-satisfaction with World of Tanks, what with their Crap Matchmaking and other issues, I’m leaving the game and I’m going to be un-subbing from all related content so I’m no longer reminded on a daily basis of the game. Again thank you for the hours of enjoyable and informative content. Peace

  41. The EVEN 90 is my favourite (and most played) tank, but I do like farming spotting damage 🙂 .
    While I agree the DPM horrible, it doesn’t bother me that much. What I do think WG should do is buff the gun handling because it’s f’ing awful…

  42. Litteraly….. can park beside other tanks and they cant shoot you because you are so smol. I play this tank super silly and it is so fucking hilarious at how difficult it is for the enemy to try and hit you. The size of the tank along with the camo and speed make this thing super annoying, but its so hilarious when the enemy cant even shot you when you are litteraly under their guns.

  43. Eh. I own this tank. Small and good camo but pretty shit as an active scout thanks to the weak engine and huge speed lose while turning and dodging. If it had even just 40 more HP on the engine for a flat 200 It would be a much better active scout.

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