Deja Vu in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks. Ever had the feeling you’ve been here before in World of Tanks? Here’s just that!


World of Tanks 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. Naurava_Pottu Peruna

    I got rid of my ISU because the grind to the 152 is ridiculous with the 122mm isu is worse in every single way than its counterparts what is good about it? Dpm? Try to pen enemies at range with 225 pen… And the derp is obsolete at tier 8 so i cant even use that

  2. I feel like these tanks are becoming more popular. Im seeing a lot of Chinese TD’s more.

  3. They need to give the type 4/5 1100 with its standard HE again, and leave the premium at 900

  4. ISU gets tier x gun with 750 alfa tho, whats he on about?

  5. That td is boring. So slow and turns even slower. Once in a while you will have a game because the gun is pretty awesome, but with crap armor and poor mobility you are just a damage pinata.

  6. Happy New Years QB!

  7. KV-3 is very underratted in my opinion, love playing mine

  8. Might be in a tank irl with the way things are going

  9. i have a free to play account and used 8 million credits on books ,played 3,5 k games mostly on tier 4 and 5 ,it takes 10 to 15 days of playing to get 2 million credits

  10. Russian tanks are basically chinese tanks but better
    Chinese tank destroyers are literally russian tank destroyers

    But they FAT af??!?!?????

  11. I thought you didn’t want to make one video per day…?

  12. Once i had 4 games in a row, all ghost town, all the same side, all lost, all 2-15 – 3-15

  13. Yesterday I literally played the same map on same game mode in the same tank 2 games in a row, they really took out map divercity after 1.0 arent they

  14. I think that another VERY underrated tank is the tier 8 chinese TD! Why? It hästi 560 alpha with 271 pen in tier 8 with standard DEM of 2502!

  15. Vk100 because its the maus at t8. It has strong armor to block almost any shot and even gold rounds t8 and especially lower tiers. It can also able to bounce t10 shots when angled.

  16. I’ll be happy to continue playing my T30 over this but ty

  17. Underplayed like the old Obj. 263…Still on my way to this tank. All because of the first video you made featuring this tank! Only on Tier 7 now……

  18. the infamous patrick

    buying exp is def pay to win quicky

  19. “ate all the pie” – hilarious

  20. QB ,could you explain us the algorithm , how do you gain more experience than stb 1, maybe you think damage s are same but he also caused 2k damage but how it is possible you and his exp are so close. I was top damaged dealer in one game, but when I checked damage+caused totals , I was at second but still I was 10th in exp. Could you explain us ? Is there any logic behind of it or does WG has really shit mechanic? PS. I was not top tier player in that game

    • Shooting higher tier tanks give more XP and vice versa. Initial spotting gives you a small XP bonus, kills give you a small XP bonus. Assist gives you half of the XP and shooting someone’s spotting loses half of your XP.

  21. Never did finish the story about the T110.

  22. 6K free dmg around the same rock? Where can I get these enemies? 😀

  23. Déjà vu*

  24. The Master Tanker

    *Lets do some CLUTCH BREAKING*

  25. Hey quickybaby I would wish for a mission guide on the 279 e I think it could help a lot of people getting their missions done. Show us what tanks to use…. ?

  26. destiny wolf player

    Hi quickly baby’s I am a big fan and wanted to say I love the work you put into your videos it has inspired me to work harder on my videos tysm

  27. Tnx a lot QB, now WG will nerf it!

  28. Helo chào bạn geme hay lắm tôi rất thích geme này

  29. I really like the HWK 12 and more than that, I like to play the sp I C because, with a good crew and a player who can handle the shell velocity, this thing can be so brutal at t7. I mean, I do not use food on it or so, just a good crew and a optic directive and I hav like 470 meters view range at tier 7, holy moly

  30. In my opinion WoT is not more “Pay to Win” thanks to these crewbooks, but in the past few years it turned into “Make the 1% better” game. And with that i mean it actively helps the better players be even better and that might make it less interesting for new players. Players who already have everything can now make their crews better and get even better equipment, etc.

  31. Christopher Smith3

    I had this last night. 2 back to back attacks on Siegfried line, did one other battle then had it again on a defense lol

  32. Yeah a great tank.but now quicky baby has said how wonderful this tank is,it won’t be long til war gaming nurf it.
    I no longer go for tanks that this guy recommends get nurfed.

  33. Qb, Happy new year. Enjoy your content since years, thx for that.
    Could you feature some grand battle content for tier 8 and 10?

  34. Yeah, you sold it Sir, I will go for T8 premium TD and this T9 ChinaBaby. Poor UDES, I just open my mouth and say WOW! 😀

  35. Ok , im sold , found a new techtree!!

  36. Tier 8 Chinese td problem was its low hitpoints, only 1000 when tier 9 has 1800

    I liked to use tier 9 alternative scout, go to the bush and spot, go to behind the bus and shoot and if you got spotted you had 1800hp and I think very nice hull armor?

  37. Just sounds like an commercial for the line *lol*. Try assault on Lakeville instead of defending this map and see if you get the same result :-). However solid results!

  38. 2:15 And there we got the issue with the wheeled tanks…. they got 90mm pen on HE with way lower caliber…. WG logic at its best.

  39. i have this one but with stock tier VIII gun

  40. T25AT I think is underated. Nice Alpha and Mobility make it pretty deadly

  41. I find that some of my better games are borne out of making a mistake early on. Losing a decent chunk of my hp kicks my brain into overdrive and I normally play better than I would have otherwise.

  42. Vive la France !!!

  43. I love the t32 verey much, why? It has amazing turret armour and decent gun really competitive on a Ridgeline.

  44. Raymond A. Moseby

    Great vid QB 🙂 I’m on that line myself and all ready researched this tank, but need more credits to buy it 🙁 Didn’t buy too many large boxes for christmas and also i purchased some other tanks that i wanted first. This one will be in my garage some day near the furture 😉

  45. gay mode rotation? ?

  46. Pls made a video abaout pz.Sfl.IVc.IT’s a realy good tank.

  47. personally i think Tiger 2 was underrated when i still played the game back then in 2015. I 3 marked tiger 2 by playing it somewhere between a medium and a heavy. 8 degrees gun depression and .32 accuracy is really good for a support tank bullying mediums. Tiger 2 should only be played as a support tank. Its mobility is just like a slow medium or fast heavy such as E50, 50 120, T54E1 and old Cent 7/1.The only situation u wanna go brawl is that u make sure u shoot them twice for every time they fired.

    The 1st real heavy for Germany is E75. Before E75, all german heavies are supp tanks esp tiger 1 and tiger 2.

  48. Skoda T50/51.Its just amazing tank.

  49. Didn’t play or watch WoT for years now. What changed? Does the power creep still exist? Why does the ISU-152 not have the BL-10?

  50. Promotion Video for WZ? Payed by Wargaming? ?

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