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Source: Circonflexes

Upload your replays here: !


  1. Daily dose of memes… That’s just what I need

  2. Wow a mass upload !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Circon

  3. In before the close. Surely these were meant as pre uploads…

  4. 5 circon vids 8==========D

  5. The world ended, only Circon remains.

  6. Where was the “Curb Your Enthusiasm” music @ 5:13 ???

  7. Too early, so many memes

  8. Circon for President!

  9. Wow, circon Fest, love the mass uploads bruh, Keep it coming, Loving the memes, Notification squad inbound.

  10. FV4005 Stage II is known as the Shitbarn.

    It is also known as the Deathbarn.

    Therefore Deathbarn = Shitbarn

    Death = Shit

    The lessons in life that matter.

  11. by the way – what’s the change with the room and quality? House move or what?

  12. Ha nice game

  13. Brother Man Bill back at it again circon?

  14. Is the fv 4005 a hard counter to the Stage4-of bias

    • Алексей Сафронов

      EdwinTMWornor it’s a counter to anything as long as you’re alive and you have ammo.

    • But directly 1v1, the stage 4 should win. It can HE the 4005 and pen, outmaneuver it, and outreload it.

    • The Yveltal Warrior

      Josiah Walker but the 4005 can just splash damage its ammo and delete it that way

    • Unless it magically splash detonates the ammo rack, a quick repair kit solves that issue. Besides the fact that if we go by probable module damage, the entire turret crew/modules on the 4005 could be decimated by HE from the 268-4. I really can’t see any argument for the 4005 winning a 1v1 without severely outplaying the Stage 4.

    • Алексей Сафронов

      Josiah Walker it’s a good thing that 4005 usually is not going to 1v1 somebody. Unless it’s like a full health tier 8 heavy, which is just meat.

  15. Lol today is like Christmas

  16. Can’t handle all this sexy Circon gameplay

  17. “Good MORNING Comrade 257!
    “GoodBYE Comrade 257!”

  18. Jingles has gone all political and old man. Glad to still have outside commentary free WoT content from one of the best here.

  19. Omg yes so many circon videos *-*

  20. therandomnessisreal

    2.4k blind xD

    • What’s even more funny is that the Obj 257 was among the tanks that got hit by blind fire as the post battle results shows it being hit twice.

  21. i think i had a good game at tier 8 with 2.4k damage, circon just did 2.4k blind, fuck me sideways

  22. Thanks for the uploads Circon, spoilt us today! Keep up the great work!

  23. Guillaume Lemaigre

    That is a lot of replay uploads in one go.

  24. Claus say hi….. claus bomb!!!!!!

  25. …and ending all 5 with a sh!tbarn replay, nice!

  26. ahhh the memes are good today

  27. change the name of the IS-M to IS-F

  28. That 2k blind dmg hot damn

  29. Don’t be mean to Swedish TDs Circon! It’s not their fault that Russia was a threat and could try to invade them!

  30. FV4005 – Circon makes even the Barn a solid scout…

  31. Wtf is up with all those vid’ ? ?



  33. 2 ap
    30 gold
    Thanks for another perfect proof of world of 24/7 goldspam!

  34. Fv4005 stage 2 new name should be The Farm, from adventure time because its shitting on people now

  35. What’s with potato vision?

  36. I get so mad when I get hit by this “hit anywhere, still do 600-700 DMG and break 2-3 modules” gun, but at the same time it is so amusing to watch :P. Also, the south-east side of karelia is now pure cancer thanks to this kind of camping spots, but on the other hand, which map isn’t in some ways :P. GG Circon :).

  37. 5:00 – 5:25 was such a rollercoaster of emotions XD

  38. Object 257 says Good Morning to you too.

  39. You also hit that 257 blind

  40. Really… 14mm fat-ass-fuck-turret… They derp HE into your hull…
    Intelligence, what is it?

  41. no 1080?
    or is it only me?

  42. Is like a KV-2 but it comes with tea, biscuts and delete button

  43. 2.4k damage blind is still more damage then half the tanks on most teams in a tiers 8 through 10 matchmaking. oh the pain.

  44. One of the reasons this game is shit and will always be shit.

  45. Memefest …. fuck yes …. thank you Circ, was in desperate need of a laugh !!

  46. What was that medal he got?

    • It’s “lucky” medal, for when an enemy tank is killed by one of its allies less than 10 meters from you if I recall well

  47. haahah that grille 😀 saved his life by being 1 second late to show up 😀

  48. >>> whining about gold ammo spam
    >>> playing tanks with only gold
    >>> 🙂

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