Developers Outline the Future of World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

Wargaming staff Artiom Muraska, Miloš Jeřábek and Thaine Lyman outline the Future of at WGFEST in Moscow.

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  1. It just boils my blood when these idiots bitch about SPGS being too many on
    a team, and I agree, 4 or 5 on a team is WAY TOO MANY, but WTSF about all
    the Tank Destroyers that get to hide like bitches behind bushes without
    losing camo and causing major choke points.

    How about getting the same map 9 times in a row and never even getting any
    of the good or fun ones.

  2. Stop talking about fixing your game and start actually fixing it.

  3. VK 72.01 K a NEW TANK?!?!? BULLSH*T!

    And all they are compensating us clan wars folks with is some Stupid Camo

  4. Talk is cheap! Back it up WG! All the bullcrap they spewed at the start of
    the year on how this year was about fixing the game! Yeah right! Only thing
    that is “fixed” is the that damned MM! 20 losses back to back, where the
    enemy team spanks my team within a minute and a half to 3 minutes and
    without a single casualty! Yeah WG really fixed their game!

  5. I have an Idea, who’s about we limit the Arty count to 1

  6. These guys are so full of shit. They will never fix mm ever. That would
    require more then 1 drunk Russian banging his head on his keyboard. You
    want to appease the player base add in a no arty mm option and you will get
    a break from criticism

  7. biggest complaint about wot. whats the point of armour when everyone just
    snipes ur capoler. st-1 is useless tank because everyone just points and
    clicks and magically pens me at 45 degrees…

  8. I want to see some gameplay of the new HD wot.
    Also were you able to create holes in the ground if you shot the ground
    because it looks like that in the trailer ?

  9. After previous promises that WG have made and have yet to fix or implement
    I highly doubt alot of what their saying.

  10. The Mysterious gamer

    I hate how they’re removing the maus

  11. Bismarck Class Battleship

    WG are u Illuminati?

  12. MollysMoshing TankCrew

    i think tanks with smoke launchers should be able to use them to obscure
    vision kind of how armored warfare does it. you press (for example:G) and
    where ever the turret is pointing launches a cloud of smoke out. so tanks
    like the spahpanzer 1 C could lay smoke if spotted. the smoke would
    instantly conceal any tank within its self. without having to wait 6
    seconds. but give it a 1 -2 time limit per battle

  13. MollysMoshing TankCrew

    the e25 and dickermax in tech tree is likely a place holder. they dont have
    a replacment for current tier 6 and 7 so they filled it with these prem
    tanks to just fill in

  14. New engine yeeeaaaaaaa

  15. It’s so hard to take them seriously … They always announce so much, and
    nothing gets ever done. Last year they talked about rebalancing the whole
    game, we had Sandbox and stuff, right now the only tanks that got
    “balanced” are old premiums lmao.

  16. Is E25 becoming a regular non premium tank?! just bought it kinda worried
    I’ll loose the uniqueness of it.

  17. what about much cheaper bullets?????

  18. thx alot. very interesting. but the best thing they could do with spg is
    removing it completly!

  19. First, fix the FUCKING GHOST

  20. ShakyBaby, tee hee)

  21. Nobody concern about STUN mechanics? Its now already too hard for light
    tanks to kill arties, because u cant stop for aim and dispersion make you
    not hit when moving. Now you be STUNED. LOL

    The STUN, how I see it: for 2-3 seconds restricted stats of the crew, radio
    off. But the tank should be full operatable, or it will be so unbelievably
    annoying, that arties will be much more hated than now. Like seriously, use
    your brains developers, how you cant see it?

    Sry for butchering of english language :)



  24. Devs of future passed?


  26. So this means lights will have +-2 mm ? Well shit, ELC is too damn op even
    at tier 7 not even mentioning tier 5!! But at least my Amx 13 57 GF crew
    will be happy ?

  27. We want your money and we will invent new ways to fleece you and disguise
    it a a feature.

  28. I find the background noise too obnoxious to watch this :(

  29. wg will add tanks like on blitz

  30. well, my dreams of the 5 arty kill medal is crushed they didn’t mention the
    e 25 did they. I didn’t even further finish the video

  31. shut up. we want chieftain first not vk 72.

  32. I can say good bye to my graphic card

  33. so when are they going to start introducing modern tanks or shall I shift
    my attention towards armored warfare

  34. WOT developers … “We will continue to milk the WOT playerbase for every
    penny they own … we will continue to ignore the obvious game flaws and
    introduce more stupid tank lines and overpowered Tier 8 premium tanks” …
    thank you and have a merry xmas.

