Dedication! – AMX 13 57

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Source: Circonflexes

your replays here: !


  1. i am so proud of you and your circonium beard

  2. Man I want this tank so bad. Looks like so much fun.

  3. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    Circ pls do Ranked Season 2 and Steam it 😀 and Silver Ammo only 😛 Would be interesting to see how far you can get^^

  4. Maximum effort

  5. So I get a notification saying that this video is called ‘Needles’ and now it’s called ‘dedication’


    • AlphaxAlex ja thinking the same but he’s like that tho changes the title of the videos after he uploaded it tbh could be overmemed or ( personal reasons ) ????????

    • Chandler Kristoff

      maybe because it took dedication to kill the arty at the end i dunno.

  6. jonathan Wieringa

    nice arty kill haha, freaking beautiful

  7. Lol no ammo just ram to death


  9. yes, you should 100% full APCR that tank 😀

  10. Sadistic Hamster

    Why not try ranked mode? After all the years and your skill I find it weird. Curious, that’s it.

  11. I do not understand how that tank is any good, If I could, I would gift it to a friend because he wants it…

    I just… No, it sucks, I have full 3 skill crew, full equipment and I can not get any good games out of it. I have around 1600 WN8, so I am not a bad player, I am no god, I am just “not bad”, but one thing I do know, is that this tank just sucks

    • Dennis Hakkie …..yeah that mean you suck mate

    • As Circon says in the video, good players make this tank insanely hard to 3 mark because they consistently have great games in the tank. But, since you don’t have good games in the tank it must suck? Hmm, ok.

    • NinjaMonkeyPrime well the thing with this tank is it’s outclassed in a lot of ways by other tier 7 scouts. It doesn’t have the best mobility, we all know about the terrible pen, alpha, and ammo, and it doesn’t have the greatest view range. I wouldn’t say you’re a bad player if you can’t play this tank well but rather it’s a tank where you have to know your limits and choose your battles very wisely or else it won’t end well at all

    • Cameron Csendes I think that just explains how some attributes aren’t that critical. It doesn’t need to be the most mobile or have the highest pen or the best view range. What it does have is a combination that makes the entire package more deadly than the others in the same tier. All LTs require more skill but some are really strong in the hands of good players. The numbers for 3 marking should be all the evidence a person needs.

    • Алексей Сафронов

      Cameron Csendes this thing is INSANE, my dude. Learn to play lights.

  12. the cap reset and the ending. simply the best.

  13. So well played..good job man

  14. Haha i love your Videos 😀 best ending

  15. T-43 just wanted to have some fun 😀

    i wouldn’t ignore that opportunity, especially if they are higher tier than me

  16. 7:37 top 10 anime battles xd

  17. i play this tank with NO APCR and do GREAT

  18. That kill on the last arta was a thing of pure joy 😀 Laughed so much

  19. 56 shots is a joke.. 80 minimum

  20. I hope you bought the arty dinner first ;P

  21. I have been saving my bonds because I think they might let us buy some of the removed tanks (183, Foch, FV etc). Of course that probably means WG will never do it so I am just saving my bonds for nothing 😉

  22. Circon, pls stop doing this stuff with light tanks. A lot of guys see you, try the same and just die miserably. For example, they come to this same spot on this map, all of them, die and leave middle map unpotted, so half the enemy team just waltz through and nobody sees them until they reach hill top/spawn point. I know it’s not your fault, but, please…

    • Ivan Stepanovic so we’re just gonna say no fun because Circon actually has brain cells unlike over half the WoT population? I’m just saying like you’re gonna get idiots that do that no matter what whether he does stuff like this or not. Might as well let Circon and the rest of us have some fun and laugh a little. I don’t disagree with you though that the people trying stuff like this and dying miserably is annoying though, I’m with you on that all the way but idiots will be idiots no matter what someone else does to stop it

    • Cameron, I was being sarcastic. That was a joke…

    • Алексей Сафронов

      Ivan Stepanovic your comment doesn’t look like a joke, even remotely.

  23. LoL! Ergh!

  24. Circon in ranked? No. Just no. Please no.

  25. Pushin it to the limit with that last arty kill lol

  26. This entire game just shows how completely OP circon is at this game

  27. Someone needs to dub some german pr0n with those Circon grunting voices.

  28. Best game ever! I laughed so hard!

  29. A stock VK 45.02A?
    That was literally me, last week.
    And I watched this live!

  30. @Bryan Ribey pls nerf!!

  31. I like how your arty ftard are still going for the kill regardless of how close you are, team kill’s suck hard !

  32. Chandler Kristoff

    Give into the dark side- i mean apcr.

  33. This makes me want to play wot, but ever since they got rid of na West server I feel no motivation to play.

  34. I love the game itself and i like watching people be good at it. but i hate the matchmaking (3/5/7, and one sided washes over and over again mainly), WarGaming and their scummy ways, and the fucking mass amounts of retards that play this game like just Jesus i can’t play this game. but i’ll always watch you Circon!

  35. More than decent, bloody good ! Nice.

  36. Chandler Kristoff

    Holy crap man that arty ram was SPICY

  37. WG should issue a medal for kills when you’ve no ammo

  38. Wtf? Wasn’t it needles before?

  39. What mod if that mark tracker? And is there a mod to track stun time?

    • Mod tracker is called Gun Marks Extended, the tracking of stun time is just from the WoT game itself/WoT settings ingame.

  40. Luckily the T30 did a decent job, without him this game was lost.

  41. 666 Likes… I didn’t want to click Like..but I did.

  42. love the ramming at the end, had me chuckling!

  43. that arty kill dude XD

  44. I think Circ is one of the best players in world <3

  45. lol The ram kill… love the sound effects as you ram.

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