Deathbarn vs TEAM CLASH! – World of Tanks

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  1. Youtube upload will be a bit sporatic in Feb, trying my best! Sorry friends <3

  2. What a disgusting game. I love it.

  3. tfw circon gets more damage with 7 targets than i have ever got with 15

  4. It’s still the shitbarn even if it isnt shit anymore

  5. 3 shitbarns actually works really well

  6. Joe's Auto Electric

    Usually don’t comment, but this was the funniest thing I saw today. Nicely done lol

  7. why did you chose Mailand and not Skill4ltu?

  8. where is your mailand going in to?

  9. Eh of all Teams and commanders for this event. Anyone else want a Team Circon? and a Circon ingame commander? I know I do!

  10. Hahaaa that first kill. Oh jeez <3

  11. Simply unbelievable.

  12. What does the BB stand for

  13. Herbert Odilio Balsamo

    But circon why u not use food?

  14. This our shit
    This is my barn
    Combine them both
    For lots of fun?

    *idk anymore send help*

  15. Casual 6k with a shitbarn in 7vs7. That’s awesome. My highest was 5k with the Udes 15/16 in this mode

  16. I don’t think I’ve seen a player get more overkilled than that 268, i mean between the two of you you killed him 3 times effectively by killing all of his crew, destroying his ammo rack and just taking away all his HP simultaneously. The very definition of overkill.

  17. im out of the loop, what is a BB tank?

  18. You two need to stream together more that was funny af

    • Hi this Dakilzor once the commander of the Fame clan. Probably one of the smartest WOT player ever. You should watch his stream, I am a fan.

  19. 420th like…

  20. No wounder Mailand was always in front of Dezgamez eheh team Dez here ❤️

  21. Xmas wrap huh

  22. That Obj. 268 lost all his crew AND got ammo-racked…should I feel sorry for him? Nah xD

  23. That first shot CaLcUlAtEd…

  24. dat 268… “stap kemping…” LUL

  25. That first kill should be a f*cking felony. That man was robbed of a game.

  26. So the 268:
    -lost all health
    -lost all crew
    -got ammoracked
    Basically got killed 3 times in one game xD

  27. someone who doesnt play the game..whats that BB stuff on tanks ?

  28. like i say on circon and daki stream those where the best stream i have seen in years .
    you guys should team up more in events and streams.

  29. Top shelf mischief. Well done

  30. 1:47 N U T

  31. 268: Deleted.

  32. Makes me think of a certain tier 6 heavy that does the same thing at its tier

  33. Got an ad after watching your video. Hope you get some money.

  34. Dbl barreled shitbarn

  35. Love it.

  36. 268 LMAO that was awesome!!!!!!

  37. man i have 6k damage 3 oneshoots

  38. That 268 shot lol, that guy is on the forums talking about cheating unicum streamers! Pretty much anything can work in 7v7 because you have the space to move about and there was a lot more teamwork. Got 6.1k myself in the Deathstar.

  39. 268 HESHgasm

  40. Wp this 268 might be the one player to experience all the possible ways to die in this game « at once »

  41. this is some R rated content right here

  42. Play this tank before they rip out its still beating heart (again) with the HE nerfs.

  43. I have never seen anyone go beastmode in anything as casually as Circon.

    The man is a World of Tanks Savant. I know he doesn’t accept praise as easily as some egos in the game, but the guy plays on another level.

  44. I’m talking an acid shower because I feel so dirty after watching this.

  45. Gangbang on 3

  46. >not being on skill’s team

  47. Blitz With Spartan617

    Ahh light work, I’ve done 9,1k in a IS-7 on blitz

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