Dirtiest Tier 10 SPGs in 2022 in World of Tanks ⛔ | The Best Artillery?

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Source: DezGamez

of Tanks All Tier 10 SPG / Artillery Review and Gameplay. World of Tanks Object 261, T92 HMC, Conqueror Gun Carriage, G.W. E-100 and Bat.-Chatillon 155 58 Gameplay. Artillery is The Best SPG in World of Tanks?

For this very special day, April Fools, where you can not trust anyone and have to second guess everything you see… I decided to jump into every single tier 10 artillery we have in of Tanks in 2022, in 1 video… Let’s see.

Enjoy the show!


  1. Forgive me for my sins… 🙂
    How many times did you get fooled today? Also, want to see SPG video where I ONLY focus on countering?
    Have a nice weekend, stay safe!

  2. they are all as bad as one another it was a poor day when wot decided to have arty in the world of tanks …. it’s in the name of.. world of tanks not the world of arty !!! it still is bad with arty ,l, and wargaming are ignoring the community and players … nothing we say has any meaning !!!

  3. Go figure, it’s a stupid russian vehicle so it gets treated much differently.

  4. Right-click into minimap helps change a target faster.

  5. watching you play arty is painful because you suck at it! LOL


  7. The real April fools was Dez pretending to not like arty 😉

  8. 2mins in a and i gotta say out of all the arty i have used the german one is easy my personal fav, i even somehow got a mark on it without trying somehow, i hate the t95 ended up selling it cuz it was just so terrible

  9. Ghetto Streamlabs

    Your old, old video with the T95 in the “Stereotypes” series show up in my suggestions today. Still one of the funniest videos I have ever seen on YouTube. My wife was even laughing and she doesn’t play the game at all LOL.

  10. objekt 261 is strong

  11. Did you change the thumbnail after 2h of the video went life :D?


  13. i like how the thumbnail changes like every hour

  14. i like watch your videos so it dose not mater what you your playing but i do like see you play the artillery

  15. 8:55

  16. Jumpin Jehosephat

    30:00 someone forgot to update their bots

  17. Janjos Sibinovski

    I need to wash my eyes

  18. TheMightyCongueror

    As far as I can tell, the differences are, the T92 hit’s hardest between all of them, the CGC can hit tanks that none of the other tier X arty’s can because of it’s crazy shell arc, the Obj.261 is the most accurate, and has the fastest reload, but doesn’t hit as hard, and if I remember has a very flat shell arc, so hilly terrain can screw your shots up, the Bat-chat 155 58 is an auto loader so is a lot more forgiving, it’s also the fastest, so you can reposition very easily, and the G.W.E-100 is kind of in between the T92, and the CGC.

    • @JuffoWup78 Like vents. But yeah, arty with turbo is going to be the new standard.

    • @Killertruth186 While the 155 58 is an enclosed and boxed tank, it can not in fact use vents. For the other open top arty, you generally run camo, rammer, gld. In the 155 58, you can run gld and camo, but the 3rd slot is open to interpretation. Before the equipment update, the only comedic 3rd slot item that I used was binos as there wasn’t any other good choices (you can’t run vert stab even though it is a turreted vehicle either).

    • @JuffoWup78 Ah.

    • are there any good T10s arty for ranked?

    • @salohcin Seah the Russian one

  19. Sadly arty is pretty crap. Not 1 single tier X arty averages 1000 damage per game. They all have 900ish at tier 10.
    And honestly… that’s bad, because now hull down meta with spam Kranvagens and chieftains etc, good arty would be good.
    Sad times. Arty should be much better and have a much better and challenging play style.
    Also limited to 1 per team would be cool

  20. Nice 75% crew you have there 🙂

  21. I really liked your showcase of the SPG’s. I do enjoy playing with my SPG’s, though I haven’t reach tier X yet.

  22. April fools video! Arty has been nerfed way too much.

  23. Have I missed something in the last few weeks? No comments? No respect mate.

  24. Tier for tier, I would say the German T5 Grille.

  25. 25:25 Dez to be able to see Arta tracers you have to be scrolled out as far as possible.

