Did WG Do WHAT They Promised in World of Tanks in 2019? | New Tanks, Features, Events

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World of Tanks in 2019 – New Tanks, Features, Maps, New Premium Ammo, Matchmaker and More.

Official article about 2019 in World of Tanks: https://.eu/en/news/general-news/things--come-2019/

Today I am going take a at one article what WG released at the end of 2018, saying what they are going to do in 2019.

Let’s see what they have done and which things are still in the -do list. New tanks, maps, vehicle rebalancing and a lot more!

What do you think? Have they done a good job so far in 2019?



  1. Quite a few things have happened in 2019, what do you like the most, what do you hate the most?

    • Ooo I forgot my true biggest disappointment is British light tanks

    • They made Type 5 Heavy from OP to complete shit. It is unplayable if you don’t use premium rounds on 140mm gun. Aside from that matchmaker has improved a little. Also I get the feeling that the number of bots in the game is increasing which completely ruins the fun. I haven’t played wot for 2 months now and I don’t regret it.

    • Bro, maybe I didn’t pay attention, but you forgot about new wheeled vehicles (2018’s promise, but was released in 2019)
      I didn’t like the changes about premium ammo, I preferred the inicial project, decreasing premium alpha damage (I participated 1st Sandbox ammo rebalancing, increased standard alpha damage and HP, but a lot of players still spamming gold. My thoughts… not solved the problem ?)

    • Big DaDDy DEZ , Hmm, like the most is the twins, they looks just like the VICTORY GIRLS
      (the like the least, hmm, wood be mi X ) , ; b

    • I liked the Halloween event , and I hate the nerfing of Obj.430…

  2. what about 121??? that poor thing is killed by powercreep for sooooo long…

  3. Dez, I think you can check the topic sixth sense for everybody too. Even in the case the conception is different than the expected one, they made those crew books, where you can get it. If that is not enough, you can buy sixth sense perk for bonds (as I can remember this was also released this year). The big misses are the gold ammo rework, an the buff of IS4, and E100…. So I think on this list… They did a pretty good job, but still… I still do not feel the impression to play this game so much. Mm is still terrible, you can see the many 15-2s. And in my opinion it is manipulated, but I do not want to get in to this topic now. The other issue is the 25% RNG rate. If they could fix this 2 issue, maybe…

  4. Things I love: Buffing some of the underpowered tanks (Leopard 1, STB-1 with hydro-numatic system, Swedish heavy line, etc.)

    Things I hate: (British light tanks, partially French wheeled tanks, 279 (e), and sandbox rework on HE rounds

  5. Simple fix for all the goldspammers. Just lower the alpha damage by 60 on 90mm, 120 on 120,122 and 130mm. And 250 on the tier X TD’s lol

  6. i know..they think they r making the game better but keep pandering to the retards..so really just making the game worse.

  7. The new MT siege mode just delete the purpose of STRV line. 2s siege mode switch time? Became a joke.

  8. Each nation needs 1 premium arty.

  9. Am I the only one who hears that we can “jack off” from the list? 😀 Dez, Dez, Dez… I LOVE your english! 😀

  10. They still haven’t fixed the Ebrs and objects and still haven’t made it where you can hide stats. I’m NOT happy

  11. A lot of changes and new features were good, but some of same old gripes still exist.

    With APCR they should just change cost of the premium rounds. Reduce price so that they only cost 2-3 times regular rounds that the gun uses. Problem solved

    MM should justbe mad so that it is like World of Warplanes which has far fewer players. It works! Or so it did up until last time I played it a month or two ago

    Lastly, stop introducing so many new tanks all the time, and having them be so OP almost every time. AND nerf the wheelies, PLEASE

    Small personal gripe – premium account works well, but vault thing is just plain silly and should be rid of.

  12. new tanks video, not just premium tanks, and knock on changes would be good

  13. Console gets +1/-1 matchmaking as an event and let me tell you it’s AMAZING it feels so good to have.

  14. And we didnt get a halloween event but warships did

  15. that poor E 100 needs reworking 🙁

  16. To do list for WG
    1.nerf Obj 279(e) and wheeled mosquitos.
    3.buff E 100, IS-4 , panther 8-8 tiger II, KV 3
    4. Max. 2 SPG(arty) for each team
    5. Limit premium ammo for %25 of total ammunition capacity.
    6.reduce premium ammo damage as planned
    7. Add Japanese TD line that exist instead of double barrel fantasy tanks.
    8. Make more enjoyable maps like raining, thunder or nighttime
    9. More customization 3D objects on tanks for example bags, logs, camo bushes etc.

  17. Maybe I didn’t pay attention, but you forgot about new wheeled vehicles (2018’s promise, but was released in 2019)
    I didn’t like the changes about premium ammo, I preferred the inicial project, decreasing gold alpha damage (I participated 1st Sandbox ammo rebalancing, increased standard alpha damage and HP, but a lot of players still spamming gold. My thoughts… not solved the problem ?)
    Well, my opinion 🙂

  18. Nerfing premium ammo means you nerf the shells some cannons can use, and premium vehicles one way or another use the same cannons than the regular vehicles, so you are not nerfing specifically ammo “in a premium vehicle” but existing ammo available for everyone, that premium vehicles may or may not use. To balance it, they only need to lower 10% APCR damage and 10% HEAT penetration.

