DICKER MAX DESTRUCTION – 105MM 1 SHOT BEAST (War Thunder Tank Gameplay)

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Source: PhlyDaily

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  1. yeahhhh great video phlyyy

  2. 1st view

  3. CROSSOUT plz


  5. Do the Tiger II (H) and the Messerschmitt ME 262 C-1

  6. the Sherman 8 and that B-29

  7. Dicker max is the best name ever

  8. Lol, I just made my first war thunder video

  9. p-80 and SUPER PERISHING , AMERICA YEAH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Panzer 4 G and M E 109.

  11. how do you bring up the binoculars?

  12. Jesse Hendrickson

    Are you going to stream today?

  13. SniffyJiffy Gaming

    Phly do the T54 1947 and the La-15

  14. Why did you post this yesterday for like a couple of minutes? I already
    watched half the video :D

  15. I really hate that tank. I am tired of getting kill by it

  16. Honest comment> (Dicker/Nashorn/ Other open top vehicles) Spots a light
    bomber. im so doomed> gets a bomb in the middle of the open turret

  17. Play the T98 and the F3F

  18. Churchill Mk.V and the Wellington Mk.III, You may also have a cup of tea if
    you want it. Good Luck.

  19. pietjepuk is dutch and it’s pronounced as pi-tje-puck

  20. Blue Creeper92_YT

    American Fragile Combo!
    XP50 And the M24Chaffe (You can also use the M24 Chaffe TL if you want)

  21. 6:46 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    “This is like a perfect position for the dick” -Phly 2k16

  22. German Bias:
    Me-262 with 64 rockets
    The 4 engie arado

  23. Валера Крылач

    Not Heinkel but Henshel!!!

  24. Just that 1 thumb down is so depressing

  25. I saw this video yesterday day and I was searching for it the whole time,
    did he put this up before and deleted it quick

  26. Its pit juh puck

  27. Massive Machines

    the Churchill 3 and wellington X

  28. American bias:

  29. Second_Medic bf p4f

    Tiger 2 10,5 cm and plane of your Choice 😉 greetings from Germany

  30. Seamangifted Jr.

    We need large gun AA like the german anti air Pak 88 or the 105 anti air

  31. Pietjepuk is a Dutch kind of name :P, any more Dutchmen here?

  32. M4A1 (75mm) with the P-47-D25 thunderbolt. LETS WRECKT THE COMMUNIST

  33. Maus and Mig 15 feel the german bias

  34. I say do your favourites and the ones you think that are strongest

  35. My friend and I tested something out. We tested that if you could torp a
    tank, and it worked!
    You need to drop the torpedo into the water, then the torpedo has to hit
    the ground where a tank is standing on. Then he’ll probably explode,
    sometimes it’s a bit strange because sometimes nothing happens.
    But here is your challenge:

    -kill a tank with a torpedo
    -take out the FV4004 Conway and the Firebrand TF Mk IV or the british PBY
    -have fun

  36. you should do the same thing but maybe have bush tactics?

  37. M4A3E8 And P51! Show em’ your red white and blue!

  38. GhostOfRhurValley 1945

    Yeah! nash horn

  39. Faris Filipović

    how the hell are you so good at war thunder polydoly wut tactics do you use?

    i suck at wt

  40. ze russian bias combo pt76 and mbr1

  41. what is the name om the plane?

  42. Seamangifted Jr.

    This is basically a jagdtiger with a sun visor hat LOL!!! I LOVE IT!!!

  43. ichhab keinname (FunnyKiller)

    wtf is wrong with destroying tracks = tank ded

  44. M18 Hellcat and B-17E Flying Fortress American Engineering at its Greatest

  45. Jovan Mihajlovic

    M10 or M18 please Phly

  46. someone noticed that in the wt assistant app, when you are looking at the
    planes, when you search per type, there is an option for “cargo planes”?

  47. Faris Filipović

    dat cromwell do

  48. Dicker MAX dicking

  49. A39 Tortoise and the 6pdr mosquito/or the Lancaster Mk3B with tasty
    Deliver some tea to the frontlines!

  50. Gayjin accidentally gave the Germans an OP tank.

  51. T10M and mig 17

  52. Oh god, not Nashhorn it’s Nas-horn

  53. THE IS-2 MOD & PE-2!

  54. Use ISU-152 derp gun With a Russian bomber

  55. the way he said pietjepuk hahaha XDD i love you phly but you need to take
    some dutch lessons XD

  56. Lukas Sachmatininkas

    Lietuviai ziuri?

  57. dammit phly when are u going to show your face??

