Derping Paris – World of Tanks

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Source: Circonflexes


  1. Heyo, sorry for the lack of videos. IRL happens sometimes ; )
    Ill add thumbnails when im back in NL again, i dont have to replay file here in norway. : )

  2. Never been this early 😉 keep rocking!


    Nice meme

  4. martinmlakar123

    derp vids are my favourite!

  5. Spicy memes ^^

  6. Is it me or does the G1 R kinda look like a downsized Type 5 Heavy?

  7. TwistedPlotTwistWithATwist

    WB 🙂

  8. MollysMoshing TankCrew

    That G1R looks like a mini type 5 heavy 😀 even has derp gun


  10. Everytime I see a G1 R I’m thinking about the commentary you did a few years ago about it x)
    Hope things are getting better irl
    Le POG

  11. Rock out with your cock it, it’s time for the good memes again

  12. that T1 heavy combat roll was epic

  13. That T1 Heavy though LAMAO

  14. Richard Stefanits

    That ELC kill, omfglol

  15. Pentti Kantanen

    Ich christen this city… Derpendorf!

  16. minigolf

  17. Last night in WOT: Blitz in my KV1 l took 10 shots with 8 hits and (ONE) pen for a whopping 12 points! It was a kill on the opposing KV1 though. But RNG was trolling me hard last night.

  18. @Circon: at least you’re not showing off all the 3marks you did in one session 🙂

  19. Oh, a unicum in tier5 farming seals again. How exciting.

  20. taras kreslavsky

    How many times did you get asked about the maps you banned

  21. I see you’re a man of culture, Circon.

  22. *t1 heavy drops in* TACTICAL BARREL ROLL!!

  23. Love your shit circon glad I’m subbed to you on twitch for more memes

  24. TheDragonStation

    That 1’s shot was EPIC 🙂 . TDS .

  25. I thought the thumbnail was type 5

  26. “I benned Meansk and Stootsie Yankee”

  27. 1:25 It’s that Ru 251 on Siegfried Line all over again!

  28. Mark Deniel Ragil



  29. AnTrAxX Slingshots

    Had no spare time in some days to join Stream or youtube….2:55 in T1 rolling into the action and i alrdy have tears in my eyes from laughing…thank you so much Sir 😀
    3-marking the lowtiers was your best idea since the good old T71 times !

  30. Oluja do Tokija

    That T1 Heavy was like: “Get down Mr. President!”

  31. Circon feels like a kindergarder teacher

  32. West Coast Warriors Archive

    circon out of the teir 5 derp tanks would you pick the m4, the pz4 or this thing?

  33. Literally no one:
    EU players: 2:52

  34. On the subject of maps that you ‘ban’, has anyone else found themselves playing maps they’ve banned? I banned ‘Great Wall’ but have played it 3 times this weekend.

    • My understanding is that the ban only applies to Standard battles, so if you had one of the other types you could still end up on your banned maps.

    • It’s been in my experience that if your account status changes from premium to standard or vice versa, it resets your black list and you have to include and then exclude them again.

  35. What. The. Actual. Fuck. My mind is hurting after that game. T1 Heavy entrance though, hats off o7

  36. casually three marking three tanks, good job, sir!

  37. Scipio Africanus

    What a beautiful game. From the blind shot on the ELC, to the T1 Heavy coming tumbling down and almost getting oneshot to the team full of half baked potatoes. And I’m just halfway the video.

  38. That poor elc…

  39. Chancelor Higgins-Gloor

    Can’t tell who got robbed on with that T-34-85 Circon or that Cromwell.

  40. Seal clubbing again (doesn’t matter if you are not top tier)? I blocked this map.

  41. Damn, three marking several tanks in one sitting and the only three mark I have is on the Pz. IV H. hella good job

  42. “Good Morning Sir” That T1 Heavy had me dying

  43. T1 enters the fight as an american from Wall E

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