  35. QB is gay

  36. Tier 10 Light Tanks .. that’s something to look forward to :D

  37. Audio was really bad, couldn’t hear/understand them properly

  38. Really like the American guy, he seems like one of us. Where have WG been
    keeping him the past 8yrs?

  39. Where’s the Chieftain I’ve been promised for the past 5yrs? I raced to the
    FV (which they haven’t even bothered rendering in HD) as soon as it was
    announced. The best thing about this chat is we have a face to put with
    these clowns now!

  40. With the accents and bad speakers who knows what they are saying.

  41. Luís Augusto Panadés

    More idiot than reducing underplate of VK 45.01 (P) aufs B was just the
    launching of that shit Grille 15. Can’t belive they will ruin VK.

    They will do an more regular experience around the line. I know that it
    means. They will fuck the gun handling of German no armor TDs just to get
    on Grille 15 and think it is ok.

    Sorry to say but Wargaming are full of retardes. You take out WT aufs E 100
    because of it used one autoloader. But it has not armor, no cammo, no
    speed, no gun depression. In its place you indroduced a disgusting super
    underpowered vehicle, Grille 15. Now, in the last patch, you introduced
    sweeden vehicles. And what you did: did them with super armor, speed, gun
    depression and autoloader.

    And the sweedish TDs… Grille 15 when introduced you said it do not needed
    penetration because it had accuracy. Bold shit. you just have not enough
    accuracy to do the job with that shit penetration and all around stats.
    And, what you did with sweedish TDs: In tier VIII it has more penetration
    than tier X, Grille 15. Meaning its DPM is quite near real. And why strv
    103B being more accurate than Grille 15 needs 308mm of pen while for Grille
    you said that just 279 is enough. I’m not considering to mention the other
    fucked stats on Grille 15.A huge diference is the players will grind
    sweedish vehicles. I never ground that shit GRille 15.Really, I expected
    you fix the whole bunch of shit you did with this vehicle you pushed over
    us. But not. you put another vehicle much more strong and let it still that
    shit underpowered.

    Sorry, but Wargaming balancing staff are full of retardeds.

  42. These guys are clueless.

  43. Looking forward to the new changes. Xcept for maybe the accuracy changes.
    Id rather go with a penetration drop off at extreme ranges. Love my German
    Tanks cause the RNG is not as bad with them IMO. Also The way MM will be
    working will give players at low tier a chance to still be somewhat
    relevant. Games where you are that unlucky bastard in low tier competing
    against 10 other High tier tanks (Enemy low tiers have been slaughtered
    already) And you are just cannon fodder at that point will hopefully be a
    thing of the past.

  44. 26:14 what is the title of the song?

  45. When he says “we heard you, believe me we heard you…” <- Man, that does not fix it tho! You can say it all you want, but when you charge $50 U.S. for a piece of shit tank, then do not execute on your promises, it tends to make a dying company. People will get rather sour, when they are being charged the high prices (that just keep going up I must add WTF?!?) and then lie to our faces about fixes coming to the game. They know it is broken, yet they left it for a year and a half? WHY?!? There is NO excuse for that, from anyone... Not a reasonable one!!! You can make new tanks to turn a profit... But you can't fix the game? We have heard this all, WAY too many times to believe it Wargaming. Stop with the deja vu. Stop having conferences in front of camera's, making more empty promises... Instead GO AND PUT IT IN THE GAME!!! This is it for this game, if it is not dead by the time the put this "fix" in the game itself! Remember, it was supposed to be fixed ALREADY people...

  46. Anyone know that song which is playing when they show gameplay trailer?

  47. Vojislav Relic (R.V.)

    These guys have the most punchable faces in the universe.

  48. I agree and disagree with the 3-5-7 template. I want the template to be
    15-0 in the first 10 seconds or so, then changed to 5-10 and then 3-5-7,
    cause the matches are most fun for everyone when people are in the same
    tier. I understand this will increase queue times, but I’m fine with 20
    seconds queue instead of 3.

    Love how he says to open up the battlefield we limit them to 3, I have 3
    arty on each side so often and I can tell you this on most maps it becomes
    a camp-off cause if you get spotted you gunna get slammed by the
    Also not everyone will agree with this dude, but I recently spoke with
    someone who only plays arty, he hasn’t got a single match in something
    else, with a 55.6% win rate, so he is pretty damn good, and even he thought
    it better to have 1 arty per team, 3 should be rare, 2 should be uncommon,
    1 should be in every match. Then arty gets longer queue times, its their
    choice to play arty, so they will have to deal with the slightly longer
    queue times, hopefully that will convince them to spend their time on a
    more fun for everyone class…

  49. E25 will be non premium tank? Are u serious?

  50. realy e 25 will be availible ?

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