Desert Devil! – AMX 13 57

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Source: Circonflexes

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  1. I love your content circon, but can we get more spaghet, and less bagette? Lmao jk
    Keep up the memes

  2. BF V is going to be the biggest disappointment in the BF series to date.

    • andreasaa2000 trailer is bad (like really bad, like even COD’s was better lmao). Lets wait for the game itself tho

    • CoD WW2 is good!

    • All of you are ignorant bigots. How can you say trailer was bad and that cod is gonna be better? Coming from a player of both franchise

    • DarknessInferno15

      No it isn’t. People get too caught up on trailers. The trailer was crap, but it’s still a Battlefield game, made by DICE. They’re going to make a great game, they always do. The only worry is how much EA are going to meddle.

  3. to be fair to the 704, some games that gun just trolls you

  4. Your devil voice is 10/10.

  5. Introducing the new Tier 8 premium tank, the Stealth O-Ni

  6. Maybe play the 704? I wonder how BL-10 does these days

  7. Existancial Goberts

    Haven’t you heard? In order to balance the Russian Bias v4, they buffed the heavy’s camo so the TD can’t shoot them.
    WG pro strats

  8. O-Ni named as the Maddie McCann hide and seek champion of 2018?

  9. That is the best voice I’ve ever heard you do.

  10. Mads Fogh-Ravenberg

    how do you download the MoE counter, and maybe u could do a vid on it?? 🙂

    • Mads Fogh-Ravenberg
      Download the latest version of moe counter and just extract it into the wot folder. Dont need to put it into res_mods or anything

  11. Fully automatic baquette

  12. Suddenly horizon bite vitamin last cope eat date later which single.

  13. very low ammo capacity

  14. Your thoughts on the BF V trailer?

  15. DarknessInferno15

    Did he watch the BF reveal on stream? If so, I’ll have to go watch his reaction.

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