Director’s cut of the BEST game ever.

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Roll the end credits.
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  1. Time for a re-run of the best game ever. Without any music so mobile and more countries can view it. Enjoy my dudes. <3 Dont forget to SUB! :D ALSO LIVE VERY SOON AT with Fridays World of Tanks stream.

  2. Frederick Burkert


  3. HE memes

  4. Send rhis to sir foch
    he hates this tank lol

  5. Foch OP, nerf!!1!!11!!

  6. After being salty for missing the original cos of work, this is the BEST fucking thing I’ve ever seen. This is memes on an extraordinary level no one slags ever memes like this before

  7. Angus Donald Smith

    more like this

  8. #IfixedFoch155

  9. I’m disappointed, instructions not clear, got anally penetrated

  10. 14 WG developers disliked this video

  11. Just as great the second time around.

  12. Vladimir Vucetic

    This should go on Youtube

  13. Best shutdown I’ve ever seen, nice one circon ✌️

  14. echogameadventures

    you’re so good you need two pairs of shades on.

  15. inb4 Wargaming removes the AP/HEAT from this tank.

  16. When you see “directors cut” and then he’s wearing sunglasses. Not dissapointed??

  17. God I loved this replay, those silent moments as well… Perfect! 😀

  18. Me thinks he had a few Belgian Wheat beers……….

  19. nice round. I’m still workin up that line. great vid n keep up the good work. 😉

  20. nah that is3 bent over grabed his ankles and kissed his butt goodbye, see he showed his op russian rear to a dancing dutchman in a french tank poof hp evaporated probly lost all his modules and crew, of course agingjedi would approve using he to completely ruin someones day, foch 155 the anti premium tank grind yours now and feast on the tears of is3 and premium mt drivers

  21. I Love wardruna! @Circon HAIL THE ALL FATHER

  22. Dude… today I fought a platoon of 2 Foch both had HE and rcked every1 including my poor LT… stop giving ppl ideas 🙁

  23. I’m on the HE

  24. when i joined in at the stream and saw the glasses damn i knew it was going to get real

  25. BelgarathDaSorcerer

    Now you need to get 3 Foch 155 HE’s going for the MEMES

  26. AnTrAxX Slingshots

    Would have loved to see the moments that lead up to this game…like tossing AP out etc. “lets do something really stupid”….
    btw, hitting that LTTB with the 2nd shell would have made this an 8k game even….

  27. great memes of our times

  28. The thing that most imprested me is how modest you are after having the best game ever.

  29. The Last Byzantine

    Circon is so proud of this game, brilliant! xD

  30. You’re way too awesome, hot sexy game love it!!!!

  31. Did everyone see the AMX CDC just drive into the pole at the start of the game?

  32. Me thinks Circs been celebrating…cheers bro! Great video!

  33. Not get on that one tier battle spread.

  34. 14 hours ago ._.

  35. Circon you have to retire now, game over brother. You won. Perfection.

  36. hahahaha…Love the commentary Circon ,This was epic on stream even better replay =)

  37. what was so much BEST on this video?!? 😮

  38. HE = Hacks Engaged

  39. Should send this replay to Jingles just so we can see it a third time.

  40. Circon is drinking our all and powerfull Norwegian water now .. so he is better then before :3

  41. grille was like: bamboozled again!

  42. Best comment, evar: “I didn’t even develop this game, and I already fixed wutz rong wit it” I fuckin died. D. E. D. Ded.

  43. You’re a fuckin genius bro, well done. Love it on the stream too, but this is classical.

  44. This brings back memories of the WT-E100 HE match – but simply epic match there SirCircon

  45. I’d like to see the worst replay ever where Circon takes some silly gun or ammo loadout on his tank and fail spectacularly 😀

  46. Nerf Foch NOW !

  47. This is the best replay in the history of replays, maybe ever
    Sorry couldnt resist

  48. Anthon Nordin-Lindgren

    0:29 CDC runs in to pole lol ?

  49. whenever i see uncle circon wearing the sunglasses and says the “this is best game ever” you just know. . . the memes are are gonna get real son

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