Derping Together – SU-85

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Source: Circonflexes

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  1. Hey Circon did you three mark the T-34 yet? That’s one tank I would love to see. One of my favourite tanks.

  2. Ah the good old tier 5 stomper

  3. Am I back in war thunder with SU-122P?

  4. 280m view range is what stops me from getting this tank
    StuG is lowest I can go (310)

    • Commander Tato Well, I get 380 with all perks and optics (just no food) so it’s not the worst.
      But still, give StuG and SU-85 320-330. Cause even with that vr they still will be somewhat average

    • Turreted TD have to have lower vr than turretless, currently turreted tds in tier 5 dominate and dont have to deal with cons like turretless ones.

    • Commander Tato
      >have to have
      >don’t have
      Why have to have tho? I don’t see such a rule ANYWHERE in the tech treeS

    • Because it is a balance problem, each type of tanks should have pro and cons. And when it have pretty much 90% of pros and a 10% of cons the tank is broken.
      T67 have very good viewrange for a td, and outclass the other turretless tds thanks to the turret it can keep binocs active much more time.
      It have 360 health, on the high side of tds.
      It have 61 kph top speep, and a power to weight ratio of 31.14 much higher than any other tier 5 TD and even higher than any other tier 5 LIGHT.
      Having a turret make you keep the very high camo so you dont have to move the hull.
      The gun is reliable enough and is backed up by good softstats, very fast aim time and low rotation penalty.
      It have a very high DPM who become even more broken if you have maxed equipment and crew.
      Nonsensical very high ammorack health.
      And the cons are what?
      Low potential damage? The stug even have lower potential damage than T67….
      No armor? Who cares about armor in low tier tds when the mayority just spam apcr and make even heavy tank armor obsolete.
      No wonder T67 is the second most used tank ever in the game after KV-1. It just give too much advantages.

    • What used to be was “Roofless tank got better view range because they cannot mount vents”, I remember people talking about that when they add a roof to the T28 Prot, obviously not a thing anymore.

  5. Early bird gets the meme

  6. ThatAussieBloke

    Does anyone remember when this tank had the bigger gun? I think it was a 107mm or 100mm gun, was super op

  7. Also Circon, play the tier VII Bobject (the SU-100M1). It’s the most broken monster in the game right after the V4

  8. Evil Pumpkinman

    An early cat joins the fray!

  9. please play with 113 heavy chinese, is my favorite tank in game sr. circonflexes… i am a fan from brazil…

  10. That was oddly wholesome

  11. def a reroll

  12. Did Wargaming add a medal for aimlessly driving the most kilometers in a game?

  13. Who does agree that the derp gun of the su85 is broken AF p.s it one shoots tier iv and v. LUL

  14. Blyatgun

  15. Wessel Badenhorst

    2:58. NO!! not the Scarecrow…?? Oh shew that was close…!!

  16. You derping slut. I love it.

  17. 131 is t7 on console…

  18. Henri Liimatainen

    Well done! You really showed those tier 4 beginners how to play this game, you must be so proud!

  19. Nice,you shure showed those dam freshmen how to enjoy this deserve a “special” medal.Go back to the high tier you came from,and leave them kids alone,all in all we are just another brick in the wall 🙂

  20. Honestly the first boring video of yours Ive seen in a LONG time. Nevertheless love the new positive vibes and new Youtube format you started – your content is the best it was in a long time. Just miss you playing with other guys. That used to be the best memes. Keep up the good work senpai!

  21. ‘it looks like a shotgun’ SU – 85 basically a bunch of Russians driving around in a Lada with a shotgun sticking out of the windshield.

  22. Where is MY kill? lul.Nice game tho.

  23. You probably get this question often enough, but im curious: why no Warthunder GF? I used to play WoT until I got hooked on GF, now i just dont plat WoT, feels too “arcade”

  24. Chandler Kristoff

    Westfield again? just like yesterday’s Churchill 3 video haha

  25. Chandler Kristoff

    9 second reload and has more alpha than tier 7 tanks, WUT? XD

  26. Chandler Kristoff

    When that Matilda got killed someone should’ve said “DELETED” gotta love low tier one-shots

  27. With that gun its historically SU-122

  28. What’s OP about taking off half your health with a single non-penetrating shot?

  29. Oooh, another tier 5 game–and with a derp gun–you’re spoiling me.

  30. Serbian Highlander

    View range on this tank is so awfull

  31. I can be the only filthy person here who spammed HEAT through the SU-85 dero gun or the kv1

  32. Looking up the 279, I’m super glad I stopped playing WoT. That just screams “auto bounce ricochet”.

  33. Always good to hear props going out to team mates

  34. I’d never even noticed the SU had a potato launcher, might give it go

  35. Every time circon says “hard time” it sounds like “Albert Heijn” DAMN IT DUTCH PEOPEL!!!?!?!?!?

  36. The cloak of invisibility MOD worked great on that Tiger 131

  37. echogameadventures

    can we see some derping with the cruiser 2?

  38. Wait what since when has that thing had a derp as an option when i played it it had a 100mm

  39. Gold noob XD Gg

  40. Hell seger kamrater

  41. “Matilda, you are the real mvp” – Kevin Durant.

  42. Had my best ever game in the SU85 with the Derp an epic game one that I will always remember

  43. ekin deniz yıldız

    yo circon, whats the crosshair u are using, it doesnt flinch when u aim into the horizon like the in game crosshairs, does it have smt to do with 16-25x zoom

  44. Time to ham it? Circon going full Kirk HAMmett?

    That Matilda is like me in the Bat Chat 25t…
    I don’t have the best damage per game in it, but with a 55% WR in it I do it where it counts haha…

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