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  1. FIRST !!!!

  2. Oh boi never have been so fast on a circ video 😀
    Can i get some attention dad?

  3. Are you going to make advent calendar videos again? Not only is the daily extra vid of you fantastic, but those were quite helpful on top of that!

  4. Advent Calendar Vid for day 1 is on the way aswell. Enjoy 🙂

  5. But that’s still the wrong gun? Why is it still the wrong gun?
    How dare you?

  6. Why does chat love the T-10 so much? I hate it so far…

    • the is4 is bad itself, feelsbad

      at least your soviet tanks don’t have heat-food turrets like that shitty E100, but at least the E100 has a gun

    • justin jia the IS4 is faster and has better armour. Who cares about having apparently “shitty” 440 alpha?

    • 440 alpha is shitty when you don’t have the DPM and gun handling to make up for it. The IS-4’s gun handling is atrocious, its DPM is just plain bad, the alpha damage is mediocre. The IS-4’s armour is only particularly good when the tank is being completely static and sidescraping around hard cover, or when facing low tier tanks. Plus the turret roof can be overmatched easily, and the entire hull front is butter to high-pen HEAT rounds. It’s… slightly faster than the super conquerer? Great feat huh. Oh, and the IS-4 has a puny ammo capacity.

      The E100 has shitty DPM (better than the IS-4), shitty gun handling and BEST in class alpha. The armour and mobility kind of suck, but it’s one of the most effective trading vehicles in the game, period.

    • I will take T10 in tier X game over IS-7 *all* day long

    • Gewel lol why the is7 is bad but it’s better than the t10 in almost every way…

  7. Easy peasy, gg.

  8. I just sold mine Strv. Not worth it with current MM.

  9. People in chat saying the T10 is better than the IS7 lmao

  10. Roasted Mushroom911

  11. 7:41 😀 Like picking up a huge rock and everything that”s under it is confused.

  12. Jhony Lopes Gonçalves

    allready bought that baby =P i love the looks of that T92 if we could put a cammo net on it (visual upgrade on the front of the hull) ohh God!!! that would be perfect!!

  13. No Derp



  14. That one in a million shot is like 5/10 shot for me
    Play it without a rammer : VertStab, Vent and that better aim thingy

  15. I don’t play World of Tanks, so can someone explain the lightbulb? Does it mean:
    A) You were spotted (the light bulb means you were spotted the instant it came up on your screen)
    B) You were spotted (the light bulb has a delay, and only appears after you’ve been spotted for a few seconds)
    C) You are being aimed at (Hence sixth sense?)

    • B u guessed it right it means ur spotted , it tells you 3 seconds after ur spotted

    • please lock answer B.

    • E) You are trolling. If you didn’t play WoT you wouldn’t know what “spotting” is. Maybe it could be like WT (I don’t play it, so maybe I am wrong) where there are no invisible tanks, you just have to find them. So you definitely play WoT. What would you be doing here otherwise…

    • circon rarely rely’s on the sixthsense anymore to my knowledge he’s pretty good with the timing of it usually he’s back in cover before hand ” unless he knows” he isn’t at an immediate threat or have guns pointed at him watching him on strem is a good way to learn also

    • SKULL Helmet
      Beat me to it , that’s what I was going to post . Or something very similar actually..LOL

  16. I want to see Cricon playing the AMX 40

  17. Derpenberg with no derp feels mislead man 😉

  18. Strv 74 is the only tank I have radley-Walters in. I got two of them within 5 games.

  19. I cannot get this moneymaking an a tier 8 prem doing 3k damage on a win with boosters and x2. wtf.

    • How? It’s easy enough to get 60-80k a game with a premium tank, let alone with boosters. Just what the hell are you doing 3k damage to? Your team?

    • also shooting premium constantly will not give you a gain shooting knowing what to shoot at as you can see he mainly tries to shoot everything higher tier then him if he can

    • Yea , you MUST be spamming the shit out of Prem rounds and missing/bouncing a ton besides doing 3k dmg.. There’s NO WAY you’re doing 3k dmg in a T8 Prem tank especially with using “boosters” and not making 30k+ creds (prem acct) buddy. There’s more to the story that you’re not saying or you’re just full of shit..

      I say good day Sir!!!!!

  20. Circon, the Earl of Derpenberg! 🙂

  21. Enemy team was a no-show

  22. Derpenberg ? where is the DERP GUN ??

  23. The new meta on that map.

  24. Marshall Allshouse

    This game was textbook play. Very well played circon!

  25. I’d like to know why people still go west at erlenberg encounter, while they know that all action is happening on the east.

  26. what is up with this video its all over the place

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