  58. “This is like a perfect position for the Dick” Vagina’s would agree.

  59. Dick’er (to the) max.

  60. 5:18 teamkilling madness.

  61. Soviet Heavy Hitters Combo: Any Russian tank with a 152mm gun and the Pe-8
    with tactical nuke

  62. Played this morning a bit, dicker max killed me constantly!!!! It has no
    chill man :D

  63. hey phly i dare you to do the he 51 c in sim battle

  64. War Thunder > Crossout

  65. and a nother one bites the dust

  66. isu 152

  67. and the ho

  68. The Anti-Commie Combo: M60 and the F2H-2 Banshee. Enlighten them with

  69. Northy Park (NorthyPark)

    fv 221 caernarvon and f6f with tinytims! a combo i really really like and
    its very effective

  70. I also have a challenge, take any bomber of your choice, land or fly it
    across the battlefield in Tank RB and try to kill something with only your

  71. Dicker Max is not OP, the cons outweigh the pros and if they increase the
    BR it really wouldnt make a difference. The tank at its tier can get
    penetrated by pretty much anything and the gun has 202mm with it best

  72. Challenge (3rd attempt): all realistic gameplay. RB, you can’t use your 3rd
    person view. Only drivers view, binos, and gunner zoom. Choose what ever
    tank you want. I want you to get an ace game for me. Have fun

  73. carlos hernandez

    5:22 A f*kin’ GAZ took out a KV-2!!! Look at the feed!!

  74. The maussssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  75. the animatior,the thierioest and the fact teller

    this is the perfect position for the dick-
    Phly daily

  76. only thing thats op about the dicker is the gun other then that you can
    easily kill this tank

  77. ****er Max!

  78. Useless combo: jpz and ta 152c

  79. Did you re upload this video phly?


    phly why did you take this vid down yesterday?

    Tiger H1 and Tiger E and Me410 with that epic 50mm boom cannon.
    Either Ground Pound or get Ravaged!

  82. M10 Wolverine and P-47D-28 Thunderbolt. Show those fascists what American
    firepower looks like!

  83. henshel not heinkel XD

  84. Nice performance

  85. please play the A7M1 with universal belts for 13.2 and 20mm! show them the
    japanese bias for honorabruh japan!!

  86. IS-4M and I-153 Chaika. Show the power of best stalinwood plane !

  87. Tiger 1 E and Nashorn

  88. T-54 1951 & the IL-28 fly the Red Banner over the world or gulag

  89. mouse

  90. “the perfect position for the dick” – Phly

  91. T-34-57 and the pe-8

  92. Hey Fly, try the T-50 in tear “III” games, or try again the RBT-5 in tear
    “V” games!!!

  93. 180 no scope

  94. phlydailyfan yeah

    Nice job as always Phly you rock best YouTuber ever please take out the FV
    4004 Conway and the beau fighter

  95. grinded 2 tiers with this SPG alone. friggin love it

  96. Wadiefor Gaming

    next play the is-1 and the yak 9-t

  97. Centurion Mk.10 with HESH and Attacker with rockets. Show them the might
    and accuracy of the tea drinkers! Or Alternatively, do the Churchill VII
    and the Firebrand – slow but sure wins the race!

  98. flightmaster 10

    30:30 was the best part

  99. Anthony Chappell

    how about the A20 with bazookas and the M10 Wolverine next

  100. The blitz Gamaer

    Can you subscribe to me please

  101. Plz do THE Churchill plz ? plz Like for Churchill

  102. king of planets

    plydaily 2016 this is the best position for the Dick

  103. 4:08 da fuck was that?

  104. David Garcia Huerta

    Huntet F1 and Chieftain Mk3 please

  105. Russian one shot bias – Zis 30 and Il 2

  106. Why the repload Phly?

  107. tier III M4 and the US BF-109 F-4

  108. Phly you have to have your veggies before dessert.
    KV-1B and Me-410 B6/R2

  109. Hilarious vid mate. always a pleasure watching the rounds where you have
    hi from Melbourne!
    have a beer for me ey !

    Id like to see ya pick out your favourite light tank and relative tier
    plane. prove its skill that does the damage not the vehicle

  110. Jorge Monge Salas (Sifmastergamer)

    I goy a challenge for you is time for a stealth mission
    Use the horten 229 with the stealth belt in a night map and to make it
    funnier use a gun targeting distance of 600.

