Digging A Grave For My Own Tank

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Digging A Grave For My Own Tank


  1. You must try T80BVM with bulldozer in it 👍

  2. Just to point out the shovel is not spaced armour lol

  3. I recently said I was grinding for a dozer and when I said it was the cheify mark 3 they just laughed…

  4. Ay chieftain mk3 main here… literally the best vehicle in game.

  5. Thermals fucked it more than any other change.

  6. That’s the whole gameplay on high ranks. Everyone has a thermal visor, shoots from a bush and does not move. Classic. The war of stone and bush.

  7. Its embarrassing thinking about how much time Gaijin must have spent on this objectively useless and buggy feature.

  8. Day 14: We want whole “Phly Album”, its almost done (Long Range Yeets, The Missile Knows Where It Is, The Final Countdown…), just put them all on one LP and I will buy it.

  9. Tonk

  10. Thanks

  11. Sad thing is the chieftain had magnificent armor in real life, but hey, the bias is never British. 🤣

  12. Loving the British grenadiers in the intro

  13. Even some Leopards have dozer blade now 😛

  14. 1:07 “Centurion mark 3” but… Chieftain mark 3. Phloopsie!

  15. I swear Phly sounds like tom hanks…
    When he went “Shut up!” i had saving private ryan flashbacks

  16. Oh good lord the Chieftain is terrible. They say it would take almost as full year of slow cooling to achieve the unparalleled hardness the Chieftain’s cast turret offered. It might as well be an AMX 30 turret for all the good it does.

  17. I reckon you could dig a watery grave for some sailor-types too.
    So why not # 243 – Take the duck to the pond. (Hs.129 b-3 in naval battles) 😉

  18. I’ll just wait for the video of L3/33 CC being buried

  19. Keep up these funny short intros

  20. this is why i hate anything above 6.7

  21. Phly you should combo this with a swedish strv 103 C
    That would be really cool

  22. Plhy play some of those eswedish meatball autocannon things

  23. Phly, you gotta dig at twice your length and at least 1 1/2 times your width. The best method is to actually do a 3 point turn over 90 degrees and then sitting in the middle. Also, I don’t use this feature to dig shooting positions. I create tank traps and alter shooting lanes to keep people from running up on me or my teammates

  24. 0:01 thought i was in the wrong platform for a second

  25. I love the tittle Phly! Keep it up <3

  26. 64 back ups??

  27. Chieftan mk 3 should be 6.7

  28. When do we get a Sherman bulldozer

  29. As summon who is really just getting in the game and seeing this is what I have to “look forward to” with Chieftains makes me sad (I love British tanks I am all ready up to the Centurion mk. 3) I knew The British were not meta but is sad to see the way their tanks seem o be implemented by the devs. Love the content Phly keep it up!

  30. Do a challenger video pls

  31. 8:26 I don’t know why but I found this hilarious

  32. Strv 103c with dozerblaze

  33. if only you had the bush camo to put on the turret.

  34. Gib Leo with doser video please!

  35. if you’re gonna dig in you should use the swedish strv90

  36. Day 91:Telling phly daily to play panzer war definitive edition

  37. Love myself a good old glitchy jitter when I aim. Now you can make your own jitter with dozer blades

  38. I love how this was made on my birthday lol. I cracked up at this video. Thank you Phly!!

  39. hey yo what’s up my digger

  40. chieftain is so happy in the hole he dug, he can’t sit still

  41. I have to admit I love this game but it’s nice watching a guy who makes content in this game getting beat lol.

  42. Day 1: play the type-61 you haven’t played it in almost 4 years

  43. 6:11 me and my homie be like 😀

  44. Thanks for adding the translation to the video. 💙

  45. 10:36 Its not a game bug……. the Chieftain’s just shivering from its impending death

  46. Britain suffers

  47. Type 61 thumbnail

  48. Hey had an idea for the scout vehicles. How about a slow timer that when you activate it ticks down until, bingo!
    made to suit the map. So desert has beige sand netting or grass and trees have the typical military green with leaves etc.
    Make it so with some skill you can hide yourself from someone not paying full attention.
    Id love to be able to almost dissapear and wait for a perfect side shot as the enemy trundles past blissfully unaware 🤣

  49. MisterJ and MisterD

    Did this guy copy DOLLARplays idea?

  50. Peter Zavragin Вариант. D-17

    I Wish The T-55A Gets The BTU-55 Mod

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