Demonstrating How BAD Some Tanks Are in World of Tanks [British Light Tank Test]

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Source: DezGamez

of Tanks New British Compared to Other Scouts – French, American and Light Tanks. World of Tanks The Best and The Worst Light Tanks.

► Special shout-out to Z4nn1n for helping me out!

I had an idea to test out how bad British tank actually are, 1 vs 1 facing same tier tanks. We all have heard about it, we all have seen it… But I decided to recreate some gameplay situations on Malinovka, where British light tanks are being charged by same tier, or lower tier lights, to see how they hold against it, because in now-a-days World of Tanks, this happens more than you might think! 🙂

So, which tanks are the best, which tanks are the worst, or which tanks are the best out of the worst light tanks?

Let's find out!

►Tanks in action / мир танков:
– Many Light Tanks in action!


  1. This is what happens when I have too much time in my hand… Some useless testing happens! 😀
    What should I test next?

    • Hey Dez, the expression is “too much time on my hands” not talking smack, just thought you might like to know

    • Why didnt you compare Manticore with WZ132-1?

    • I love your videos, and keep it coming, as you like testing, if you like testing different stuff and if you like/ want to educate newcomers and maybe give them a chance to keep up with new stuff, maybe you can test/explain game mechanics that are in the game already, maybe try to test different crew skills, modules like vstab vs vents, vents vs coated etc… I know it sounds simple, but in the end, a looooooooot of new players don’t even know what does what 😀 have fun and keep those videos coming 😀

    • Petr David Lanča

      Following tips to win game

  2. I hate wheel cancer

  3. Nigellus Olicanan

    British lights….maybe they make a good cup of tea….

  4. Ya light tanks are obsolete because of ebrs now you all are just trying to turn “light” tanks into op meds

  5. Love taking out those British light using HE. Killed a full HP LHMTV with LT-432 only taking one shot. Those British LT drivers are definitely having fun 🙂

  6. surely the Brit LTs are gonna see a pretty major buff sooner then later. All of the CCs are shitting on them hardcore. Then again is there any proof that WG listens to them OR their customers? who knows?

  7. Manticore v EBR and LT100 is just a death sentence, you’re just dead in a 1 v 1

  8. British Light Tank: BLT — Built Like a Tomato

  9. The best spot in the game for UK light tanks is the garage.

  10. You just know WG is going to Overbuff them next major Patch and then nerf them into oblivion the patch after that, then tell everyone its perfectly balanced

  11. These in game comparisons are fantastic.

  12. Nice circle work at th emd

  13. I mean it’s really sad that war gaming put those stupid things in the game?? I was hoping for so much more then that

  14. The Hero No One Gives A Shit About

    They should give the brit lt more pen and accuracy. Maybe more alpha as well to give it that sniper light tank role. At least it would have a role other than being a joke.


  16. Dez, let me laugh “hohoho”, as he pulls on his long white beard and pets his rain deer.

  17. “Dirty….I need to wash.” I busted out laughing on that one.

  18. It’s actually comical how bad they are, like at first it annoyed me but actually grinding the setter makes me laugh because it’s so abjectly and obviously horrible that it blows my mind that even WG had the gall to put them out in this state. As bad as their balancing can be all these tanks could be moved down a tier and still be meh, not sure I could ever say that before. He’s playing like a bad player on their worst day half the time and it’s still an easy win versus any british light, the one thing the line is teaching me is that your only option when confronted with another light is to run, that’s it, you run or die. Just…. I don’t even looool

  19. I wanted to like this 2x, it makes the comments made by EVERYONE so clear !

  20. Yes but now World of Tanks is clearly superior because they have a Maus. CHOKE ON A DICK WAR THUNDER YOU BROUGHT THIS ON YOURSELF

  21. Dez please bring Face off back

  22. Indranil Mukherjee

    @dezgamez why are you trying so hard to get WGs attention on this situation? It is their game and they are the best judges on how this game should be ran.

  23. Herbert Odilio Balsamo

    But Dez British lights are made for TRUE GENTLEMEN only! Didn’t you watch their trailer about British lights? ???

  24. WG should come out with a light tank line with super high view range and cammo and no gun. They will be the ultimate passive scouts

  25. “No worries guys,we played the game!” Every WG staff member

  26. Ironic this branch is starting from Cromwell


  28. ~shrugs~ Maybe do what they did with the 100 – 130 Soviet TD line; move the line down a tier, have it research from the Crusader instead of the Cromwell, and add a new Tier X.

    Don’t know why I’m wasting my time in this talk.

  29. no derp on t49?

  30. Thank you , Dez

  31. Goes to show definitely how WG design team has no idea on how the game works, or even how their stats perform or work in game. They seem to have forgotten how they have changed the game over time by introducing faster gameplay with every new prem tank and tank line since 0.something. Too bad.

  32. With the Leo I killed easily a Setter and I had stock gun stock turret

  33. WG is out of mind, they created a tank that excels only in passive statistics and does not excel at all in the active ones…
    It doesn’t have anything useful for fighting… Can’t they think that a light level X is all the time hidden in a bush without moving or shooting?

  34. Petr David Lanča

    Video idea – follow tips to win battle

  35. Love it when you do this kind of thing ?. 2 things missing though. Try passive scouting on urban maps and try being a light tank with the usual +2 mm

  36. So if the tanks are moving at speed the difference becomes irrelevant as the ebr or Lt100 will cover the view range difference in less than one second.

  37. Tried the Setter, played the Setter, sold the Setter never to return. What a pile of doggy-doo!

  38. No, the best light tank is m41 90 GF

  39. People have been waiting for british light tanks since they first introduced the UK tech tree but wargaming have made them so bad.WHY?

  40. dezgamez you lovely man, i can see you have the retro skin on the t-50-2, it is nice isn’t it?

  41. This is what happens when idiots are pulling the strings.

  42. The moving toward encounter isn’t relevant. Becouse you are on the move with LT and EBR. Manticore wass staying still. That’s why he spotted you faster…

  43. nice music in the background btw

  44. Ransom Access Memory

    Why do you feel compelled to constantly “fool around” rather than actually providing a serious and more useful comparison? And why not at least use some German tanks as a useful minimum baseline (we all know Wargaming is about as biased against Germany as they are for Russia)? We all know British lights are bad, this really does not bring anything new to the table when it could have done so.

  45. I see nothing wrong here. While other nations have their heavy, medium, light and even wheeled vehicles, Britain has cavalry, cruisers, trenches and very “special” ones commonly confused with lights. They are not bad, they’re… British.

  46. Correct me if im wrong, but isnt it the same camo vallue for light tanks while moving and standing still? I think there is no difference, they have allways the same camo vallue

  47. Thx WG for buffing my Panzerwagen!

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