Did I Play the Crom Well? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (War Thunder)

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Source: BaronVonGamez

War Thunder Cromwell Mk V ACE in Realistic Battles
War Thunder Gameplay 1.55 – Did I Play Crom Well? 😀

Thanks for watching!


  1. nice title

  2. nice man

  3. Did I Play the Crom Well? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    What tank should I play next????

  4. I love you make my day Barron

  5. Well placed Lennyface Baron.

  6. 4th and good video

  7. Roope00 - (The Tweeter)

    Wait, you actually killed a T-34?!

  8. Hasis Montes Limon

    Play te Caenarvon for the Kingdom!!!! plzzz :D

  9. Tyler Brooke-Thomas


    Hey baron <3

  10. really nice title can you play panther,f

  11. Justnyan Andsmile

    I shall give you a like

  12. Joaquin Hernandez

    ive actually been playing starwars empire at war latey and man the
    nostalgia is real with that game

  13. Darjeeling of St. Gloriana

    Could you play the Cromwell I and compare it to the V, cause you’d think
    the Cromwell I would be before the Cromwell V?

  14. Please play the P100 MAUS next!!!

  15. you did play crom well

  16. Florenzo Floorenzo


  17. i hate it when the ammo pens your tank and the ammo bounce in tge tank and
    kill your crew

  18. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I see

  19. Mark Kennedy (MrMark123w)

    Baron tell slick to look at my comment on his first blog and great vid m8

  20. Its Just You Gamer

    You should use the COMET I with the SABOT rounds 🙂 its very good against
    all tanks

  21. u played the crom very well haha get it? ok im leaving

  22. play the challenger!!

  23. When you thought the Sherman’s had a terrible reverse top speed

  24. play the Caernavon thingy it is kinda powerful(op)

  25. nathan Ordenana (Nathanwardog)

    Pls play the conqueror

  26. Omfg that friggin tsrgetad is playing over and over again. Baron your vid
    wont start

  27. just got out of a game on Finland in a Cromwell. I died within 30 seconds
    because I was team killed by a 3 inch gun carrier because I scraped him.
    some people are just dicks I guess.

  28. liked cuz of the title

  29. this title gained you 10 dank meme points!

  30. The Centurion mk 10!!!!!! Do it for Britian!!!

  31. dudes my theory is this, its han’s and leia’s daughter. thats why ren wants
    her so much he feels the connection. she was hidden by luke on the desert
    planet. so far alot of the script has been taken from old star wars books
    where leia and han had twins named jacen and jaina which change a letter
    and its rayna lol and rens name , well ben was lukes sons name in the books
    and old star wars. and leia and han’s oldest son jacen turned to the dark
    side. and jaina had to kill him to restore balance. see the plot adding up
    here. i think disney just took old stories from lucasfilm star wars books
    and stories and mashing them all together into a new trilogy. so far ive
    seen shadows of 5 different storylines from the past in this movie

  32. Baron I know you want to see infantry in war thunder. What if they
    implemented it sort of like a MOBA genre game (think league of legends,
    warzone in halo 5, or Titanfall)? I think it’d be pretty sick if the
    infantry were AI’s you could just mow down with a coax or they would
    progress to take your bases. You think there’s potential in that??? P.s. I
    love your videos :D

  33. Daisy Ridley is british tho so she was speaking normally

  34. Shion Kaito Version 5.8 (Canadian Variant)

    play the Archer! back up the booty!

  35. Lorenzo Avantaggiato

    cann you give me golden eagles

  36. Lorenzo Avantaggiato

    or cann you Show you hack

  37. Georgeow Terminted_tank

    don’t watch rebels it sux

  38. The doom turtle

  39. Valentine mk 1 is indestructible have everywhere 120mm* and is tier I

  40. Szabolcs Csizmadia

    Horse cock.

  41. Brannan Darmawi-Iskandar

    yay flat british armor. More apcr to the face.

  42. play the tortoise plz

  43. Oh my good lord I’m in one of barons videos

  44. Centurion mk 10!! Do it for us Brits :D

  45. tiger 1 please

  46. Wow one dislike

  47. they guy you hit in the ammo rack could of had less ammo in the beginning..
    that’s just my guess

  48. Play the centurion!

  49. How do you use the secondary machines gun?

  50. how do you know you have enough points to respawn.

  51. The Box Tank/The 3 ich Gun Carrier next pls

  52. Still has better armor than the Panzer 4

  53. play the KV-2 baron plz

  54. cromwell is so good i luv it

  55. yes, you played well. Very good situational awareness. Comet!!!!!!!:)

  56. if you say Panzer I hear every time Panther… this is anoying. q.q

  57. Tiger 1 and panther

  58. TheClassicGamer -

    Obi wan canobi is Scottish

  59. Baron play next the Hanomag-Henschel jPz 4-5

  60. Hey Baron, could you fly the F8F-1B Bearcat?

  61. Try rainbow 6 siege with royal.

  62. play the sherman

  63. Oh you. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  64. awsome

  65. Can you play the t 92 for me you called me bae on stream

  66. spaa any

  67. tiger h1

  68. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Crom ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Well? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  69. Premium jagpanthee

  70. ( ͡°╭͜ʖ╮͡° )

  71. Tiger please

  72. Tiger please

  73. Slickbee is like “Watch me whip, watch me nae nae, watch me shoot, shoot,
    the enemy team”

    All I’m thinking at that point is the ‘Shut the fuck up Carl!!’ meme

  74. Play the TITS McGee tank next..its British..so basically ANY British tank

  75. I’m almost sure you need to fire HE on buildings for it to work, so yeah.
    But it’s not an exact sciences what i can tell.