  19. Wg console are testing plus one minus one so it may come to pc you never know I guess

  20. Also they should make machine guns and secondary guns working.

  21. So i’m not fully updated to world of tanks so can someone answer my 2 questions please:
    1- Did WG released Kraftwerk?
    2- Is Nebelburg still in the game?
    Thanks in advance

  22. WG (ekeeboo) said they will buff E 100 after ammo rebalancing…

  23. Reducing the relative damage of Gold rounds, no matter how it’s done (ie. increase HP and leave Gold round damage the same), is not going to solve the problem of Gold spam. It’ll just mean more Gold rounds will be shot and WG will get more money. The problem with Gold rounds is that they are NEEDED to deal with many tanks of greater tier as they are no or only very small weak spots. Making standard rounds damage more won’t help when they can’t pen. And that doesn’t address the aim circle nerf of many years ago, where the probability was changed from peaking in the centre to being even across the whole circle. And who asked for fucking with HE ?!?

  24. While the premium tank video might be fun, it really is a large part of what is wrong with the game. It has become more pay to win over time and some of the effort spent developing these premium tanks could have been spent buffing some of the older tanks in the game.

  25. buff the penetration of standard i’ll die a happy happy man

  26. Dez, you’re close to figuring it out, the premium ammo nerf isnt happening because of the premium tanks. They “balance” premium vehicles often by giving their standard rounds “balanced” pen, and then they solve that by giving the premium rounds the pen needed to be useful, and then its OP.

  27. think they rly did a great job, not everything but some of the cool stuffs…however yu didnt mentoid ,,wheels” as a new mechanics and auto-reloaders as well..still i doesnt like everything that hapend, but hope they will keep providing us with more of the great things in 2020..! 😀

  28. HE rebalancing is a joke, something they should do for April fools and that’s it
    They haven’t buffed any HP that I have seen, nore have they touched AP penetration (Still spamming HEAT in my T-54 trying to pen tier 10s 😛 )
    Frontline returned but the majority of the weeks that it was active I was at work, so I barely got past Prestige 3. They should do it for 2 weeks every month next year if they decide to keep it, and make it easier to grind because, unlike teenagers in their parent’s basements not all of us can sink 24 hours a day or 40 hours a week to get prestige done.

  29. When are they gonna give some love to ma baby tiger2 ?? it’s been forever wg pls

  30. Don’t you see that nerving the premium ammo damage would only result in people firing EVEN MORE premium ammunition? Because you need more shots to kill the crazy well armored Russian and super heavy tanks in today’s game. I have to give credit to WG for not doing that. They should just leave that topic alone in spite of the usual crybabies who clamor for change that everyone else is going to regret. In the end they will fuck up my KV-2 because of this nonsense.

  31. Historically in WWII, the Soviets gave their tanks 6 premium rounds, because that’s all they had to give them. They told their KV-1 tanks to travel in pairs, & if the encountered a Tiger II, to both aim for the Tiger’s center upper plate. Because Germany could not get all the alloys, near the end of the war, to make strong steel, being hit by two KV-1shells would crack the Tiger’s upper plate. Tiger II drivers were told, if the saw two KV-1 tanks, to avoid them. Any tank that was penetrated once, in most cases, was left to rot. Germans were instructed to blow their own tanks up, to avoid capture, & enemy gain tech knowledge.

  32. Listen….their business model has changed some years ago. The income doesn’t rely on free to play gamers…..that means they don’t give a fuck about what we think……they will implement AI to replace players who are leaving the game. They are just trying to cash in as much as possible from the remaining addicts of the game.
    I regret the money I payed to a game that fucked me over and over…… have you ever heard ” you don’t change the rules in the middle of the game” WG ? I would like a refund to the all my tanks I bought because you changed The rules and tricked me into buying a tank for a game that you changed the way it works….

  33. They can’t make +1 MM because some premium tanks have preferential MM, so if they do that all the tier 7 would only meet tier 8, but for E25 it’s already the case.

  34. Can’t wait for them to do cross platform. I’m on Xbox and we are dying.

  35. i wanted only 3 things, prem ammo, e-100, IS-4 rebalance…. sadly none of them are changed. Well yeah they are trying to do something with the prem ammo, but to be honest they can not do significant changes without losing money and i think that is the reason why they dont make these stepps. Weaker prem ammo means harder game which means less fun for the big part of the players. They lost a lot of players in the past few years and they don not want to lose all of them.

  36. Michael Teitelbaum

    Hey Dez,

    As a quick FYI, WG says that they are holding off on buffing the IS-4 and the E-100 until after the ammo rebalance is finished. They want to see how those tanks hold up with the new ammo before they buff or change them.

