Dayummmmm – War Thunder Top 5 Plays of the Week

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Source: BaronVonGamez

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  1. Why am I not surprised at #2 just typical….typical

  2. baron im drunk an o love u hahaha :P

  3. my farthest shot in War Thunder was in a Chieftain at 4.2 kilometers

  4. My boy Foress finally got a number 1 spot. Hell yeah.

  5. how are people playing bf1 already?

  6. KKKKKKK gordinho 182 apareçeu

  7. baron you didn’t say sexy transition in between the clips ;_;

  8. War thunder

  9. Can you play next on war thunder the FW 190 A5

  10. my longest shot was 2,1 km with my Crusader, I kicked that Pz IV out the
    window and said “Get of my lawn!”.

  11. my b-day is on the 20th

  12. how do i know it’s sunday? I know i need to be in uniform the next day or
    in 3 or 2 days from then.

  13. I think Baron needs to space these clips better cause he always ends up
    talking about the previous clip as the next one starts

  14. I got recked be a 4 km shot from a Russian tank I think I was a t 64

  15. In next week you will se the best kill shot of the year made by SlickBee

  16. Who else clicked there screen to check it didn’t freeze ???

  17. can you make a custom game whitout the name’s above tanks/planes?

  18. U know it’s Sunday after sexy transition

  19. killed a plane by accident with a bomb didnt relize it till i checked the

  20. farthest shot I did was about 1.5 miles away AND it was a snap shot.

  21. I got an 9:0 leopard game can i send it to you? :D

  22. KalteisenProductions

    Holy cow i actually made it into the top 5 vid, Sweet

  23. I got a 2.5 km shot with the king tiger. the shot arched so it went right
    through the front plate of an strv

  24. my longest shot, was in my tiger 1 i did a random fire to switch to my APCR
    ammo, but the shell i fired hit the top of a churchill 7 from 4 KM away and
    ammo racked him

  25. i saw someone pull off a shot at over 5.2 km. its on a video by JonMan94.

  26. I just recently subscribed. Baron’s video on the F4F Wildcat is what got me
    into War Thunder. Great videos keep it up.

  27. My farthest kill was 2km away in a plane

  28. Baron I was in the map Poland driving my Tiger H1 at top speed. I saw a
    German SPG at about 750 meters at my 9 o’clock and fired from third person
    view. I hit it in the front and killed him just like that. By the way you
    should do more Heroes and Generals.

  29. I have done the first clip before with an KV-2 HE shell to the side of an
    american m6 which detonated its ammo rack and killed a hellcat next to it.

  30. Sir Stefan Channel!

    When that La-5 stalled and flipped, and then just regained all kinda of
    manoeuvrability seems unrealistic as fuck


  32. Yea that top kill was nice. Leo shot was ridiculous.

  33. 1:30 is a trailer maneuver.

  34. I personally think that baron should play more mount and blades! ??? if
    you agree like so baron can see!

  35. Not sure about my longest shot on here, but playing Snipers in Arma 2, my
    longest shot was over 1km

  36. Well of course the no 2. replay is at 3km. Its fucking HEAT-fs aka an
    instant i win button. When i do get my leo I refuse to use that round cause
    i’m not an asshole.

    HEAT-FS and ATGM’s should never have been added to war thunder. No armor on
    any tank is made of composite materials and no tank has ERA to stop or
    mitigate these rounds.

  37. Mine was 3.3 kilometers

  38. giorgos papageorgiou

    come on i got a 3 kills with kv2

  39. WHOOOO! IM #23967 TO WATCH

  40. I had a 5km shot

  41. I never understood rocket aiming

  42. Baron I got a 18 tank streak how do I submit

  43. That 3.2Km Leo shot made me think of when I used to use aim bots in other

  44. Hey Baron, not sure if you still take video suggestions, I reckon you
    should do one where you see how many light tanks 1 round can go through.
    I.e. An APCR round going through 5 locusts. Loving the vids down under mate

  45. I had a 4.6km shot… but I forgot to keep the replay…

  46. BARON! Where’s your announcement of the sexy transition?! That’s the best
    part of the video each week….

  47. Antisocial Engineering

    But it’s monday here…………

  48. DEE-kelahz here :D

  49. 0:49 Russian bias is real…

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