  111. u dont need to pull shit out of your ass u just need to eat taco bell and
    wait, and shit will com out on his own

  112. William Stjärnlöf

    great day to u too

  113. Ferdinand, #mobilepillbox

  114. PHLY goddamnit, use the b-2 with the 30mm with the hvap ammo…

  115. chieftain and the hunter with ground target rounds plz

  116. tiger II and Do the 4000kg bombs.Show the german 1944 true power

  117. 6:47 “This is like a perfect position for the dick” hehe

  118. Looking at the Calliopes just make me laugh, it’s like someone just nailed
    a table to the top of a Sherman.

  119. Doom turtle please

  120. Phly what is your Gaming setup?

    What GPU are you running?

  121. m4a1 sherman and the p 47 thunderbolt

  122. the tank should have been called bigus dickus

  123. Phantom Viper 6

    Calliope+BTD1 Please

  124. He’ll diver

  125. Phly the Queen has Royally requested that you set out onto a journey into
    the Heart of Germany to kill their Fuhrer! She has given you a Lancaster B
    Mk III with one backup and the Sherman IC 2nd <> Armoured Division
    with one backup! FOR THE QUEEN!!!

  126. phly do the Vietnam ground pound combo with the M60 Patton and B57B Canberra
    Push the veit-cong back for “Murica!”

  127. Hs is not Heinkel its Henschel

  128. comet , centurion 10 or charioteer . don’t see much love for the brits

  129. jonathan hellström

    Phly are you not gonna stream today?

  130. whats that game mode?? i cant go RB with tanks and planes…. help me

  131. Chef Excellence

    HALLELUJAH !!!!!

  132. Rodrigo Aguilera

    Quack quack motherfucker!!

  133. daniel ekhorugue

    i never get these maps when playing the dicker

  134. #2nd attempt

    Phly , for the next mission we need u as the Commander of a Sherman M4A3E8
    ! For the Air Support u have the P51 with 6x HVAR Rockets and 2x 500 lbs
    bombs ! Win the War for USA !

    last time we got 96 likes , Let’s win now !

  135. brothersaucy gaming

    Take a zis-30 or the jagdpanzer39(t) and bush them up fully.mission come as
    close as possible withou getting killed.:D

  136. Fredão Alemão

    “this is the perfect position for the dick”- Steve, 2016

  137. quack quack mothafucka!!

  138. Romanian combo! Any Romanian air force airplane (the yellow cross with the
    roundel in the middle is the Romanian air force decal) and pz iv F2 (used
    by Romanian army).

  139. LOL “pietje puk” the way how you pronouncht it xD

  140. comrade take out the T70 light tenk very stronk and Zhukovskys I53 premium
    with rockits, good luck for the motherland

  141. M4A2 76W with the P-51 Mustang

  142. 1942 combo, IL-2 and T-34

  143. I agree the Sicker Max does very well and it’s the one shot killing Queen
    at that BR level.

  144. I believe this is the best tank of last patch

  145. The Dicker has great penetration power ;)

  146. Me 262 A-1/U4 Pulkzerstörer and the Jagdpanzer VI Jagdtiger

  147. dirty shots phly

  148. Should have team-killed that T-34 idiot. He deserved it, and then some.

  149. Rambo_Lambo_Bear

    STUM 42 is better considering its BR

  150. 9th try #DONTGIVEUP LA-15 and kv-1

  151. i love “dicker” it is a beast

  152. Smallest Tank and Biggest Bomber! M22 Locust and the B29!

  153. Is kv 1 soviet tenk?

  154. I am thinking that you will never play the Helldiver….

  155. There have been a lack of honorable vehicles lately…
    A6m5 Bring honor to the Emperor!

  156. Quack quack mother fucker

  157. Александър Йорданов

    +PhlyDaily can you go with the 10,5 cm tiger please :D

  158. Okay. Going to WT right now and grind them last few points on the Max!
    Btw, it’s “Henschel 129” not “Heinkel” ;)

  159. Play the M60 and AD-2 with all that freedom fire power! Do it for Murcia!

  160. use t26 in a max tier fight and survive the whole round

  161. Just unlocked the Vacuum cleaner (Dicker Max) myself: not having the
    greatest time with it but then again I keep getting urban maps like Poland
    and Eastern Europe.

    Fun fact: M4A3E2 Sherman Jumbos don’t like it when you keep dinging 105mm
    rounds off their upper glacis. My Dicker crew may have found that one out
    the hard way a couple times…

  162. GitchyGitchy 123

    Tiger 1 and the Stuka, Messerchmit or Heinikel, your choice between the 3

  163. T-34 (1940) and LaGG-3-66

  164. The Random Dude “The Object 430” XD

    his name is steve ok another youtuber rl name leaked o3o

  165. in world of tanks its marder :D

  166. MasterDiver ___

    m4 Sherman or m26 pershing

  167. This is like the perfect Place for the dick. Yeah sure

  168. 18:23 The Heinkel B3 huh Phly? Or did you mean the Henschel?

