Did WG MESS Up with This? | World of Tanks 116-F3

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks 116-F3 Gameplay and Tank Review – New Tier 10 Chinese Heavy Tank. New Clan Wars Reward Tank 116-F3 in World of Tanks.

– https://Tanks.gg
– 1st Background replay played by: RagingRaptor
– 2nd Background battle replay played by: DronSquad

Clan Wars are over and it is time to get your rewards. One of the main rewards what players can choose is the new tier 10 reward heavy tank 116-F3… But is it any ? Let's talk about that!

What do you think?


  1. I like it a bit, though it only really works with Apcr

  2. welcome to wg where we still don’t know how to make fun tanks

  3. so does that mean i should cancel my bid and go for the vk 7201k?

  4. rather have a mediocre tank than another giga-broken reward only tank

    • @minimek1 thats my point, i would rather have a mediocre tank like this, than another broken abomination

    • @Pew but this is not a medicore tank, its a joke.

    • Is not mediocre is just dogshit even rino is better and minotauro is just the same shit but with more shells and more armor with less reload time

    • @Gabe id rather have that kind of tank, and it slowly gets buffed, than have an OP abomination that doesnt get nerfed for ages

      il take mediocre over OP any day

  5. So, i guess i did not miss anything. I try to get the 907 next time. Shoutout to the other folk (streamers etc.)

  6. 907 better

  7. I chose VKK over 116 yesterday and I don’t regret my choice a bit. VKK is so much fun slapping everbody for 750dmg with 350 HEAT pen

  8. Def pick 907 if you dont have it

  9. bad or balanced?
    Badly balanced.. not op or broken just badly designed, annoying to play and to play against it

  10. Nice meme, first commercial was about Boosting service for WoT 260/279e missions.

    • at work, where i can not turn off adds, i have had that commercial watching Kellerman making a video about that problem:)

  11. Andrew Bartholomew

    Getting vkk

  12. do you know, what eq raptor used? hardening, vents and aiming device make it pretty ok (as a close range tank) on paper, but…. paper may also be used for some other things, so. but, in any case, at least the armor is not op.

  13. Dez heres what I have to say to you. If the gameplay of this tank looks good to you go for it. But if it seems annoying to play just go for the 907 its such a beautiful tank and if you have enough personal fame points you can get a 3D style for no real reason but you know. Its cool.

  14. i saw this tank in yesterday’s MM , its underperforming !! which is good for the game , the last thing we need is a Chinese chief

  15. WOT – Check out this new tank!
    Me – Wow, anyway, the reason I choice the VK…..

  16. Chieftain was kind of fine with the old HE mechanics, now it should have S.Conq style weakspot

  17. george triantafyllopoulos

    i heared from my clanmates this is worts then t7 dpm . kekw

  18. Just got back to this game after stopped for 1.5 years, just to play my Cent AX. Saw many of this (Asia) but could not feel their presence. But I immediately back off when I see Chieftain, 279e and 907 head on.

  19. Daki was raging yesterday over why can’t wargaming have the same mentality about this tank on the chieftain.

  20. WHAT, Day 1 Ragingraptor?!?! OMG :O :O :O

  21. Dez, big kudos for featuring Raging Raptor, he is my go-to clan-oriented CC. Definitely a good decision to take his opinion.
    I hope to see him as a CC commander in the game sometime soon. Cheers!

  22. It’s certainly better to have a tank like this than another Chieftain, that damn thing just needs nerfing. Really wish WG would just get over themselves and nerf the 279e and Chieftain, it would be a big win for most of the community, improve the quality of the CW meta and improve randoms. Aside the odd tryhard who abuses those tanks I think the vast majority would be happy, we also wouldn’t be having this conversation as the Chieftain wouldn’t be this absurd marker for CW tanks. The rest of the CW line up is decent but not OP, people rave about the 907 but aside the troll side armour the 140 is better these days anyway for randoms and 320 alpha meds in the current meta are hard to play. VK, 907, M60, 121b, T95E6 most of these tanks are decent without being too strong which is where CW tanks should be, decent, a bit different but not OP.

    • Pls no nerf for chief and 279

    • 279 is nowhere near as broken as chief, 279 is a superheavy and only stomps on bots that cant aim for shit

    • @Philosophist lol yes it is, no super heavy goes 40kph for a start and it shits all over randoms because it can push in the open and just drive over ridges, even Chieftain can’t do that, its a hull down tank that needs to work from cover. both need hard nerfs.

    • @tajj7 My 279 doesn’t do that. Besides you can drive on the open with Maus and you will bounce a lot more anyways if that’s your thing. I’m not saying 279 isn’t op but putting 279e and Chief in the same class is a crime. And like I said doing good in 279 requires in most situations for the enemy to be bad while Chief will shit on any tank, doesn’t matter how good they are.

  23. Thought this was going to be the new Chief, but no… Chief is still king. It would have been better as a single shot. Great alpha, but like aiming an arty or FV and driving a T95 TD sloooow. Pick a 907 if you don’t have one, it’s a must-have in CW.

  24. people already crying about one weak point? this is a beast in regards of armour, they r just lazy

  25. take Vk if you have it take 907

  26. VK72 or 907 if you don’t have any reward tanks. After those it’s E6/Carro and last 116.

  27. If you’re dedicated enough and put a lot of hours in, you deserve better tanks.
    No life but a better tank

  28. I am going going for the 116. I am just a big lover of auto-loaders. I can live with the bad stuff, which I think it’s great that it seems to be a well balanced tank. I have been doubting to go for the carro, which everyone says is a really bad tank, but as I am enjoying the new Lion, I guess the 116 would be more different gameplay, and doesn’t seem to be a bad tank, so I am going for that.

  29. Evildarke Evildark

    why every tank need to have hight dpm good gun and so on wg did a great job making it this time

  30. I dont understand this WG strategy. I believe that is general consensus of the game that better players tend to like more agile tanks and slow heavily armored tanks are usually favoured by average public players. Therefore I would assume that WG will put as a CW reward mostly Grille/Leopard-like tanks, which are always balanced with lack of armor and are usually very hard to master. Which is again a challange for good players. So why this formula is not applied, feel free to speculate.

  31. Rather this than another op sheeet

  32. I was picked up to play by a clan and was able to make the auction permit. So I’m trying for the 907

  33. balqie al hafizh

    forza Deez Nutz !!


  35. @Dj h Check channel info and you will find out 😉

  36. _TheGamingTechnician

    Bit fed up of wargaming making gimmick tanks like this with stupid armor with a highly unreliable gun. BALANCE. they really need to look up the definition. 116 F3 would be so much better and more popular if they made the hull armour weaker and buffed the gun. Should have dropped the reload of the clip and dropped the alpha to 490. Made the intra clip 3.5 instead of 5. I’d definitely go for 116 F3 if it has less troll armour and a better gun.

  37. I took the 907 yesterday

  38. Wg needs to change more the rino , this 116 needs less intraclip time and better gun handling ( 5 sec to like 3 sec) because now its a bad minotauro.

  39. As a normal/casual player I’d much rather see them release some useless junk, that can rust away in a collectors garage, than some OP tank, that will mess up the game for everyone else.

  40. You should take 907 but vk is better for randoms

  41. Grinding 2 Weeks for this… FEELSBADMAN.
    Thanks for having me Dez 🙂

  42. Told you to buy obj907 nerd :O

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