DEV SERVER 1.71 – ERA, MBT & KPZ 70, P-51H & More (War Thunder DEV 1.71)

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1.71 – ERA, MBT & KPZ 70, P-51H & More (War Thunder DEV 1.71)


  1. THE DEV IS HERE! WOOT Sorry about this vid being a little late. Somethings happened to the house yesterday…

  2. Please play the chieftain mk10

  3. And still nothing to make German 6-7 br great again …

  4. + Rudolph Antler
    Historians have discovered your mother was named Ahmed, the pisslamist goatfvcker living in Butthurtistan along with your beloved father, Aisha, the transsexual goat, you little stain of shit.

    – Dumbass, we’ve gone with the same fvcking process on the freaking japanese ground forces. Meaning there were a lot of 12 yo imbeciles like you crying against the japanese tanks being added on more or less the same grounds. Yet behold, now we have a japanese tree, you stupid 12yo f@g.

    – Char B1 will be rank 2, you stupid shit. It will be like you have a shorter and more maneuverable Churchill wrecking havoc and at lower BR too. While B1 bis will outperform Churchill in every possible way.

    – The only problem the French have is at rank 3. With ARL44 being the only one produced that can fill it.

    – Still you have a lot of prototypes in the game already to cry now about them. Prototypes of Char G1 can help to fill rank 3 as a medium. You add 3 of these, a Sherman, a Chafee, a SPAA, a SPG and ARL 44 and voila the completed and more than enough rank 3. Stop being a c0cksvcker crying as any other moron with the same cliched lines (“muh uh not enough tanks” and shit) that we saw time and time again and were proven false by Gaijin with both the Japanese line and the Italian upcoming one (not to mention italian high tier planes, german and japanese rank 5 planes and so on).

    – Tanks with high profile and flat sides are FCM 2C (which we might not see at all), Char B1/B1 bis (which have good enough armor even if its flat) and ARL 44 (which will still be very playable at rank 3/4 since good frontal armor and awesome gun)

    – Rank 4 will be early AMX 50s or whatever other shit the french made after the war.

    – To cry about Gaijin holding on the garbage italian tanks and then rage about ppl wanting french tanks defies fvcking logic and common sense as italians made even less viable tanks for a full fvcking tree. Rank 3 or 4 will still be filled by prototypes and copy-paste lend-lease while the rest of their tanks should be one nonpenetrating HE on the hull = whole crew dead (if I would engage in same childish discovery channel pseudo-knowledge that you kids are repeating like the stupid indoctrinated drones that you are).

    Shitstain, did you even play the fvcking game? Stop being a stupid f@ggot citing war thunder wiki and shit. From rank 3, BRITAIN IS CRAP and only a NOOB retard like you that didn’t play past rank 1 can argue against that with the straight face of the autistic oligophren that you are.

  5. im gonna cum

  6. What has this game become…

  7. I have to grind out the entire fucking heavy tank tree just to get the MBT-70, wtf… Come on its a MBT, its literally in the name so it should be in the medium tank line up.

  8. *Hans-Werner Aufrecht*

    my fivourite is the waffentrager


  10. Me 262 a2 ? missing 😀

  11. Any1 say Gulags 28 trailer very bias

  12. Finally something to help the German

  13. MBT-70 lower glacis is completly wrong, its missing extra 70mm spaced armor. The US version had a worse reload than the german version. Only the lower horsepower for the engine is correct.

  14. PhlyDaily preferring .50 cal over cannons? What happened?

  15. Holy smoke your right phly and if you see me awesome 1442 playing please say hi

  16. The three rounds to the right of the T114 are rounds at the ready. You fire those, then you reload.

  17. How do i accest a fucking dev server?

  18. wait, are we having tier 6 and actually tier 5 premium???

  19. Says that Krupp-Waffentrager never could exist, what about many American tech tree tanks, AMERICAN BIAS CONFIRMED COMPATRIOT!!

  20. 11:21 «M344A1 HEAT – Anti-Tank grenade», maybe a high-velocity HEAT-FS?

  21. Earth Federation Space Force

    ussr using 14.5mm 😀

  22. Shit ass
    They placed mbt 70 below the T95

  23. hey just upgrade the new p-51 up and put a red tale on it and were good to go

  24. 10:10, why does this remembers me so mutch of the bathtub guy
    this video /4BlYUBZCCmE

  25. 16:40 i am a main german, AND WE HAVE GOT NOTHING FOR AGES, FFKS

  26. Draigan A halo Ultra fan

    Do mbt70

  27. M-50 Ontos gameplay please!!!

  28. Already hearing them russians crying and bitching about mbt-70 ATGM reload rate

  29. Krupp steyer was built once

  30. sorry Phly but I’m getting bored. Not in subbed yet .

  31. I think because it isn’t a canon, the round has to be called a “grenade” since its not a shell shot from a canon.

  32. Phly, actually waffentrager existed

  33. The KPz 70 shouldn’t have ATGMs. Only the MBT 70 used them.

  34. Anyone else notice when he blew the panzer IV in the M50 that the turret popped off and skid on the ground instead of clipping

  35. Whats the pen on the MBT70 20mm?

  36. MBT-70 and the T-114: Poor man’s Abrams and Bradley. Really, really poor.

  37. That M50 has crippling depression

  38. war thunder is a idea steal game

  39. Love the KPZ 70 but looks like the Maus is getting even more hate.

  40. Get Arnolds m47 paint for the mPKz M47.

  41. Kfpz70 was an event tank of the wot and wot blitz starting a month ago… now war thunder copies… not to sound like a douche but i really do not like when war thunder copies wot’s direction. i really do wish that war thunder goes it own way surpassing wot…

  42. Am I the only one who recognizes that the turrets are not falling through the map anymore after ammorack ?

  43. the moment gaijin add ATM and this new tanks destroy the tanks for me

  44. Phly you have the best intros…

  45. U forgot the me 262 a-2 a 16:48

  46. Welp I guess 10 years till I get all American , german tanks now

  47. gaijob at it once again making every update like Christmas morning. warthunder has brought so much peace in my life and the fact that it gets better and better keeps me one happy kraut

  48. I think you totally need to have a couple matches with that six-barrelled mutant tank

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