Derp Panther Goes Ham!

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Source: TheFochYou

Derp Wednesday in an hour! Here a preview on what to expect!

I stream over on twitch 5days a week so come check me out!


  1. Second. What’s that mean?

  2. SS Oberstgruppenführer Sepp Dietrich

    Pls do test server Obj 279 plssss

  3. M4 Shermie with the 105……

  4. Quality content ❤

  5. Geometry Dash Warrek

    Who would win?
    One derpy tier VII boy
    Platoon of 3 tier VIII tanks

  6. I wish the derp panther was real so I can play it in war thunder and not this hp based tank game.

  7. Aapeli Kähkönen

    Oh man. That was ace!

  8. It's not what you think

    Your car all fixed up Foch?

  9. Why don’t you play Pz 4 or Sherman if they have the same gun 2 tiers lower?

  10. Hjalmar Wänstedt

    Derp panther foch video POGGERS

  11. this was a sick game

  12. i will be tuning in for derp wednesday what a riot

  13. this game has become a joke
    so why not play for fun aka derp wednesday

  14. Love me some derp

  15. saw this live… was so dope

  16. nikolai berglihn

    The video started with a comercial for “ham”😂

  17. Best thing of the week…foch video.

  18. savage underdog boi :3


  20. Thanks for featuring the Panther Foch!

  21. FV4202 – “Prius” LOL

  22. My favorite sealclubbing cunt

  23. I too am a fan of Dealing Deadly Derp Destruction…I like the concept. Will tune into your Twitch today to see the Derp stud ride again. Thanks for the fun!

  24. New favourite phrase SirFoch “looking too hot” ?

  25. Richard Stefanits

    FistPanther for the win !

  26. After 20k games I started to grind my way through this line, almost at Patnher II and I have to say that so far this line is a huge let down. 135 alpha at t7 is atrocious, poor mobility and armor that plays no role since you only see t9s most of the time. Biggest disappointment for me in the game so far.

    • I also didn’t enjoy the panther, but the panther2 with the 88 felt just right. Decent mobility and reliable gun (though you’ll need apcr for higher tiers). The E50 is, at least on paper, better in every way than the panther2 but mine is still stock so can’t confirm that.

    • Frédéric Guignabaudet

      +sineupp well you would kind of expect a tier 9 to be better than a tier 8 in every single way 😛

      Until you compare the SU-100M1 and the SU-101, and you realise the SU-100M1 is better than the SU-101 every single way. And then you cry every time

    • Frédéric Guignabaudet tier 9 is a special case. A tier 8 might be better than a tier 7 but it pays for it with worse mm. But at tier 9 you have pretty much the same mm as tier 8. I can’t comment on the TDs you mention since I like my russian TDs with big guns.

    • E50 is the main reason why Im playing this line, its an excellent t9.

    • Panther doesn’t look like anything special….crap p:w, crap armor, crap traverse, crap alpha, etc…but somehow when I’m playing it, none of that really bothers me. Fun tank.

  27. if you’re streaming why don’t you record the chat?

  28. Would you foch me?

  29. what the fuck is that small gun, its almost as small as my penis compared with my body

  30. Tangled and Happiness

    Germany would’ve won the war with this combo.

  31. I’ve been looking forward to this for days, well worth the wait.

  32. Viktor disliked hahahaha
    Nice as always!!

  33. Do you remember when people were worried that the badger might be OP?

  34. why in the ever living fuck….lol 3:40

  35. what happened with ”ladies and mentlegen?”

  36. That corner of the map looks pretty in 1.0

  37. i am alt 92-93% MOE and i am struggling to mark it and i have the bottom tier syndrome should i go with the derp
    but i miss a lot with the derp any advice?

  38. IMPRESSIVE…even at Foch-y levels… 😀 😀 😀
    ((Dont really know if i’ve ever seen or heard about that much dmg with a sh!tty Panther…))

  39. “The sniper cunt that I am”- SirFoch lol

  40. derp guns have clearly the best accuracy as we all know KV2 is still the best sniper at tier VIII.

  41. “they changed fjords.i dont know what they changed but it is still shit!” AHAHAHHAAHA

  42. The damage done equals to 31,3 penetrating shots of the 75mm. That’d be quite some time spent shooting.

  43. This… This is madness I have to witness live

  44. Horatiu Gheorghe

    i would like SirFoch to narrate my sexlife

  45. So is that finally the Havok engine wot?

  46. I miss my VK2801 with that gun …

  47. Damn! Now I need to put the 10.5 in my D.

  48. “i dont know what they changed but it’s still shit…” well, it’s still wargaming…i hope for good changes since 7.5 but the MM is still bs so yes, that narrows it down

  49. Looks like some fun BS~

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