Derpanther-2 – World of Tanks

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Source: Circonflexes

Playing the worst tier in current MM, tier , with a tier 5 derp gun.
: )


  1. While i am in NL for obvious reasons, i am bound to my 4-5 year old pc. So i can only produce stream in 720P60FPS.
    I’m sorry, but i likely wont be able to upgrade the PC rig. Looking into options, but this is what we got to work with.
    Thank you for all your support, hope it’s not to annoying. <3

  2. BTW what was that Tourette guy meme at the end ? Is this unvonlontary réminiscence of the Golden age of memes ? Or was this a subtle reference for people of culture to recognize ?

  3. Since the pricks at WH removed the 105 from the vk 28 01, I think I will try it.

  4. Don t bother too much with us, stay close to the family. my best wishes!

  5. Good to see you brother!!!

  6. Five mins+ into the game: zero damage done. Still ends up with 2000+ damage (4th highest on the team) and a victory. Gotta love Circ… 🙂

  7. Just glad to hear you laughing mate. Hope everything is getting better

  8. Great replay. Glad to see you back on line again. I hope your mom is doing OK.

  9. ShadowAssasinMitchell 12

    Hope everything is going well Circon!

  10. Just me who thought the thumbnail was a JgPanther II?

  11. Welcome back Circ

  12. Next Challenge: Play the T54E1 with the 90mm. HE Only 😉 Sterkte verder kerel, hou je goed.

  13. I’ve tried the T-34/122, it makes the KV2 seem accurate…..never again

  14. Hi circon, been looking forward to this video, I hope everything is going well for you and your mom considering everything that’s going on. Good luck boiiii!

  15. Nothing makes things feel better like derp golf.
    Best wishes for you and the family

  16. Cool game man ! Cooler that you are in some way back !! (I don’t stream, bloody very busy with nice jobs !)
    Hope things are going all-right !?!!

  17. Eyyyy good to see you man, and glad to see you in high spirits!

  18. Cheers from Hungary, best wishes for you, your mom and your family!

  19. Hey circon hope your mom is doing better bro. Thanks for the video despite all that is going on keep your head up man we’re here for you.

  20. All the best Circon. Hope you mum is doing well.

  21. Circon plays on 4-5 year old pc, and it’s still better than my potato pc

  22. That ammo rack spot:))

  23. I hope all is going well Sir Circon, sounds like you are making the best of a rough situation. Anything from you however you get it to us is welcome. Say the word my friend and I’ll fly there from the states and stand by your side. I got your back brother.

  24. Hey! Glad to see a vid from you! Hope all is well with your Mom.

  25. sending lots of positive thoughts to your mom, Circon.
    Thanks for the WoT memes

  26. This PC is still miles better than what I have lol. Hope your mom is better Circ. Prayers to your family, man!

  27. Me: Oh, Circon’s playing a Panther II with derp, probably going to be all about the assists.
    Circon: *gets more damage than I do with the L/100 usually.
    Me: I don’t think I’m very good at this game.

  28. Glad to have you back, hope all is well with your family, mate.

  29. Welcome back! 🌼🌻🌺

  30. That’s a game right there.

  31. Great vid! Entertaining as always Circon.

  32. Welcome back brother.

  33. Praying for you guys.

  34. Duuuude hope your mother is doing well!!

  35. stay stronk comrade, also hope your mamotchka will stay stronk as IS-7 too.

  36. I laughed so hard when you didn’t manage to one shot the GW Panther. You’ve got to be kidding is right. Story of my life. hahaha

  37. Does anyone have a link or a playlist with his stream archives? I really want to watch his streams.

  38. Thanks for posting!

  39. Beste wensen en goede gezondheid voor je familie Circon!

  40. Welcome back! I hope your mother is doing better!

  41. Yay circion is back hope all is well with your mom

  42. I missed shenanigans like these…

  43. Welcome back

  44. Unreal dude!

  45. has he made the 750 emot? from the 750 dpm foch 155

  46. bloody arta with freaking binocs…

  47. Herbert Odilio Balsamo

    Hope everything is goin well circon! Much love from Philippines!

  48. Just stopped by to say hello. I used to play WoT had loads of fun, but as the game deteriorated so did my will to play did. I cannot imagine nowadays logging in and playing, but I always enjoy watching you play CIrcon. You make this game really interesting and fun – as it was supposed to be. Thanks for that man!

  49. Welcome back. Thoughts and prayers for the family, wishing you and yours all the best amigo.

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