Deep Rock Galactic Stream Highlights!

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Source: Circonflexes

With Sn00ze, Aimless, elliot and I!

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  1. First:)

  2. Saw Heat on the thumbnail and though that there was going to be some gold spamming action.

    Sadly no.

  3. Ey, is this game any good?? I maybe want to pick it up myself so..

  4. Well done eeelliottttt, really nice video! <3

  5. Do a Subnautica play through please!

  6. what did i just watch

  7. ArcLight HiveCasts

    There is something weird with graphic settings. Game generally is dark, but colors are a bit off.

  8. this game looks fun 😀

  9. You are part of the cancer

  10. 13 faggots got triggered because it’s not word of tenks

  11. Mining – with BULLETS – fuck yeah Murica

  12. this is not world of warplanes

  13. Why no WoT? Is it because v1.0 is a steaming pile of dogshit?

  14. Kinda sad I missed this stream. :-/

  15. Melancholic Ghost

    is it just me, or does the contrast seem…. off?

  16. Is this Overwatch Torbyörn simulator

  17. Mnem e Jeff

  18. I’m an early backer of this game. Even for still being in a alpha state it’s really solid and has a LOT of polish which says good things about the final form of it when it get’s a full release. I end up playing alone a lot(I get off work between 2-4 AM)so it makes running the really complex cave systems even more nerve racking and that “Thing” that snags Elliot at 4:41 is called a “Cave Leach” and they are one of the WORST things you can find in a solo run because if they catch you like you saw in the Video your likely going to die unless the little AI hover-bot(Bosco)the game gives you for solo runs can save your ass before you get eaten. Cave Leach’s make no noise and don’t have any glowing parts so you need to try and toss flares well ahead of yourself so you can try and spot them from outside of their grabbing range.

  19. *Shoots minigun everywhere* “I’m mining the American way.”

  20. That was such a good stream.

  21. For those asking why the game is so dark from Circon’s POV, I think he didn’t really realize that you can throw glowsticks to light stuff up by pressing “F” :>

  22. When you said mining bitcoin I shat.

  23. Circon is not playing WOT? What is this witchery?

  24. Remember boys – wild uncontrolled bursts!

  25. Seriously – get Jingles and Rita in on this! The memes and screaming are gonna be epic!

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