Day 9 – Advent Calendar 2020! – World of Tanks

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Advent Day 9!


  1. Przebrzydły Kaban

    Circ <3

  2. I have the regular STG, really nice tank, I like it, good accuracy, armor can work from time to time, but the goal is to snipe and support heavys from distance and sneak shots in….390 alpha feels nice tho but pen can screw you up sometimes

    • The m4 rev is way better in that role imo. Better dpm, better gun handling and godly shell velocity with standard ammo.

    • @Hans Jürgends But it doesn’t armor while STG at least has some and also its a fat Sherman tank, I don’t like fat Shermans….I preifer russian pancake tanks haha, each to their own I guess

  3. This tank is AWESOME, but you can save your money and buy it with bonds instead, absolutely worth it

    • @Manato Lectro stop shooting gold

    • @Ricardo Carmine to be fair Liberte has like only 300 alpha for 1k shell cost so yeah hard to make credits when ammo is that expensive

    • Buying tanks with bonds is a waste to me. Bonds cannot be bought, gold can. Bonds should be used to get things that can ONLY be bought with bonds, such as enhanced equipment, or clan wars tanks.

    • @ThePeople’sPanzer i guess that the thing but 5k Bonds for a Single Equipment is too much for F2P player like me i prefer spend it on tanks and get the Normal or Bounty Equipment if i had to use it

    • @Manato Lectro statistically the patriot performs better, but they’re so different in play style that it really depends on what you like to play. Premium heavies make more money than same tier premium mediums with the same result

  4. Have you ever heard of the jokes? Guard has turret armor. Guard has good gun handling

  5. i never understood how they balance the hp of tanks, this has 1350 but the obj 274a has 1200

    • The 274 has some armour, STG has nearly none.

    • and why is that grounds to reduce its hp? vk 100.01 P has 1700 health and tons of armor

    • CaptainNoch Gaming

      They say 274 has armor. But let’s be real. Does armor even mean anything in the current state of the game? Every time I bring my 274a out for a spin, three hits and I’m out.

      You can pull off bounces, but you’ll probably get penned by gold before you could even get away or react accordingly.

      The 274a doesn’t have the speed nor the armor it claims to have. Derpy gun handling with 320 damage?

      It’s a good tank, but I don’t know why people hype it out. You know the tank is terrible when you’re aceing it with sub 1000 base exp.

    • As far as a I can tell, HP in World of Tanks is arbitrary. Wargaming gives each take whatever HP pool they think it needs for “balance”.

    • @CaptainNoch Gaming “You know the tank is terrible when you’re aceing it with sub 1000 base exp.” The fuck? 1300 base xp, no ace.
      And the armour has worked perfectly, even managed to block 3k against tier 9s

  6. I literally bought the gaurd for warbonds an hour or two before it went on sale lol

  7. I love the STG on console, and I’ve thought about getting it on PC because I think it was in the store but I’ll pick up the Gaurd

  8. Guard gun handling is dope though.

  9. Thanks for the analysis. I am one of those few people who does not have a Tier 8 Russian Premium… 🙁 I know right! (where have i been? LOL)

  10. SO WG is putting out all the best tanks for christmas advent……..haha 😉

  11. Seems like they are waiting to drop the good stuff in the Advent calendar this year.

  12. for anyone who says gaurd is good hasnt played it for more than 100 battels it suck on evey lvl u can think of it even has less dpm than 50tp prototype they have to buff it etheir give it more dmg per shot or buff its dpm and of course it has less dpm than is3

  13. I just bought 75 boxes and got:
    30,000 gold
    3.5mill credits
    31 days prem
    Tier 8’s x4
    Bisonte C45
    GSOR 1008
    Bat.-Châtillon Bourrasque
    Tier 6’s
    M4A1 FL 10
    Tier 3’s
    Pz.Kpfw. T 15
    M22 Locust
    and 3 x 3D things
    so what is the point buying any more boxes as I got almost everything with the 75 I paid for?

    • Buying boxes for tanks only is a bad idea, you buy them for the gold, prem and other goodies as that is a good deal. Tanks are just icing on the cake.

  14. “Anything that starts with an 8 is too slow” 8000m/s is slow, you heard it here first, folks

  15. Vilius Rapševičius

    Not sure why but i prefer this tank over the m4rev, I thought that I wouldn’t but I do. Higher pen and maybe the fact that it’s AP feels way more stable to pen enemy tanks. Also the turret armor is nice to have to get those ocasional bounces.

  16. Developer Moderator


  17. 274a works only with double stabilizers

  18. why would you pay for a tank you can get for free tho

  19. So yeah, as a brawler, I wouldn’t recommend it. As said, there are a million other russian mediums that do it much better. Instead, the playstyle I adopted was a more sniper role similar to the rear turreted tree mediums. Basically, think of it more of a 416 with a bigger gun and the ability to turn the turret all the way around. But at the same time, you have similar camo. I when bino, net, and rammer personally to fit that style. In that role, you are just another td, but at least you have a turret and some armor. Just my personal play style as the armor never felt that reliable to me for brawling. But also because the reload leaves it really awkward in those situations as well.

  20. Got a guard when it came out, this assessment is on point. Good trainer but play it like a Td. That hull is just to soft to get in and brawl.

  21. Prokurator Generalny Dziura w Dupie

    44-100 and 54m1 has 190 pen, which is disgusting in the current game.

  22. Thanks circon

  23. Not only are there tons of other options for a Russian Tier 8 medium, there’ll keep being even more options added in the future. The only thing more common than premium Russian Tier 8 mediums is premium Russian Tier 8 heavies.

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