DEAD IN THE WATER! PT-76 Amphibious Assaults (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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War Thunder Tanks PT-76 Dead in the Water!
War Thunder Gameplay PT-76 Amphibious Assaults!

Thanks for watching!


  1. Love your vids

  2. That tank can be a lot of fun…what should I try next?

    Who’s seeing Deadpool? It was hilarious, well written and action packed.

  3. Baron,Baron,play Tiger II (PIG)

  4. your welcome

  5. Yey! I catch one of your vids earlier! Awesome as always

  6. pls king tigre (Tigre 2)

  7. can i play you on war thunder right now.

  8. If I ever buy a boat, I will name it SS Railguard

  9. Yoo Baron waddup bruh, hows your finger doing?


  11. When did the Spawn menu update?

  12. hi

  13. baron read this and reply it

  14. Soo unrealistic, pt-76 vs tiger or Pz4H

  15. HAHAHA that squeal when those two tanks drove down the river bank towards
    you had me laughing out loud. Love your videos.. MOAR Warships!

  16. what song is that

  17. Hi Baron!

  18. Pure amphibious epicness

  19. So what was that song in the beginning?

  20. i think the pt -76 or all tanks that can float the motor or the component
    for going forward and when you destroy it like you cant move

  21. love your vids

  22. You should do a pt76 vs torpedoes

  23. juan david uran acevedo

    play the m60 next plzzz

  24. russia but shield is the best

  25. PT-76 = Boat simulator 2016

  26. Baron, anyone can get in the water under the main bridge on Tunisia

  27. Erik Miran Gregorec

    3 inch gun cariage plz!!!

  28. That was a pretty intense intro not gonna lie

  29. this was so funny!

  30. Best tactical use ever. That’s a good challenge you could make happen

  31. Play next the su 100y with the TB 3 box power!!!

  32. Ahhtaczy “Griffin And T Gaming” Gaming

    I’ve gotten 7 tank kills and 2 aircraft destroyed with the PT-76 in an
    realistic battle on that map. Both aircraft where shot down with the main
    76mm, amazing tank and definitely one of my favorites.

  33. The Exploding Mushrooms !?

    PLAY THE TIGER 2 p turret with the fw190 f-8

  34. *beep*new subscriber alert!

  35. Baron you should do a custom battle where it is planes against tanks, but
    you can only use HEATFS.

  36. Hey Baron, what is the theme you’re using at the beginning of the requests
    videos ?
    Thanks for the videos !

  37. Was that lightning top right corner at 4:18

  38. You have got a baron von alligator medal Kill 4 tanks while under a britch
    with water You must be in a pt76 you must be baronvon games Im sorry cant
    get this metal

  39. when you aim when you are in water its look like submarine

  40. you should try the same thing in a custom battle.

  41. I love how i was away from war thunder for few motnhs and now there are tin
    cans floating in the water and shooting me

  42. Yo baron what’s the name of the music in the intro, its pretty good ^_^

  43. Put a Pt76 on eastern europe in the river and drive with a Locust on it and
    play Mobile Boat Combat station in Tank Rb :D

  44. 0:19 You used polish air force symbol. Are you from poland ? no, is PT-76 a
    plane ? no… so dont use it again.

  45. Your content is good, but the video quality is aids :(

  46. Buscate una vida y luego date cuenta de que no eres nadie

  47. what hapened to fly?

  48. phanzer 4:OK I’m gonna cross the bridge
    Baron:bang (critical hit)
    phanzer 4:holy sh*t(truns turret the wrong way)
    baron:bang(ground unit thistroyed-rekt)

  49. Do a custom battle: IS-2 vs Tiger 1s or Pz. 4 F2s!! XD P.S. the Russian 45
    mm tank gun can pen. the side of a Panther!!

  50. “drives faster in reverse” must be a french tank

  51. richie thach (TitanicMan2)

    I think it is much more fun watching baron when he was playing arcade
    instead of boringistic.

  52. Dat Tiger and Jagdpanther are probably bad players because to turn a TD
    quickly you need to drive foward a bit and then turn and Tiger player just
    sucks at aiming

  53. baron plz plz plz tell me how batton to press to activate a bomb camera

  54. plz

  55. in war thunder

  56. you sneaky mermaid !

  57. Reenact d-day landing with the pt-76 vs 4 tigers . See how many make it
    back to shore

  58. PT76

  59. play with it again plz

  60. just dont use the pt76 in arcade, it gets rekt

  61. What was the intro music?

  62. stug against PT-76 defend the amphibious assault

  63. Confederateno1 Gaming

    baron, baron, where do ya get urgolden eagles from, do u buy them or do u
    use hacks! lol, tiger 105 the furhers cannon bus!


  65. Play the Tiger ausf. B

  66. Baron, do you know about the binoculars in the game? Open the controls and
    key in the binoculars. They give you a better view than the sniper mode.

  67. That girly screem at 3:30 is hilarious !! I had to replay it a couple of
    times .luck luck and more luck

  68. YoungFilmProductions

    get it YER on fire get it!

  69. baron baron play the box tank!

  70. I really like your upgrade in video quality.

  71. play the M41A1 sometime! :D

  72. PT 76 OP

  73. use the Calliope in a top tier game go up against 7.0 or higher

  74. The pt76 if it is on tracks in water but it’s pipes are open, you go extra
    fast in water.

  75. Baron that’s awesome kills 4 tanks in a row 2 Tiger ,1 Jpanther and Tiger


  77. Mister Torgue Flexington

    it’s just a box,no honey… its my dick in a box!

  78. do the kv1 with any plane you want, i just want to play with you dude(no
    homo) kv 1 squad!

  79. T-32 please baron

  80. Run in fear the M60 is here! Play the M60 next Baron!

  81. One might say that when you drive a PT-76 in the water, you are a…sitting
    duck. *badum tss*

  82. +baronvongamez try leopard 1

  83. samart nukulsaowaluk

    PT-Boat’s secret mission : Get Special Force behind enemy lines

  84. Baron Baron! Can we see some T-80?!?

  85. Leopard and Ho229!!! The classic German high tier combo

  86. kv-2 vs Gepard’s (Custom battle) please

  87. When I play I get one shot from the other side of the map… when you play,
    everything goes perfect for you…. I hate you baron =)))))

  88. pt 76 is a good boat…but a bad tank. Armour sucks

  89. that balance in that game is destroyed. cold war tank vs Tiger?

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