  169. Doomturtle and B29…both can’t manoeuvre XD

  170. You are on the invasion of Berlin,a division of Comets starts the attack
    supported by Stirlings.Give a lesson at ze Germans.Good luck Major Phly

  171. 6:48 This is like perfeckt position for WHAAAAT? XD.

  172. Not Henkel Hs 129 B-3! Henschel Hs 129 B-3

  173. When In Crossout try this build: Use a cricket launcher hidden in the front
    of you vehicle. Then put a chameleon onto it so you can sneak up on people
    and just obliterate them with the cricket launcher. Add anything else you
    feel works.

  174. plz four belt T95

  175. Phly,can you play Heroes and Generals :D

  176. better to say nothing and be thought a fool then to open your mouth and
    remove all doubt.
    I now know that the dicker max IS OP.

  177. Custom game idea: 16 ducks vs 1 or 2 falcons

  178. Bendeguz Petercsak

    This is not a combo but pls make more b29 gameplay

  179. KillingfalkONroblox .DinoDoesGaming

    Phly, stop bragging about your 10.5cm Dick

  180. Fly out thatches Buffalo plz. it’s the t1 space plane, boom and zoom

  181. russian big AP guns. IS-2 and Yak9T

  182. Phly do the futuristic ZUT-37 with the all powerful Yak-1. GLORY TO MOTHER

  183. Dick means translated fat. So it’s like fat max

  184. Jacob Hardy (JacobHardy64)

    Phly when do we have the IS-4M video coming? I saw you playing it

  185. Thx m8

  186. Renegade phantom

    bring out the mighty German Tiger II (H) “King Tiger” and lay waste to the
    Soviet dogs!

  187. sumone sumwhere

    Why are you using the stock ammunition?

  188. Hey, Steve.

    (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  189. next take the hell diver, and a churchhill

  190. Oh, the Dicker Max…..I unlocked it just today and have already researched
    almost everything….This thing is soooo good, especially at Ash River.
    Just left a match from that map, 9 tanks + 3 AI destroyed, all one-shots
    through the front…I LOVE IT. At 4.3, this thing is almost godlike. Then
    again, 4.3 is the most fun BR to play, (When it’s purely for joy)

  191. Bfw. Jagdpanther and Fw 190 D-13

  192. “This is the perfect position for the dick.” -Phly 2016

  193. The Rusty Mechanic

    and another one another one

  194. schwerer saurus

    My new combo, the reverse rolls combo

    Take out the ZSU-57-2 (Zeus as pilots called it in Vietnam) killing some
    tanks, and IL-28 killing planes, go do it Phly!

  195. “Perfect position for the dick” Phly 2016

  196. Phly try the su 122-54 and the il28

  197. “This is like a perfect position for the dick”

  198. T92 and b29 little beast and big daddy.

  199. Great Vid!! I always enjoy your work.

  200. Phly take out the Tiger II H and the Do217E4. 3rd time trying!

  201. M4 and mustang

  202. M5a1 Stuart and the P40! Take us back to the early war!

  203. Louisfhilip Madrazo

    can you do a MLG
    360noscope or quickscope on a kv 2 plzzzz

  204. PHLY !!!! Please play World of Warships again! Thats the reaseon why I love
    your channel so please take out the USS Texas on the seven seas. Good luck
    and stay awsome :D

  205. Supa hellcat and peanut butter jelly kapow ya Kisha 75 mm cannon

  206. fry dairy, why u no buy Ferdinand or jagdpanther??

  207. cupof “cupofacid” acid

    MAUS and He-111 (tier one).
    MAUS must use no FPE, and as soon an you get three kills, switch to bomber.
    To finish the challenge, you must get 5 kills with the 50lb/kg bombs. Have

  208. Hammer and Sickle Phly: take out the IS-3 and the Pe-8 with 5000kg bomb

  209. hey phly I just got the Japanese fw 190 A5 and was wondering if you could
    do a video on it?

  210. If you re word that comment sentence it become. 75mm dicker and the duck
    pls max

  211. NotEvenDeathCanSaveYouFromMe

    Am i the only one around here who thinks that the crew outfit or w/e makes
    no fucking sense at all ?

  212. T-92 and Bearcat (aka bearcan)

  213. The Pacific Combo! M4A2 Sherman (75mm) and the Helldiver!

  214. Cyber Wizard Gaming

    New Pennytration rounds! Able to tear through any penny!

