^^| DEATHSTAR HYPU (World of Tanks.)

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  1. Thanks for watching, hope you are enjoying the daily vids for months now! 😀 <3

  2. I see you have the adrenaline rush perk. You would have died this battle without it 😉

  3. why do u mute ur microphone, if somebody subscribe u and u say “thank u”?

  4. ail hail the memelord

  5. Holy shit first shot

  6. When you drive 183s and kill mediocre players, guess a kind of delicious food.

  7. Henri Liimatainen

    where’s the 3rd mark you plebeian

  8. Circon, you can’t say anything bad about an arty clicking on you and one shot destroying your tank. You were a clicker deluxe in this battle.

  9. oh this one… this one was good live! 🙂 I can’t believe he always shoots that bush with those expensive shells but okay 🙂

  10. Sir Foch and Circon as platoon. Fucking Awesome…. and RIP opponents. 😀

  11. 1:29 The Memes! Circon pls give us more memes 😀

  12. I saw this on twitch XD

  13. BinBackWieRuecken

    it was this moment.. when you realizes that you watch this on twitch stream… and you got nothing to watch. GG.

  14. T-95 best scout in game kappa

  15. These are the memes we are looking for

  16. right on circon………i see you are playing your favorite game with your favorite”SALT LICK”

  17. one of the dislikes is the RU 251 player

  18. If I start the game and i see foch and circon at the enemy team i will fucking delete the game…

  19. What the actual fuck? XD

  20. Circon you read my mind I was going to leave a comment on last video about how long it have been since you futures the Death Star memes and then today Death Star video out ;D

  21. That Ru-251 needs to learn how not to be seen.

  22. I hope Foch highlights the game he had before this one. I was watching his stream and it was filthy, 8.6k damage or something iirc.

  23. ayye, my donation is there

  24. never fear,
    deathstar is hear

  25. What is the blue reticle mod that you use?

  26. 1:14
    RU Kidding Me 251
    DezGames reference

  27. Is that a flag of Yugoslavia? lol

  28. These two make me crack up so much. Foch is hilarious

  29. Unfair Plane! He kell bush!

  30. Have you three-marked the VK 36.01 H yet Circon? It would be nice to watch some evening.

  31. Hey Circon, did wg nerf all the accuracy in game ?

  32. Did i heard Foch say “apua” in this vid? Is Foch Finnish? Because apua means help in Finnish language.

  33. That blind shot was a total sunglasses moment.

    “Stop camping!”

  34. Anyone know what zoom out mod Circon is using in his modpack? That’s really all I need, but every zoom out mod I’ve tried have been bugged. :-/

  35. Good game.
    I started grinding for the 183 but at t7 that AT8 or what ever it is you get a t5 gun with no pen and after 10 t9 games in a row and 10 losses out of 10 games that was it i sold it.

  36. That poor Löwe 🙁 We had so high hopes o7

  37. Jeez, Circon’s turning into a right prick lately. When Foch is the pleasant one? haha

  38. That RU shot had me like :O :O :O :O

  39. After balancing that RU the way you did now I am convinced you get better RNG that me more than ever.

  40. Everytime I see those clan reward tanks. I cant help but quote mechwarrior 3 when one of them dies. lol “Die clanner…..”

  41. the only way that could have been worse for the ru is if it had been arty that killed him like that

  42. So many memes in one vid

  43. do you notice how foch complains all the time about everything in wot.  fuck that guy,

  44. Huh ? What do these guys know about wot anyway? that Ru found out pretty fast what game knowledge was….that blindshot

  45. gandit muangpracha

    1:25 best part ever

  46. you almost sounded like a mariachi after the blind shot xD

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