Deadliest Gun vs Unbalanced Battles | World of Tanks Object 704 Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

of Tanks Object 704, Tier 9 Soviet Tank Destroyer in Fast and Unbalanced Matchmaking . World of Tanks Deadliest Tank Destroyers, The Best Tank Destroyer.

The final video before Update 1.13 features one of the deadliest gun in , showcasing the of the matchmaking at the same time.

Let me know what you think about that!


  1. pls dez whats the music ur using in this vid

  2. i am thinking of not playing as last few battles over in 2 mins i did not even get to fire my gun this update is total shit simple

  3. now going down this tech tree

  4. ISU152 had 850 dmg

  5. dez make kv4 kreslavski ram setup

  6. I’ve basically stopped playing this game because of match maker

  7. This is what I’m talking about biggest issue isn’t arty, it is absolutely ridiculous match making. Only one triple arty battle but 3 totally unbalanced teams. MM is the biggest issue right now!

    • yeah man. nerfing arties arent changing anything. they arent OP, theyre stupidly annoying. nerfing them doesnt change that. it makes the situation worse. they shoulda kept arties as is and limited arties to 2(1 doesnt really have the dpm to change much), and balance light tanks and op tanks. plus the EBR’s are an abomination.

    • If they make good matches, the games will last too long and WG will make less money. Games are intentionally unbalanced for that reason.

  8. I still don’t understand how Wg thinks that the matchmaker is fine. So many games with 15/3 scores or similar… Let’s hope they adress it

    • haha, they know its fucked .. they just dont care because theres no money to make in it … oor maybe its so bad on purpose, so that people buy premium because of credit grinding.. who knows

    • TBH the second game was 15-10

    • wannabetheminority

      @retroarcadefan Yes, thats right. I like dez and I think the mm is not perfect too but he starts crying about the game when its not even decided, 5 tanks dead and he starts mm this mm that. I know he wants to give a msg in concordance with skill’s rant and thats all.

  9. Feels so strange these days to have a 15 min game, 15 mins feels like 30 due to the constant stream of 5 min games.

    • I had a run of 4 wins in a row tonight that the shortest/most uneven finish was a 12 minute 15-11…. I had to stop playing for a bit, I was in shock!

  10. 704 is way way overrated

  11. How u so accurate, For me that BL-10 Gun is super inaccurate i missed whole fv4005 side shell goes between turret and hull gap.

  12. Dez!!! I pen all my ap rounds in the Lorr 155 51 I felt dirty asF but hey I finished the mission.

  13. Anyone remember 15 mins battles ? games that went down to the wire….Because I do spent almost as much time watching a game ( if dead ) because they were often nail biting clinchers except of course if last player standing happened to be new so underperformed….irrelevant as now its speed run how quick game a game be won or lost, Just saw a WOWs teir 10 game 6 ships lost in 3 minutes game lost in 5 mins …impressive ( in a bad way )for that game seems the other WG war game is trying to catch up with its stable mate.

  14. Obj 263 is the best tier 9 TD

  15. “Deadliest guns vs Normal MM”
    Fixed the title

  16. Before WT auf Pz IV went this was my fav tier IX TD

  17. Those loses had nothing to do with MM. The powercreep is whats make the game faster and faster.

  18. It super sad to watch and not able to play.

  19. Hi dez, i notice you never use “accelerated crew training” why? ;/ i know its tier 9, but i have seen in a lot tier 10 you never apply it

    • free xp can be used for vehicles, pumping into a crew, and new features coming out in the future like field modifications.

    • @Mel Z I don’t meen free exp I mean exp on tier 10 tanks, is no point to collect it, convert it cost a lot gold


  21. Vladimír Palička

    0:19 please someone song. I need it

  22. He is broken

  23. Rika101 Official

    ISU trade BL10 for more HP and soft stat buff, kinda understandable…but when WG sold ISU K with the BL10…that is bullshit. Only the 704 got the BL10…but why play 704 when WZ111G FT can do 90% what 704 can do but with better armor, HP and also gold ammo?

  24. I have to agree with you that the short games aren’t very fun.
    The better I get the more I crave those long drawn out battles that were neck and neck to the very end that I used to get to play way back when.

  25. Complaining about the games when you have a 15-11 that was like 7 minutes or even more and the last game was 7 minutes as well?

    • 7 minutes, so? It is just a longer version of the match which was decided in the first 2 minutes, 4-15 score. Feel free to enjoy them, like them. I don’t. Players are different.

    • @DezGamez They seemed odd games to particularly complain about as they were bad examples, looked like clear confirmation bias to me, I mean like said the last one was 15-11 but you had basically already written it off as another ‘one sided fast game’ when clearly it wasn’t. This ‘issue’ is nowhere near as bad as people make out its just people will negatively notice fast games and one sided games more than the close ones, that is basic human emotion, if you expect to see demons at every turn, you’ll see demons in every corner. People have done studies and the average game time is no less than it was like 3-4 years ago and 15-1/2/3 results are no more common than they were really, the game mode will always produce those games because there are no re-spawns and it’s random 15 v 15.