  215. Braxton Beavers

    Jpz4-5 and a plane that is good I don’t know any German planes

  216. m18 hellcat and f6f hellcat with the tiny tims

  217. Su-100y and pe-8 with 5000 kg bomb!
    Big boom combo!!!

  218. Matthew Brazeau

    T26E4 and P-51D Mustang. American firepower combo.

  219. 23:54 It’s Henschel, not Heinkel.

  220. Feddy von Wigglestein

    Gaijin is supreme at putting in ridiculous and unusable/unreliable vehicles
    in the game that have none of the faults that caused their production
    cancellation or notorious reputation. T-80, KV-2, Yak-9K, Dicker Max,
    P-50/55…coincidentally, those vehicles are usually really good in game.

  221. Take out the 105sherman and pbj-1h with the 75mm

  222. SU100Y
    IL10 (1946)
    Boom Crew

  223. War in reverse! Archer and Avenger Mk.1.

  224. wolf king27 (four)

    the mouse and the p-86

  225. also, the default rounds on the duck have 28.9 grams of tnt, so that helps.

    also, little big – big dick. look it up.

  226. noobinator Simelane

    3rd time trying Su100 and Tu2S 59

  227. Nashorn and FW 190 F8.

  228. Toby Mallon (Squirrel1Sniper)

    Hey Phly, you should take out the Tempest Mk V (Vickers) and the Avenger.

  229. y do u always ignore ppl when they msg u in war thunder

  230. and I want to c is4 next

  231. Sherman Easy 8
    P-51 mustang
    for Murica!!!

  232. the offensive walrus

    Cromwell V and Blenheimbecause like baron said its maneuverable

  233. kv2 and pe-8…… the big boys

  234. lets go brittish for the queen, tortoise and sea fury!

  235. You need to do b29 vs b17 please

  236. Andrew LaPlante

    WOAH a fat max

  237. IllinoisrippinMX HD

    Sherman please ?

  238. Hey phly after this German game play… please take out the F6F Hellcat,
    and the M10… American destruction… get them Germans

  239. Stug III A and Bf-109 F-2 please

  240. One day you should make a Dicker Max music vid. Another One Bites the Dust
    by Queen would fit the profile.

  241. Phendranaguardian

    So glad I have that monster to look forward to. The Marder tanks that
    preceded it are just useless hunks of junk. I’ve literally given up on
    using them and will even take the AA half-track truck over the Marder when
    those are the only two options remaining. The 1st tier 2 Marder is
    literally just a shitier, more vulnerable STuG. After 15 deaths with it and
    only 2 kills I was just done.

    Worst vehicle in the entire German tree.

  242. kv-1 tank plz

  243. ShadowSniper93456

    German Churchill and German tempest. show those Brits how to use their

  244. The charioteer and the spit mk 24. Idk what this is but I like to see these
    cool combos and I don’t think u drove out the charioteer

  245. play the t32 and the AD2

  246. M22 Locust and M2 Peashooter with bombs

  247. Edmunds demonds

    “He’s probably allot slower than me”
    Said no duck poilet ever

  248. Helldiver and hellcat pls.

  249. TheKubsonYT| Gameplays, No Copyright Music & Tech| Road to 1K :D

    Hey guys, first, great video Phly!, you win my like xD, second, i only
    comment this video because i hope to grow in youtube, well, i invite you to
    view, if you like, my latest video, it is of the 1.59 version of War
    Thunder, i hope you enjoy it, Cya!, sorry for the ninja spam, and my bad
    english, i talk and write spanish, but i know a little bit of english,
    great videos Phly…

  250. what a dick

  251. Daniel O'Shaughnessy

    Could you do the japdpather

  252. IS 4

  253. Ephraim Shalunov

    Black Prince and the Lancaster B Mk.III, for king and country men!

  254. zis 30 + il2

  255. Randycorn Corny

    Awwwwww m8, 105’s again!! Drive the M4 105 sherman and the F6F hellcat with
    Tiny tims. Yeah boi!!

  256. Perfect dick position

  257. Phly. I have a challenge for you take the P51 Mustang in a jet battle and
    F-6-F-3 Hellcat

  258. I like playing with m22 locust on this rank.

  259. Cromwell and Spitfire. God save the queen!

  260. do the Matilda heavy tank and the a British bomber you choose

  261. TheFirst&LastGam3r

    Every single warthunder air battle : RAMMING! BS TRICKSHOTS!

  262. russian navy bias pt-76 and the pby5-A. (must get one kill from the water)

  263. Tiger and the me109

  264. T92 and AD-2 plz

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