  37. Premium ammo is still spammed, i swear some players even load 100 %. Buffing HP was not an answer -limiting premium far better
    MM is not fixed – 20k battles with 46% wr, 200 battles with Scorpion G, etc. – assess the teams selected, disperse the noobs evenly according to stats per vehicle.
    No platoons of same vehicles… 3 top tier defenders, Progetto 46 it is nuts
    Front line mode is still a grind, boring/repetitive – its why fortnite looses players, same old theatre of war

    RNG, why use premium to miss weak spot, to miss completely… fix this as its completely nuts

  38. and here comes IS-4, E-100 and E5 buffs

  39. Main point of interest from wg, is are more russian premiums, special tanks needed to keep sales up?
    The rest is just like voting for a Prime minister… fake manifesto

  40. Whenever WG does smth the players wanted, there is ALWAYS a catch that makes that change irrelevant.
    Gold ammo changes… Gold spam will, as a result of this, increase. The solution was: nerf alpha dmg by, say, 10% and limit max gold ammo carrying ability to, say, 20-25% of total ammo load. “Premium vehicles bought for gold ammo” is not a valid argument cos it is easier to buff a couple of vehicles than make this massive change. Plus, HE change will make quite a few tanks unplayable.
    “Tanks will not be easily killed with gold”… That means more gold will be fired! Now you have no other option but gold, especially after HE nerf, when you are 2 tiers down (which still happens quite a lot)!
    So glad I quit playing this p2w garbage and uninstalled. Still like to see a replay or two, but overall… Not worth the trouble of playing this game unless you’re a masochist.

  41. +1/-1, skill based mm, 6th sense for all, tech tree only ranked, increased income, gold ammo nerf, more maps, rebalancing old maps / tanks. This is what I want to see in the near future.

  42. WG have solutions for 2020:

    A new premium

  43. that is stupid! The whole point of premium is that premium is made to be stupid mode where you can easily penetrate a tank and do damage. If you have more damage but you can’t penetrate, you have zero dmg. This is kind of working backwards in a sense. Gold ammo still broken, even with standard buff. It mitigates armor and can sometimes do more damage+pen anyways, i.e. HESH, HEAT, etc.

  44. I know it’s a lot to ask but how you ranked the tier 10 tanks, can you do something like that going down the tiers?
    But Prem Acct is already profitable, any more and they will spam 100% gold rather than 80% gold ammo lol

  45. Omg i thought premium tanks is for the more credits or crew training….

  46. Left the game, glad I did and don’t see a dam thing worth comming back for.

  47. 1 Rebalancing ammo was not needed.
    2 Rebalancing mm is still needed. they improved it a bit then they ruined it again. and it’s even worse now. Not only platoons are still punnished to be bottom tier, a decent player is also punished to be bottom tier most of the time. it’s like 33% agaisnt 2 tiers higher. 33% agaisnt 1 tier higher and 33% same tier which is not top tier. that leaves 1% of matches as top tier and or mid tier. even as top tier can be usually against 1 tier lower and you get the shit team. and say no to -1/+1mm that is worst idea. you will only get to be fighting +1 tiers 66% of the time. and +1 mm makes special mm premium tanks obsolete.
    3 Frontline started to become just as frustrating as normal battles. wasting too much time to be in the losing team is not worth it. and it really sucked to be on defense.
    4 Vehicle rebalancing. oh boi. that is worst rebalanced ever. They completely changed the tanks and the only thing that got good out of it was leopard 1 and it was because of hidden stats. so NOPE. BAD BAD BAD. Broken tanks. changed them back, and BUFF them don’t change them completely. That’s all we asked for, some freaking BUFFS!
    5 New vehicles. yes just as many new premiums as tech tree. and premium vehicles being better than the tech tree counterparts.
    6 still waiting for double barreled tanks.
    7 ranked battles aka statwhoring battles which nobody asked for. useless.

  48. I suppose they have actually either completed or are working on most if not all the things they set out to do. While it pisses me off they still haven’t fixed the gold spam I appreciate that is the most complicated thing to deal with due to so many tanks being balanced around them one way or another. It certainly hasn’t been the worst year in WG history even though as an old timer it’s starting to feel rather stale. Some new good maps wouldn’t hurt or re-introduction of old reworked maps.

  49. We don’t want these crazy ammo changes….

  50. Wg needs buff : e100 ,is4 ,k91, french tier 10 ht, manticore, rhm Lt, Wz light tier 10, wz tier 10 TD, jg e100, pz VII
    Wg needs nerf: 430u, t95, s.conq, 907,
    Wg needs remove 279, ebr line, total rebalance fv 4005 and 183
    Limited arty 2 or 1 per team, 3 arta is too much, and remove stun, arta will be use anyway with stun or not. Remeber GC short rangle few patch ago? It was still in use. So nerf gc range, bufi 261 at lest pentration on cca 58, and ffs remove autload bc arty gun and some normal, like 55 pen, 950 dmg

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