Deliver Us Loot!

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Frontier Foundry once again proving that when it comes to promo material new games they just can’t be beat. This time it’s the sequel to Deliver Us The Moon, the not terribly imaginatively named “Deliver Us Mars”


  1. Cute. Can’t wait for the series.

  2. Actually, Jingles forgot to link us his Onlyfans account

  3. Show us the bare bear’s moon!

  4. Since you’re almost done with Choo Choo Charles, will Deliver us the Moon be next?

  5. Nice painting of the xenomorf Jingles, is it a one off or are there more for sale somewhere?

  6. couldn’t hear half the things you said sadly

  7. I bought that game because of your vids, jingles. It was phenomenal

  8. love that alien picture. were did you get that from ?

  9. Thinks briefly about Jingles’ Onlyfans.

    The Horror. The Horror.

  10. That’s hilarious! Looking forward to it! I missed deliver is the moon. I’ll have to search the archives and check it out! 😁

  11. I’m waiting for the 7th title in the series, Deliver Us Uranus

  12. We want Choo Choo 2

  13. So home owner, how does it feel? Congrats again, I’m close to your age and I will probably be a renter for life. I’ve been wanting to shed my landlords for years and build a small house in Arizona. Living vicariously though you! You need to build a cat maze with holes through walls and shelves for the cats. Hello Akasuki!

  14. Nice Xenomorph art in the background 👍

  15. IOWADragon Country Outlaw.

    Fly them to the moon. Cute bear.

  16. Hi Jingles,
    just rewatched your Subnautica series because I felt like it and downloaded the game to check some things afterwards.
    Out of the blue they did a little content patch last December. Nothing spectacular but maybe worth a short revisit to Fort Jingles and build some new stuff.

    • The new build pieces are nice.

    • @Gemma B Basically glass ceilings and larger rooms. Maybe he wants to return to have some fun, maybe not.
      Unfortunately I couldn’t find my Cuddlefish when I reinstalled. Might be because of the updates or maybe I did something with it at the end of my last playthrough.

    • @Kal Taron I’d like to see more Jingles running in terror from leviathans any time! The Cuddlefish are still in the game if that helps, I did a playthrough with the new update and found both eggs.
      The extra-large rooms are perfect for storage if you’re a resource hoarder (I am) and you can make a much better planned out base with the room dividers.

    • @Gemma B Agreed. I might look for the other Cuddlefish egg.

  17. “I’ll put that up on the onlyfans.” LMAO

  18. That Alien poster is EPIC!!

  19. Off-topic but yay for that Xenomorph painting, that’s like my favourite cinematic franchise, and I’ve watched all the movies repeatedly ever since I first saw Alien as a little kid. Can’t wait for the next movie.

  20. That is so awesome!

  21. I played that game. I will check out deliver us mars immediately.

  22. I am so excited you will play the sequel. I enjoyed watching the series

  23. Akizuki: Deliver us that bear! Nomnomnom.

  24. Old gamers never grow up. Have fun, Mike in the USA 🇺🇸

  25. Nice astrobear! Love your xeno art in background!

  26. A Guest Appearance from the Princess herself. I Love her to pieces.

  27. That’s cute

  28. You should get a Jingles size space suit so you two can go out together…

  29. Akizuki!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. looking forward to choo choo charles’ last episode

  31. Well, that answers my question on if you were going to play it

  32. Attention game developers – Akatsuki would appreciate a bit of catnip in the next gift box 😸

  33. Perfect “Zero-Gee” indicator?👍
    (B-T-W please improve the sound/microphone set-up for these type videos.)🤔

  34. Jingles where did you get that giant cat scratcher? I have been looking for one just like that but unable to find one😁 Cheers

  35. Isn’t Frontier shutting down Foundry?

  36. Akki is such a gorgeous cat how old is he(?) now

  37. Hey jingles, are you planning on doing Hogwards Legacy? Would love to see a magic gnome (evil overlord?)

  38. Get a lapel microphone… 🙂

  39. Ok that is just adorable. Frontier Foundry truly is the best. AKISUKI! Such a fluffy kitty now.

  40. Nice, My grand daughter would have wanted that the moment she saw it.

  41. Hey Paul, any chance you might do a play through of Horizon Forbidden west? Please, please please.

  42. That Alien art is awesome

  43. Anyone know where that xenomorph print came from? Would love to get one

  44. “oh… I’ll put that up on the OnlyFans!”

    dewit! you know people will pay to see that!

  45. L'Empereur Crémeux

    “oh… I’ll put that up on the OnlyFans!”

    dewit, Jingles! you know people will pay to see that!

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