  76. You’ll probably like Armada a lot too – bit slower paced, capital ship
    version of Xwing…

  77. So, a Tie Interceptor pilot from the 181st is named ‘The Baron’. That has
    got to be Baron Soontir Fel. I thought those guys were cut out, but then
    again, the 181st is in so I guess it would make sense to add Baron Fel to
    it’s roster.

  78. Don’t forget that Star Wars: Rebels isn’t canon

  79. Matilda please Barron

  80. Heard Obiwan’s gonna get his own starwars movie :D

  81. Clone Wars = Best Star Wars

  82. I believe the TIE Pilot you are talking about is Soontir Fel…aka Baron
    Soontir Fel. He has a 9 Pilot and flies a TIE Interceptor. With him, every
    time you get a Stress Token you get a Focus Token. The Interceptor has a 3
    attack, 4 at range band 1 but is very fragile. Interceptors are incredibly
    maneuverable though…they can do a barrel roll or boost actions. He also
    has the ability to take an Elite Pilot Card.Push the Limit: Once per round,
    after you perform an action, you may perform 1 free action shown in your
    action bar. Then receive 1 stress token.This is a great card for Soontir
    Fel, since a TIE Interceptor only has 2 red maneuvers which are both K
    turns. Stealth Device (Modification): Gives you 1 additional agility UNTIL
    you are hit then you discard it. Costs 3 points but nets you 4 Agility at
    range bands 1 and 2…5 Agility at range 3.Royal Guard TIE (Title): You may
    equip up to 2 different Modification upgrade (instead of 1). You cannot
    equip this card if your pilot skill value is “4” or lower. 0 point cost. It
    is a TIE Interceptor Only Title Card.Targeting Computer (Modification):
    Your action bar gains the Target action icon.Get to range 1 with a Focus
    and a Target Lock and 5 attack dice (remember +1 attack at range band 1).
    Sure it costs you 35 points but it has the potential to do serious damage.

  83. I love the title.

  84. the Porsche tiger

  85. You should play the Cromwell 1, it has an AMAZING cannon with a great

  86. Dick move Baron. Star Wars spoilers warning would’ve been nice.

  87. Has to be HE to damage buildings

  88. geez.. british must love making boxes tanks

  89. hey baron how come no more fall out 4

  90. please make more fo4 videos .

  91. Centurion mk 3

  92. Baron! play the comet next please!!!!

  93. Andrew Wagenknecht

    Comet, plez.

  94. came up a little flat, want to see matilda

  95. Baron dude! At 2:40 you shot and killed the turret crew. then shot again
    dude! they already dead haha aim for the body or driver! Awesome vids btw
    keep it up!!

  96. hello I from chile leopard

  97. play the comment next

  98. I hate British tanks and gaijin for letting wallet warriors have this OP

  99. 3 inch gun carrier please

  100. T44 next

  101. Play Cromwell aa plz I will be happy wif you

  102. For the next tank take out the Comet with the Tea-Tipped SABOTS!

  103. can you do the German Churchill tank pls

  104. Play the hetzer plz!

  105. how tf u no ob1 kronovi

  106. pls play the T92 Murican light tank

  107. Rey would have to be much older in order to be Obi-Wan’s daughter. He was
    an old man 20 years before the force awakens. She was born after Obi-Wan’s

  108. Oh my god, I forgot the star-wars rap…

  109. Here’s how the ammorack kill works: any shell with explosive filler blows
    up ammo racks, but solid as is a metal hunk, so it doesn’t do anything

  110. Valentine mk1

  111. didnt know the russians was on the german sides lol. If this is a realistic
    battle then it aint that realistic lol

  112. record some Xwing footage!!!

  113. M4a3 Sherman 

  114. the t1 stug, the first stug you can unluck

  115. AC IV Thunderbolt AUSSSSIIEEEEEE!!!!!!!

  116. your favorite tank and the fairy swordfish in tank realistic battles

  117. Stevenkent Kaswandi


  118. great gameplay, bra!

  119. ewen McGregor play obi one

  120. ewen McGregor play obi one

  121. Play the tortoise!! No one is using the beast :(

  122. Sherman Firefly

  123. Churchill gun carrier plz :)

  124. Ze charioteer

  125. craftfaster2 and CookieCracker

    hahahahahaahahahahahah that pun on the video title
    ahhahahahahaahahahahahahahahahaha…..ehhhhh…yeah its that bad 🙂


  126. tiger 1 hype!!!!5!!!

  127. or the m22locust

  128. How you can turn the camera whidowt turning the gun?

  129. Can you explain how to kill the Tortoise, Caernarvon and T-10M with Tiger
    II (H or P) and Panther I ? Thx Baron !

  130. Baron is best waifu.

  131. Obi-Wan Cromwelly

  132. M4 sherman PLZ

  133. Tiger 2 Level 5 Pls Pls Pls pls
    Pls Pls Pls Pls pls
    Tank tiger2 vz churchil gc pls

  134. Now drive tiger or oven!!!!!!!

  135. how come you have the enitre british tech tree available,i only have upto
    the cromwell v

  136. Hijack Maniac (CowMan)

    Obi-Wan was Sco´ish Baron :P

  137. When you hit an ammo rack and it doesn’t blow, I think it’s because that
    one is empty.

    You hit the one on the other side and it lit up like christmas.

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