Discovered a new German Scout Line! Hahaha.

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Source: Circonflexes

Turns out Germany has another


  1. had a blast, hope you enjoy!

  2. Circon- Sees enemy tanku
    Circon- …”NEXT !!!”

  3. i cant tell you how many games ive had in the Vk 100 where ive gotten patrol duty, the view range on that thing is nutty.

  4. Christiaan Carstens

    Absolutely top kek.

  5. Jandre Labuschagne

    Better scout than the flip wagon atleast

  6. if VKP can do it, who’s complaining about the British scouts huh? 😛

  7. I didn’t choose the scout life, the scout life chose me.

  8. I hear always strange sounds in de vids of CCF.

  9. Very original joke, lots of gwafs

  10. You had way too much fun during that fight!

  11. Only person who could take a route like that. Anyone else would have had their a** ripped in chat.

    – CK

  13. After all these years you can still surprise us, well done sir. Send this to Jingles pls

  14. Chocolate is a hell of a drug

  15. Now around 1000 Tankers will try this one little trick!

  16. Ackshually circon
    I pulled this exact move when I was grinding past this thing, but in a tier 9 game.
    Was a nice meme.
    Was running spall liner, optics, vents, and it just shrugs off arty.

  17. I saw someone “scouting with his face” the other day in a vk45.02b. I think the ‘Heavy German Scout’ is the new meta.

  18. I will not be better from this, bitter, meaner, more evil, yes.

  19. Who will win?
    A team composed of tanks of varying classes vs. 1 *THICC* scout

  20. 400 view range on *superheavy*. wargaming moment

  21. Nice man, would have never thought to go this way

  22. Now try this with the Maus or E100

  23. That was ridiculous.

  24. I got this fat bastard in the christmas holiday event,it is actually good lol,scouting-damage assist no problemo rofl

  25. Now you have to do some front line brawling in a HWK 12. I must admit, I have heard of a scout Maus more than once before, but still … well done, sir.

  26. Speaking of can’t be stopped, Astartes part 5 drops in 2 hours boys.

  27. my VK100.01P is yellow now

  28. Good to see this tank in action. I am about to unlock it.

  29. I’ll never forgive WG ruining scout gameplay by nerfing them so hard that heavies are better scouts.

  30. that stream…that stream…was epic !

  31. First Team Fortress 2, now World of Tanks has Fat Scout memes? Lets go circongod

  32. now this is the quality content i came here for XD

  33. Popped Good – Slap – Slap – Done ! He Gone ! P.S. Sofilein “invented” – Scout Maus – Takes Special Skills 2 Do ! GJ Sir

  34. Here we see Circon exploiting the unique talents of the British ligh- Oh wait…

  35. Tiger camo makes VK stronk scout tank.

  36. The humble beginnings of the Steiner Scout Squad

  37. “DIVE DIVE DIVE” killed me

  38. Reminds me of the Battletech meme where House Steiner would scout with 100-ton Assault ‘Mechs. “If you can afford to scout it, you can afford to conquer it.”

    Nice memes.

  39. please send to Jingles i want to hear his commentary on this

  40. The tp hoarding issue seems to just be an american woman issue. Makes no sense whatsover why they want hundreds of rolls of tp in their possession. Bat crap crazy bois. want a crazy bitch? get on over to the USA and grab a few.

  41. Namegoeshere Orhere

    I swear you get these people to go into training rooms with you, the bizarre shit you manage to pull off.

  42. Mieluş Alexandru

    It leads to Maus, so obviously it should be a scout!

  43. ElementalGamer07

    1;30 in the morning, watching a Circon video. With a glass of milk and a slice of banana bread.

  44. He finally found it’s secrets!

  45. Gamingwithgrandpa420

    Circon, so much fun and many laughs watching you play…..TYVM!

  46. I was there for this one, greetings fellow scout tanks.

  47. Nemanja Pavlovic

    How can u zoom out so much?

  48. replicate this in the true best tier 8 light tank

    the tiger 2. pls

  49. TheCatzFranzNeko

    VK 100.01 P: Hippity hoppity your scout bush is my property

  50. your singing playlist is great 😉
    tnx bro for sharing

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