Defending Against the Field Rush on Siegfried Line

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Source: LemmingRush


  1. Who tf rushes field besides one light tank and a bot lowe

  2. woah crazy strats

  3. Do you have an M4A1 Reval.. Revolver-é (don’t know the spelling of the top of my head)? And if you do, any tips for it?

    • Correct spelling is “Ravioli,” it’s a kind of pasta.

    • Chimonakimi To play Revolution right, just remember that you are a tier V/VI tank with a tier VIII/IX gun. Play hardcore support, always have a hard cover nearby, utilize your mediocre mobility to find shots (since you’re not fast you must compensate with map awareness). Your gun is excellent, try to utilize it as anti light/medium tank since you have a tier X med shell velocity: you can right click left click at light tank as long as it’s not too far from you. Minimize getting shot since your module is very fragile, you are a tier 6 hull afterall.

  4. At first I thought about the title: “Fieldrush? Is this some cousin of Lemmingrush?”

  5. LR do you only live stream on weekends?

  6. best medium to go for firstly?

    • Martin Macak one you think looks nice, personally I enjoy playing tanks that look good imo more then playing a tank thats statistically better and I play better in em as well then with the other tanks for some odd reason

    • Cromwells then Comet play the higher tier brits at you’re own risk they were junk to me.T54 to 140 then amx30 30B.Cromwells first just because of skirmishes etc.

    • Tier 10? The E50M or Cent AX are good starters.
      Leo 1/BC/AMX are the higher skilled tanks imo. The Russians and the Jap/Chinese tanks I would consider mid skill in comparison.

  7. hey i have a pretty hard time playing aggresive in t8 tds, so maybe a video idea about that?

  8. Lemming is a Jedi Master. How did he mind-F the guys in the North so they didn’t shoot back?
    If I was shooting at the four guys in the North all four of them would focus me. The guys on my team with me be turning in circles bumping into me while I was shooting, using me for cover, and running into rocks. Sigh.

  9. I like the field I’ve won a lot of games all tiers controlling that field no matter the spawn.I play standard battle only I don’t have the first clue what I would do in any other mode.

  10. That is indeed the Youtuber. Hes a good guy, Ive platooned with him before.

  11. You would have spotted that amx light tank if you had a better crew. I got my view range to max with my crew, optics, vents and running food on my crom. I have BIA, situation awareness and recon maxed out.

  12. Got our 15 minutes of fame lol, I was in the LTG and didn’t want to go that far but my platoon mate yolo’d and I felt obligated to stay close. My crew was only optic yet and way more use to my AMX’s, this pancake tank isn’t for me but I keep trying it… I will figure it out sooner or later. I really enjoyed the commentary. Thanks for the tips.

  13. Great analysis! Thanks for your work!

  14. Good clear instructions. A lot of the things you’ve brought out in your videos I’ve felt is correct, but didn’t know for sure. It’s good to have an overhead view of these things to confirm the choices that seemed best. It’s also good to see the mistakes you might not have known were mistakes until you committed to them and died, but didn’t know if your were just unlucky or whatever.


  15. You should of done what anfield does Lemming vs Taugrim need to farm the click bait

  16. lemming you need a de-esser
    you sound like the old man from family guy

  17. Clearly explained, and well played mate… Excellent as usually… Bags2247 NA

  18. excellent analysis again appreciate the video!

  19. Good stuff and yes taugrim is a youtuber

  20. I have the Cromwell B too and never played like you did, I will try it. Thanks, keep it coming!!!!!

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