Did you angle YOUR FULL UPTIER today? (War Thunder)

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Source: DOLLARplays

Today I'm will be playing with American medium tanks m60, m48a1, m47, and m46. They all are completely stock, and after recent BR changes you get a lot uptiers(with m60)
War Thunder gameplay


Intro: Rue De Jaffa – A.M. Beef

Background: Red Driver – Ben Elson
Two Sides – Martin Klem
SAINT-SAMUEL – The Ballad of Miimé
Hot Stuff – Boogie Wheel

Outro: On the Way Home – Steven Davies

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  1. I hope you guys having a nice weekend 🫡

    Not sure how it was before, but standard m60 right now is not fun to play.

    • @Bomberpilot1940 well, before the changes, i really enjoyed the mk 10 at 7.7, with the vickers mk 1.
      they were not lacking, and they were not overpowered.
      i have the most battles with them, and my k/d with the cent was over 4, and 3 with the vickers.
      now it is around 3 for the cent and 2.5ish for the vickers, because i get nothing but full uptiers against a bunch of things i have no real chance to fight.

    • Stabilisers make a large difference so you should play France 8.7 and experience that

    • If they return apds round to its former glory m60 will become good again.

    • It’s fun watching but doing it is tormenting!

    • Can anyone tell me how DOLLAR managed to unlock new tech without grinding on the old one?

  2. Fun fact: The officer admiring the tank model in the intro, from the 1965 film Battle of the Bulge, the actor fought in the actual Battle of the Bulge on the German side.

  3. you didnt used m60 mbt

  4. I literally love your content

  5. Man that edit at the beginning hits hard

  6. My heros !! 🤩😍🤩

  7. I love what you do so much!! But I miss Tarkov!! (maybe “we” are missing in some viwvers in any case x)

    I hope to have the pleasure of seeing a little montage of which only you have the secret on EFt!!!!!!!!!!! <3

  8. Dollarplays, the only youtuber who shows sportsmanship and doesn’t spawncamp! Big respect

  9. Wait you can still move with a busted track? I didn’t know that :O

  10. “If I would have a Stabilizer”
    Leo 1 players: Me too bud

  11. It’s so weird seeing Dollar play US… Good job mate!

  12. Hey Dollar!

    Amazing video as always, you make my days better when you upload.

    Have you every thought about doing a video on a unique Sherman from every nation?

    With the last update Sweden got one, so you could pick a unique one from each nation (French FL10, USA 76 Jumbo, Israeli M-51, etc.) and go down the nations, as you did with top tiers!

    Love the content, keep up the good work!

  13. oh no, you are WRONG see Gaijin says you only have a 14% chance at an uptier. so your lying. Only the Devs tell the truth.

  14. 3:19 like 2 girls, 1 cup???

  15. 20 Uptier matches, that’s the average experience of a Germany player, Konigtiger lovers can tell xd
    Also, still wondering why the heck they moved poor Leo to 8.0

  16. What a hell was going in the last battles 😂

  17. do m46 tiger plz

  18. amazing video you should play the fv4005 😀

  19. Would get back into War Thunder but I don’t hate myself that much right now.

  20. The joker meme “its gone” killed me. But why did they move the hill?

  21. i believe we used to play these badies with APCR stock, no stabilizer.. maybe thats why..

  22. OMG THAT HAPPENED TO ME TOO, that exact same thing

    i counted, out of 23-24 matches, exactly 2 were downtier, 1 of which is full downtier
    i used the 7.7 lineup germany mainly using the M48, the lack of stabilizer really messes me up, and i cant complain anymore cause its “skill issue”

  23. 0:10 myes “king tiger”

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  25. 80% of battles throw higher. I’ve had enough of this. Why don’t they make a max of 0.7. But unfortunately, the producers of the game listen only to the Russian community. And in addition, they want to have a stick for players with higher skills.

  26. Man, i get into WT and out of WT at times, but when i get back into WT and start watching your content again, i am reminded of how damn good you are at the intro/outro

  27. I loved the Battle of Bugle movie growing up, I understand why they used M47 instead of Tiger II. Kinda sad the movie plot isn’t that accurate to the actual events, but still a fun movie to watch.

  28. What movie is the start from?

  29. Have you seen that War Thunder is also available for mobile?
    Wanna try it?

  30. How do You know that scene? Do You have a clip for everything? Great video!! DOLLAR is número uno!

  31. Man if you get Phly or DEFYN as the air support while Dollar plays ground they’d be unstoppable. Always great to see you post bro keep it up!

  32. I know how this feeling is uptier at this br. Is true pain😂

  33. I’d rather the Uptwir or Down teir spread be more narrow.

  34. Lacking any sort of stabilizer past 8.0 is a monumental drawback – French main can confirm. I’d love a video where you expose this flaw, like making an OG French top tier line up with unstab’ AMX 30s.

  35. Your editing is just 👌

    Excellent video again Dollarplesi

  36. I loved you videos

  37. That first clip made me phisically flinch from the historic innacuracy

  38. kek, try Ho-Ri Production ? Ver nice ! [Edit this comment into the intro of the video ? ver nice yes ?]

  39. Is it only me or does everyone who plays WT get like lame opponents,but only I get the upper buffed ones?Because I can’t fo single hit and DOLLAR finds dozens of players eho just pass by😳i do not say DOLLAR IS A GOOD PLAYES HE IS GREAT,I just ask if it is my destiny to suck at this game😂

  40. Your awesome

  41. Here an idea for next video dollar:

    4 wheeled bangalore action

    Play only all 4 wheeled vehicle in warthunder.. Now go and do it🔥

  42. Lets get some love for the wedges dollar! Jagdpanther, AMX-50 FOCH, CA Lorraine, Strv 103C

  43. You make this game fun to watch and play I actually decided to stop playing WT until I came across your channel. When you shot at that dead tank I laughed so hard because I thought I was the only person that made those mistakes when I did I felt like an idiot. Another thing I really enjoy about your channel is that you show your mistakes it helps me as a player to learn from them and have a good laugh at the same time. All the best….

  44. Think that’s bad? Being a 6.7 German I do not get downtiers, especially in Asia 😂

  45. Can you pls play Warthunder mobile? 😊

  46. My respect for you has jumped infinitely higher 12:12

  47. What is your favorite nation to play in war thunder?

  48. Please do a t series video

  49. wow, m series all are ugly as hell… those “weakpoints” on the top…

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