  26. Gabriel Dan Salcianu

    im out of this game until the mm is changed
    enjoy who still have the nerves to still play it !!

  27. Efe Can Karaoğlu

    I was playing in this kinde of MM like 2 months. It should be started wayyy too ago

  28. Jon .knallpistol

    this game is really broken atm

  29. Should have*, should’ve. Should of, would of is never a thing

  30. It is sad they ripped what made the isu the special beast that it was….just so they can give it to obj704

  31. Emil 2 was hilarious lol. The back of hit turret pops out from behind so he was able to get back up. So it makes sense.

  32. Just sent another ticket to wargaming about the match making . They said its fine and no plans to change it . STOP SPENDING MONEY ON WOT .

  33. Jibril herrsher of horny

    to fix the fast battle make map 4 time bigger with focus points not base cap but like encounter

  34. I wonder why they never implemented the +1 -1 MM thats on the Asia server (except Tier 8,9,10), its not perfect but way better than the +-2

  35. The ISU-152 is still on console. I had to spell it out in my head but once it clicked, i flinched like someone slapped me. Goodness, very devastating gun.

  36. also wonder why there is more and more MORON like the 140 in above tier 9 nowadays.
    This game has gone in to the dead zone for long.
    Guys we gotta stop waste money on this kind of group until it do make significant change!

  37. Dez at least you are skilled enough to do well even in a lopsided game. Many of us average players get worked over so many times it just gets old to the point when I do play, I only play for an hour. Then if the MM sucks and RNG is driving me nuts like it usually does I do not play for another couple of weeks. I have a good game every now and then but most of the time no matter how I do personally it is just not enough to make a hoot of a difference. Keep up the good work sir.

  38. Bad play on Emil II. Seen that coming

  39. I loved the tier 8 so I went for the t10 version, worst decision ever.
    It only got worse with every tier, I absolutely hate the tier 10.

  40. For now bond Equipment doesn’t benefit from Special Slot Bonus (that would be even more OP) and it is better to use a normal piece of Equipment (if you have only one bond equipment on the tank) on the special slot cause you get more bonuses overall

  41. Bounty Aiming… ” I like to think this helps me out” … This sums ups my opinion on what load out I use hahaha

  42. Well what can you do? There is no cooperation in Matches, all the players are selfish assholes, but the biggest problem i think is the fact that there are so many bad players period. Now, don’t get me wrong, average players have an impact, and if they work together they can turn the tide even against, but bad players usually have little impact and refuse to work together and there are so MANY of them.
    I did a kind of “survey” in 2013-2014, possibly into 2015 and while the method isn’t perfect, it provides a picture. I used WN8 as a quick snap shot, divided players into 3 categories Bad (under 1200 – Yellow WN8), Average (Yellow wn8 1200-1400) and good (1400 +) and recorded around 9600 or 9700 of my tier6+ matches into an excell. That, i did, partly because i was annoyed with a few douchebags in my clan at the time crying stupid shit like ” Omg rigged matchmaking” and “omg i get all the bad players always in my team” so i did this statistic. You know what i found? I was startled. The first thing is over 9000+ battles, based on my categories, the player distribution was very very close, i’m talking about lower than 1% variation in overall distribution of players in those 3 categories in my team and enemy team. That was something i was expecting (well maybe not that little difference but still expecting a 2-3% variation). But what startled me more was how many players i met in each category! Around 67-68% of all players i’ve met in those 9000+ battles (again the system was not perfect, but it did provide a metric) were in the Bad Category, which to me was shocking. Yes, you can refine the categories a bit more, you can differentiate the reds and the oranges, but overall i did not expect that bit of a percentage to be in the “bad” category. And i can imagine power creep isn’t the lone factor some people complain about but i do think that it accentuates the problem of how many bad players there are. You want an example to counter the power creep perspective? I have a 56 or 57% win rate in my ToG in over 1500 battles. I’m only a 52% player (with a 48 to 50% recent), so that would counter the power creep argument somewhat. What do you think?

  43. @krayvok1 Saying “Would of sat holding Emil on his side.” Doesn’t make sense in this context. You’re a prime example of talking before you think.

  44. Love the Thanos snap

  45. Game needs skill based matchmaking. Also, wow HE shells are terrible now.

  46. Y is ur pp purple?

  47. To quit this game after 7 years was the best update ever,… FU WG and FU RNG !!!

  48. 12:38 – your fuckwittery quite probably lost your team that game. That emil was an easy kill if you had have been diligent.

  49. Re ridiculous MM – WG want fast games to pressure everybody into getting prem accounts, especially at team X where ppl will lose money faster by using consumables.

  50. @__Jayden It’s should have not should of. I would like to add to the English lesson that alot is not a word. It’s a lot, not alot. People that have English as there first language constantly making this mistake drives me crazy.

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