DEV 1.79 SERVER OVERVIEW | Leopard 2A4, Centurion Mk.5 AVRE, FJ-4B & Tons MORE (War Thunder 1.79)

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Source: PhlyDaily

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DEV 1.79 SERVER OVERVIEW | Leopard 2A4, Centurion Mk.5 AVRE, FJ-4B & Tons MORE (War Thunder 1.79)


  1. Wtf brits

  2. The AMX 40 has the same gun as th Leclerc. You really think french wouldn’t have replaced it with 385mm of pen ?!

  3. Good to see the amx-40 stabiliser works better than the challengers.

  4. Henkel 177pls

  5. Leopard 2a4 and you know ghat Gaijin hate germans 😉

  6. Now we are edging closer to a Blackburn Buccaneer being added?

  7. Gaijin pederasts, making Russian top tier MBT overarmoured but the Leo2A4 get XM-1 Armour, WTF. Fucking retarded russian idiots.

  8. Alexis Bierque de Birka de Fauville

    The ERA on the T-64B looks badass

  9. Leopard 2a4

  10. What about those new “Guided Bombs” , Will you make a 2nd part of this?

  11. Alexandros Papadiwths

    Gaijin said that they are going to put the IS-7 in the game. Where is it, am I blind and I didn’t see.
    Im not interested in this update at all.

  12. Less premium bias Gaijin please

  13. phly u **** y no look at IL-28 i want to see it >:( very engry phly not gud enough

  14. Hahah Leo2A4 is a joke.. .we´ll see but i think iam quiting this shithole of a count… eeeehhh game… sorry watched to much trump vids

  15. TheSleepingInsomniac

    WE’RE GETTING FJ-4’s !??!?!??!?!?!?!? I’m damn excited regardless of whether or not I’m at jet tier.

  16. Are the wasd atgm’s fixed now?

  17. as always, they could’ve made lik 3 or 4 9.7 tanks for every country instead of only 1 for 2 countries.

  18. THE_ Screwty_CZ

    T-62M1 is not T-62 is a czechoslovakia T-55M “kladivo”

  19. TheSleepingInsomniac

    I like the new .50’s

  20. they f*cked up so bad with the leopard

  21. Check out the REMOTLEY GUIDED FRITZ X MISSILES for the He 177 please

  22. Phly ze Fritz X is in the game you can find it on ze HE 177

  23. 2a4>arjun

  24. Leo2 will get another round dm 33

  25. BF 109 Z!!!

  26. Centurion please

  27. gaijin said it has UP TO 700mm vs chemical.

  28. Wait……is that lady nude

  29. Why aren’t you more excited for T-64B ERA? Isn’t 870 enough to stop HOT missiles?

  30. The type 90 doesn’t have an autoloader ??

  31. i am on the dev server but i don’t have that many golden eagles?

  32. Not only 50 cal sounds were changed, all guns are. You should try hispano’s, they sound like shit.

  33. New T62 please

  34. Hey phly just so you know that German armoured car’s stat card is wrong, it’s actually a 28mm (2.8cm) calibre single-shot gun, and its armour pen is nowhere near that high. Think of it as an upgrade over 20mm anti-tank rifles carried by infantry

  35. Type90

  36. well phly i always liked you vids still do but you keep on dancing around the elefant in the room and in my opinion i think you are baised because the game is broken nothing makes sense anymore but you never state the wrong the do i played the game for 2 years and well its nothing like in your vids hope we can get in contact or something because gaijin it self only always states no matter what you ask ‘we are doing our best’

  37. Sergio Mena Bellon

    I’m in love with this new patch 😍

  38. “I don’t even care about IL-28” said Phly and missed 192 rockets…

  39. Giorgio Burlini


  40. How did phly get 2mil golden eagles even if its dev server?

  41. Sergio Mena Bellon

    Let’s Roll out

  42. Astrakhan Arkhangelsk

    That german afv uses a 2,8cm/2,0cm gun which essentially squeezes the fired 28mm shell into a 20mm shot immensely increasing its muzzle velocity and therefore its penetration.

  43. Leopard 2A4 frst

  44. Thats the wrong AMX 40 🙁 🦆

  45. reinanda chrysilla

    Man, should i play the Me 163 or just skip to me 262?

  46. UK gets no high tier mbt :/

  47. Im most excited for the fj4b

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