DICKER MAX (War Thunder 1.57)

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Source: BaronVonGamez

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  1. nice vid and i was first comment :)

  2. first

  3. The fat max

  4. No Sturer emil? :'(

  5. Eeee weeeee

  6. What other tanks do you guys wanna see in patch 1.57? or what tanks does
    1.57 NEED..

  7. Lets make a joke…

    Russian vehicles

  8. Hey Baron, I had a rough day, could you please tell me ”everything’s gonna
    be okay” please? :(

  9. Wait…. Baron isn’t German? Shoot. You had me fooled xD

  10. 105mm gun?

  11. -15 depression Kreygasm


  13. the animatior,the thierioest and the fact teller

    If I was a developer for this game I would add these tanks hope you enjoy
    reading 🙂 anyway let’s move on:
    1.the hetzer with the flame thrower also known as the flam panzer.
    2.The Japanese tanks.
    3.The French tanks.
    4.The big tog 2.
    5.matillda 1.
    And of course the Sherman spaa.
    That’s all I could think I’ll do some more tanks in the next vid.

  14. Songname ? darude sandstorm

  15. 0:11 to 0:22 best part for me xD

  16. i love all the new german tanks <3

  17. at a rank 3. should be the most 5.7. 3 crew member easy killed.

  18. whats the song?

  19. Damn i so hoped for a Puma or a Greyhound

  20. Nashorn’s brother

  21. Dicker Max means Fat Max in german.

  22. Player-driven SPGs? Still sounds terrible. Unless War Thunder really goes
    for realism and makes the full-sized aircraft maps combined arms. As in,
    hundreds of square kilometers in one match. Then you could have tanks
    practicing real maneuver warfare, maybe throw in logistics (refueling, ammo
    resupply) and player-driven SPGs would be able to be what SPGs are supposed
    to be: mobile artillery that can keep up with the mechanized front line
    forces to provide support. Instead of what they are in World of Tanks,
    which is just an annoying super-derp that f***s over everyone unlucky
    enough to be pooped on by them.

  23. PzKpfw VI Tiger ausf. H1

    Big dick (selbstfahrlafette 12.8 cm “Sturer Emil”) confirmed! Right? Right?

  24. AlterBridgeSaint

    Russians will learn to fear the Dick…

  25. We still need the following
    P-47 Razorback models
    F3D-2 Skyknight
    F9F-8 Cougar
    Now Tanks


  27. Next up: Cunter Helga.

  28. mowm

  29. the animatior,the thierioest and the fact teller

    Did anyone notice that this tank looks like the panzer 2 h!?

  30. Marc Schnierstein


  31. hey its the brother of the nashhorn

  32. I can make you German, Baron.

  33. 0:15 nice italian accent :D

  34. I killed a Maus with my Sherman 105mm using HEF yesterday. One shot.

  35. I Don't Understand Math

    105mm big gun no wonder its called DICKER MAX ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  36. Hey Baron have you seen anything about Chieftain? It’s already in the
    teaser video

  37. The “Mad Max” tank!

  38. Joke

    Dicker max

  39. The Allies are gonna get a good Dickin!

  40. Made against the Maginot line in 1941? Whaaat?

  41. this must be the only tank in game that has more depression than elevation

  42. Sweet!

  43. men of war monday barron dont forget its secert weapon time

  44. gepanzerte selbstfahrlafette

  45. The “e” in the end of selbstfahrlafette isn’t silent, you actually
    pronounce it like the “e” in elephant

  46. i think it’s a good vehicle only if it has a good reverse speed that could
    be useful on the top of a hill

  47. music?

  48. Sturer Emil had a 128 mm main gun not a 105mm they are two different tank

  49. I’m gonna put my Dicker Max in places a Dicker Max has never been before

  50. There are so many damn vehicles in this update

  51. Baron im german and my vater is english can I please help you somehow help
    you wit your german pronunciation

  52. Hey look a non soviet derp

  53. the m68 patton

  54. This game on higher tiers is not even close to be balanced 🙁 (russian

  55. I will giev et ze neem Dickerchen! JA! Zat is a wunderbar neem!

    In english:
    I will give it the name Dickerchen! Yes! That is a wonderful name!

    Dickerchen means like chubby-man or wide-ie

  56. tiger h1 and bf 109 f4

  57. what’s the song playing in the background?

  58. Nice tank

  59. selbst fahr lafette is german for self propelling carriage

  60. your pronunciation of Selbstfahrlafette was actually pretty good

  61. The German-esque stuff was pure cringe. Still pretty funny thought :D

  62. Just give us 1.57 pllllllleeeeeaaaase ??

  63. baron baron, what’s the song?

  64. “Everything in WoT is pretty balanced” Ahahahahahahaha :’D

  65. Gaijin gib Emil.

  66. gutes deutsch

    Hut ab

  67. I can show you, meinen Dicken Max ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)……

    I´m sorry..

  68. What is the background music

  69. Christoph Radermacher

    Bunker buster is called “Bunker Brecher” or “Bunker Zerstörer”. ?

  70. the speech was very good but the A is not german A enough 😀
    A little bit training and it’ll be better ^^

  71. What song is in the background :)

  72. you know it. TOG!