  26. Every ‘only arty’ vid deserves a Mines South spawn

  27. HailStorm Rising

    Never see allied arty that accurate, mine are not even close to accurate. Can sit there fully aimed on a still target and shell won’t even land with 10ft of the target. Even if I or allied arty hit 1/2 time don’t even stun and usually doing nothing for dmg, can land 10 or so direct hits but I might get 120-160dmg average if I’m lucky. Meanwhile enemy arties couldn’t miss if they tried and are regularly doing 200+ dmg and max stun every hit and just outright crippling tank right off bat. If it’s allied even if they manage to hit will be little dmg, enemy team, laser guided tactical nuke. That’s rarely ever not the case.

  28. When I play arty, I dine on slivers of seal pup cooked in their own fear.

  29. You clicker

  30. unpopular opinion time: Arty was fine before stun and HE nerf’s, when it dealt massive damage and had longer reloads. All you little bitches complaining about arty being able to hit you from across the map, do you think the actual artillery pieces the ones in game were based on were on the frontline? no, they fired from miles away. Just because all you fuckers just want to be in your OP armoured tanks(wether it’s the hulldown monsters on ridgelines, or just ridiculously well armoured, no matter where it is) and be invulnerable, arty has been nerfed to the point where it is almost unplayable. Yet, the same people who complain about arty being in the game quite often complain when arty doesn’t do well. What the fuck do you expect when they are the most inaccurate class in the game?

  31. Great to see arty being featured. Thanks Dez.

  32. worst, arty m44 and leFH18B2

  33. Just an average guy

    As an arty player I really enjoy these comparison videos. However, I would really like to see a like-for-like comparison (ie same map).
    I find the German and American lines really have a kick but poor accuracy, the French has virtually no splash but when the hit they also hit hard.
    And for players who bag the crap out of arty, they’re the same ones who complain about getting hit from enemy arty, then also complain when their own arty doesn’t personally protect just them. Arty is there to help the entire team, not just one player.

  34. Just a dislike

  35. Even with the HE nerf I thing that T92 HMC is the hardest hitting SPG tier4tier 🙂 Cheers Dez King!

  36. I play arty, but coutner op prem

  37. Goratch the mule

    At Tier X I have the French and the USA artilleri. And I think i like the French best for the mobilety

  38. social3ngin33rin

    WOOT DEZ w/ ALL ARTY!!!!
    streamer bias matches….
    Best arty to counter is either the most accurate or BC for extra shots.
    @34:02 so walletgaming’s 75% crew is awful? You don’t say? lolol

  39. Strongest arty? lefH. What else?

  40. Day 166 still waiting for meme review 🙃

  41. Alan and am Making New Memories

    go Arty

  42. B.A.Y.C.B. Be All You Can Be

    Strongest SPG is the French Bat Chat 155/58!!

  43. “if any of my viewers were living in that house – I am sorry…” LMAO

  44. for me strongest arty is T92 or Objec 261

  45. Ok so which arty is the best in this game par tier?

  46. Whenever I play arty in the first map, I often use that spot. But I get INVARIABLY rushed by enemy.

  47. I have 14K games in arty…. Blackhearts_Reaver on the Asia server.
    M53/55 is the best artillery pound for pound….. tier for tier. Hard hitting US gun; Enclosed cab for vents; good gun arcs (turret) with good depression and elevation; fast for getaways and relocating for better shots. Also hv chasis for end game speedy rams for another 300-500 damage.
    I rate it better than some of the tier10s and as good as even the good ones like the 261 (fast firing for CW’s), the Conq GC (for gun arc); and T92 for pure damage (but terrible platform).

    and Dez…… uuuurrrgh use Gun Arc view… sheesh.

  48. Redline clicker 😂😂😂😂

  49. the only tier 10 artillery I have is the object 261, so all the other artilleries in this video look really inaccurate

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