Derp for the Emperor! – KV-2 Premium Warhammer 40k Skin

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Source: Circonflexes

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  1. But why is it soo expensive?? Why?!?!
    I’m still gonna buy it.
    50K money per game by just clicking is well worth it

  2. Thankyou for uploading so we can see all the things Circon.

  3. Premium Version of techtree tanks, wouldn’t surprise me if this will be the next cashcow.

  4. Leevi Lukkarinen

    Where’s my baneblade?

  5. This makes me hate WG even more.

    • This makes me love WG even more

    • k a i m u it should be 15€ or have gold as well

    • dubhead spartan

      So your hatred for WG has grown but you havent really provided a reason as to why, leaving us all guessing and confused. please enlighten us

    • dubhead spartan probably the reuse of an already made tank and just makes a new skin for it. Like literally you can remove the skin and it looks exactly like a normal KV2, meaning that they can just make the skin and just sell it for a normal version of the tank. But for a bit more cash, just make it into a premium that could generate the same amount of creds I would get in a normal KV2 so they could sell it for more profit. It’s no different from the black tank scam they made few years back. Guess what? Now we can change the colour of the tank to our liking without paying much!!! Those black premiums is now just a reminder of that scam.

      I’m facepalming coz you are too stupid to understand such simple logic.

    • dubhead spartan

      Atlas Gen thats great and all, but what if I just don’t care about the fact that its a scam because I’m not buying it in the first place? If its no different than the regular KV-2 and not going to break the game in any way, then why should I worry?

  6. Daniel Daatland

    Circon, do you live in Norway? And are you from Holland? Why are you living there if so?

  7. Circ, what are your ingame settings? I mean as I see, you dont have many smoke and dust after hit.

  8. Are you telling me that Stalin was the god emperor of mankind all along?

  9. Prem kv2 lol what a scam.. 33 dollars for a skin…..

  10. they should call it KV-2 (C)apitalist

  11. pacientKashenko

    This comment sections shows that WoT players will bitch and moan no mater what WG does. They give us a tech tree copy, those who dont want to see its non historical skin can do so in few clicks, and it comes with an army of zero skill crew members.

  12. I had the same idea for my stormcast. Just finished base coating a production line of 30 models. Really looking forward to the new chamber next month.

  13. ThatAussieBloke

    Circon I would recommend you buy Vallejo paints to use instead of GWs paints, they are a lot cheaper and you get more without losing quality. Obviously the names are different. I refuse to buy GW models due to their BS EA level schemes. i just paint WW2 tanks now 🙂 happy modelling

  14. Bert The Avenger

    Every HE gun in the game…. medium drives head on ?‍♂️

  15. To exspensive, no thx .

  16. Yeaaaaaaa with tier VI , when kick you with tier VIII you are doll.

  17. When you start painting Circon always remember, two thin coats

  18. What do the Marks of Excellence look like on this Kv-2 skin? Are they 40k themed or are they blocked by the what’s wrapped around the gun?

  19. Overpriced and not worth the money? Sounds like Games Workshop models. :^)

  20. btw guys, just to remind you guys…. a bar of chocolate in WoT costs more than repairing entire tanks + ammo

  21. This thing should have been an ork looted skin. Accuracy isnt their forte.

  22. I laughed when I saw this yesterday, but I wasn’t even mad. Obviously the thematic doesn’t fit all that much with WoT, because you’re mixing two different things(even though warhammer stuff is pretty cool), but at least it’s fancy and it isn’t some new, broken ass prem vehicle.

    I’m thinking that maybe they’re testing the waters with skins/3D objects for WoT to see if people are ok with stuff like this. I’d really like the opportunity to pimp my tanks in such a way though.

  23. great advert for world of tanks there, a load of derp no need to aim or pen heavies fighting in a close corridor about 50m apart, with arty shooting in and several of them with a stupid skin from another game (and btw I am a Warhammer 40k fan but it has no place in this game)

  24. Wessel Badenhorst

    6:35 That Backpack, Helmet and Bed Roll really looks like the top half of a dead body hanging out the top hatch…

  25. The (EDIT – Pay for cosmetic) Memes.

  26. Michael Cartwright

    Fuck off! That’s just a KV-2 with some bits from a Chimera’s accessory sprue placed all over it! I am so SICK of Wargaming pissing with it’s player base. Just release a Leman Russ Demolisher and model the specs after the KV-2 for game play reasons. That’s fucking horrible.

  27. isnt tier6 broken enough already thanks to t 34 85 m?

  28. But… where do the Marks of Excellence go?

  29. Actually due to the way how effective traverse speed is calculated the standart KV-2 has like 15% better turning capabilities.Apart from that… its a KV-2.

  30. So why did they not just add the skin to the regular kv2 from the tech tree and give this skin the credit bonus making

  31. You cannot turn those retarded skins off if you like non-historical content AND thats the real problem…. I see those warhammer shits every game.

  32. Kv 2 (S) has prefer mm?Or not?

  33. In the grim dark future there is only WarGaming. Only the faith in the Bearded Emperor of Memekind can save us in this dark age that is known as Billy’s Heresy.

  34. The (R) is obviously for retard, 27 euros for a KV2, literally a KV2.. gtfo

  35. History repeat itself!

  36. FFS WG, pls more bullshit make in game -.-

  37. Need a Le Man Russ in the game now

  38. Matheus Del Valle

    Just a skin? No more credits or whatever?

  39. The only reason I would consider buying it would be that i could use my top ussr crew in it and not have to dedicate a set of crew to the vehicle just for the lols

  40. Serbian Highlander


  41. Zachary Olechnowicz

    I think its cool, but i dont get the point. I dont play my kv2 with the intention of credit grinding or crew training. i play it for the memes, so this is kinda useless to me.

  42. It's not what you think

    Happy 17th of may circon

  43. I dowloanded ragnarok skin and with camo it looks better than base skin from wg, oh yes I just make only 34 k credics per battle without premium kv-2 :D, I save my 34€.

  44. They could have just given us a Leman Russ ( All Hail the Wolf Father!). For the Valka Fenrykia!
    Not like there isn’t a ready supply of models for one…

  45. KV-2…in RNG we trust

  46. Main reason WG did this? So the player base learns there is an even greedier company out there, Games Workshop.

  47. Its pricy, But I can’t be mad. Kv2 was always my go to stress relief, for fun and shit and giggles tank. So getting a prem version that has a skin I love is worth it. Espically since normal kv2 is one of my highest played tanks. Almost 1000 matchs in it.

  48. gordito teton

  49. What “F” mean on stream chat ?

  50. Its a premium KV2 CMON:) I was already playing the hell out of my KV2 so a premium is a no brainer to me:) Stripped down the skin and i am good to go. KV2 does not care about aiming or your wallet:D

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