  73. TheClassicGamer -

    I would love to see the Sherman AA tank :D

  74. The song in the background is very bleak

  75. Guilherme Perrone

    Seriously Baron, War Thunder needs to stop this bitching about some
    supposed “historic accuracy” and embrace fantasy a little bit more. I’m not
    telling them to invent new vehicles, but to explore better what was
    actually documented. There is a serious lack of Axis jets (japanese have 3
    only and germans have 4 identical planes and 2 foreign planes). And then
    when you take a look, there are plenty of prototypes to go around in order
    to increase that line-up. Same with tanks. Where is the Pz VII Lowe? How
    about the E-100? Why can’t they put a E-100 with an better armored Tiger II
    turret? Have you seen how sweet it looks with that? And how about the
    independent Italian tree that everyone talks about in the forums? If you
    search it, there are more than enough planes to make a whole tree. Gaijin
    wants to make money but at the same time, it feels like they don’t want to.
    It’s time for them to abandon this illusion of historic accuracy and start
    bringing some prototypes to life!

  76. Lets make a joke…

    Russian bias

  77. The Sturer Emil / Panzerselbstfahrlafette V (Pz.Sfl.V) was built on the VK
    30.01(Henschel), not on the Pz.Kpfw. IV and was also using a 128mm gun,
    with the same purpose. They do look very similar though.

  78. So this vehicle is developed in 1941 to counter a threat the Germans
    bypassed in May 1940?

    Also they put a low velocity artillery piece on a vehicle and suddenly its
    a Tank Destroyer? Self Propelled Artillery maybe, maybe even an Assualt Gun
    (although the frontal armour is poor), but a Tank Destroyer?

    Up there with that other “realistic” game. :)

  79. who know penetration of this thing?

  80. Dicker Max- My Dick To The Max

  81. … the girls singing in the background are kinda addictive … what *is*
    Oh and btw, *great* job with pronouncing the “Nas horn”.

  82. Brannan Darmawi-Iskandar

    what is the song playing?

  83. Dicker Max sounds like condom’s name

  84. Baron please find a different song for these vids, sorry just pointing it

  85. Shrek The Psychotherapist

    Shrek is love, Shrek is life

  86. what’s the name of the song in the background?

  87. Stop saying ” that’s for another day..” Instead get around to making that

  88. what is the song playing in the back ground

  89. haha they actually did it

  90. you forgot vacuum cleaner :^)

  91. I have an idea for the title of your first video with this tank. Give them
    the D!

  92. E 75… that’s all I ask! someone put the E 75 in already!and E 50

  93. baron plz do more h&g
    we need help to destroy ze german

  94. What’s song??

  95. Dicker max Sounds like a condom Name hahahahahaha wo wants a dicken MAX?

  96. I don’t think player arty should be added to war thunder as it is a massive
    topic for fixing that war gaming are having to deal with due to it being
    massively unbalanced

  97. How do you guys feel about the adding of SPG’s like the Brumbar or
    Sturmtiger? Give Germany some DERP amirite??

  98. Thumbs up for the (nearly) perfect pronunciation.!!!! PS: I am german and
    it was really good :)

  99. Since they’re adding the Nashorn and Dicker Max I’m curious if they will
    add the Pz Sfl. V “Sturer Emil” which was actually built and more or less
    is a Dicker Max on steroids.

  100. Ronald Jongeling

    HI Baron, Sturer Emil and Dicker Max, were two different vehicles… Not
    only different namens for the same vehicle. Max had a 10.5 and Emil had the

  101. DEZiiRE_GH0sTy Lee

    i dont care for the dickermax!! i want the E50M AND E75!!!

  102. Evan Graham (Evan Arkadia)

    They should throw in a couple more Japanese aircraft, like the D4Y Suisei
    for example

  103. Baron I have that arty document for you I just need a safe way to send it
    to you?

  104. I’m officially fucked in war thunder now

  105. You mean 1940. The maginot line was already taken by the wermarcht in June

  106. italian tree and japanese tanks and french tree

  107. every time I see the graphics for the thumbnail I get excited for a war
    thunder video. then I see this shit.

  108. Don’t use WoT and balance in the same sentence. Don’t be silly.

  109. you pronounce fahrend more like the fare in welfare +end fare end. and the
    sturer emil (stubborn emil) is a completely different vehicle with 12,8 cm
    l/61 gun!!!!! i hope they this one too!

  110. Do you think the Rheimetall borsig waffentrager Panzer 4 well come to

  111. Baro baron…bunkerbuster is called bunkerbrecher :D

  112. When are we gonna get the sturer Emil

  113. Thepowerfulkiller

    Next chieftain,or something new.

  114. I think will be tier 3

  115. we need the German version of the SU100Y a.k.a the sturer emil

  116. Imagine if this had APCR

  117. Allied in for a deep dickin’ !

  118. WT should add the VK 300.1 H that was in WOT before they made it a heavy
    tank, it was such an underdog.

  119. Omfg RIP Laptop’s GB

  120. Yes… Another tank I can take out from above with a fighter plane haha

  121. mini ferdinand

  122. I cant believe you use the words “historic accuracy” when describing this

  123. SirPetterTheFirst

    HISTORICAL ACCURACY MY FUCKING ASS, Russians Had More Tanks then German and
    had problem Fighting back, Yet We(Russian tank users) Have to play with the
    same number of player as the other team. Then people wonder WHy the fuck We
    Spam IS-2, We cant Pen Frontal German tanks, US tanks have so shit armor
    the shells go right true with out damaging the crew and we, get pen from
    all sides straight into the crew then trough the ammo and then the fuel

  124. A longer barreled 105mm really isn’t derpy.

  125. Tinnapob AE. Thammapirom

    Someone will get dicken by Max :)))))

  126. You know when a SPG is powerful when it was used as a Bunker Buster

  127. My baby!!!

  128. It also has a ‘-‘ face.

  129. can’t wait for the Sturm panzer 1

  130. The Max Dicker

  131. AlOhAPvP HawaiiBoiz

    Can anyone find the face

  132. can anyone give me the songs name

  133. dont call me fat i know i am fat but come on ?

  134. that would be epic

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