Day 9 – Advent Calendar 2019! – World of Tanks

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Source: Circonflexes

to see if todays offer worth it!

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  1. Im early lol

  2. Thanks again, Circon!

  3. I like the tank,but i get sick of those bundles or gold ingame prices,Advent Calendar is really bad this year,but keep inform us @circon,it’s a tradition,love it.

    • Hence why from day two (first one) he recommended going for the I game gold packages if people just wanted the tanks.

    • ”bad this year” this is exactly the same it was last year. The calendar has never been about some huge discounts as some seem to think, it’s purpose is to offer bundles at discounted price and in game gold purchase chance (which players asked for a long time) for uncommon tanks, tanks that aren’t always purchasable in game. And also you can get gold at discounted price so there is nothing to complain about this.

  4. Expensive…

  5. “5000 credits” Is Circon becoming Jingles?

  6. What annoys me the most? I got a 5 match rental from a Facebook questionnaire, and this has since become my most wanted premium. My second and third favourite tanks right now are the 50 120, and 50 100.
    But holy cow! 11000 gold?!!!

  7. That feeling when you own most of the tanks in the advent calendar 😐

  8. Somoa is a fun tank. Great for support and stomping meds.

  9. Still waiting for a defender..? or type 59, or t 44 100.

  10. some random guy in the internet

    Im still waiting for Lansen C

  11. Gonna be a pass for me. Waiting on the Polish heavy

  12. one of two tank on the top of my wishlist

    • Sternencolonel really ? I think it lacks too much armor for the mobility it has. The gun is good but all French guns are so… it s not really a perk of this tank. I kinda want all French prems but this one, it leaves me skeptical.

  13. Check the new Holiday Ops 2020 video!

  14. WG going full Oprah this advent calendar….

  15. Heavies are always more expensive because more steel is used…… WG is just a sad company

  16. imo i’m gonna just wait for the boxes instead of buying this for 60€ even if it is a good tank

  17. I’d buy this if it was cheaper.

  18. Circon has single handedly saved me hundreds of £ this year with large doses of common sense, delivered daily. Refusing to buy any of this nonsense.

    • Well this tank is amazing IMO but yeah spending £60 on any tank is really outrageous

    • @Brummbar you know you can get gold at discounted price and then just get the tank in game… Not sure why people only focus on the bundle price and always ignore the gold price. Players asked for a long time for tanks to be bought for gold in game cause some have accumulated large amounts of it and they basically get the tanks for free now.

    • @LethalWalou I’m just saying in general I wouldn’t buy either got it for free in a giveaway

  19. Got this tank on a discount from Twitch Prime, best purchase I ever made in this game in my opinion. This thing makes mad credits if you know how to play it

  20. I go hul doun yay.


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