Discussing Light Tank Tactics for El Halluf

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Source: LemmingRush


  1. Lansens alpha is 320 not 180

  2. why can’t i find this account stats on ‘basic’ wot stats sites like ‘wotlife’ or whatever, that’s eu account, right? are the stats for this account locked?

  3. I tried going south once like a year ago… A FV out spotted me and one shooted me 0:50 never again

  4. TBH that’s why I don’t make the C2/B2 light play in my LT’s on that map, at least typically that happens more often than not where you lose all or most of your HP, and going to D4 is a bowl that once you’re in you don’t get out of easily…

    I find south plays to be effective more often than not for some odd reason in my experience… Which is counter intuitive when the main fight’s happen at C2/B2 I know, but it works…

    • Extra Terrestrial Being

      I think when playing lights and you are active scouting or poking around at C2/B2, most people camp around the corner waiting for a shot and/or just rush you ’cause you’re a juicy target. Think that’s less the case in the south/east of the map.

  5. Gérard Thévenon

    at least you tracked amx 65t and he used he used his repair kit xD

  6. advice for grinding 59-16?

    • I’ve been re-playing the 59-16 after having it as a noob way back. Since going back to it I’ve played 50 games in it, WN8 at 3k and WR at 58%. I just play it as a typical Chinese light. Get in to good spotting locations but don’t risk sitting in obvious bushes. Be prepared to flex and play it as a harrassing med with no armour. Try as hard as possible to stay alive for late game when you’re far more useful. Don’t get in to knife fights with French autoloaders or armoured cars. Don’t stick around too long in one place if you’re spotted because arty will wreck you. The Chinese light line is pretty much my favourite.

    • The tier 6 light tanks are all generic except the 12t

    • +butterflyspinart Not really. The VK 28 is abysmal, with its huge size, bad gun and no armour compared to the 56-16 having better mobility, being harder to hit with a low profile and a better gun.

  7. hey Lemmingrush it’s me and in today’s comment I’ll ask you this: have you ever heard of WoT Blitz and do you mind checking it out?

  8. Ragnar Lümmelbertus

    Why is his Ping so bad? Is he playing on Another server?

  9. Damn, UR ugly 😀

  10. This is great. Do more map tactics please.

  11. Гоша Гео́ргий Константинович Рубчинский

    Last time I was this early lemming got a AMX CDC for free…

  12. docdie79 z klanu H_O_J

    is it a bra on your door knob behind you?

  13. Fuck videos like this. C-2 is not a magic spot. Yet so many fucktards go there in their light tanks. Holy fuck, guess what, all the heavies will go there, no need to spot. And for fucks sake, brawling with a light tank… Sure it works it the enemy team is tomato red, but you won’t do shit if the enemy has any clue. How about this, why not take a scout tank and fucking scout the mid and south. This is to the point that in some battles on this map, you can drive all the way across the south and not see a single enemy tank, and completley flank fuck them. All because videos like this say C-2 is the magic square, take any tank you want there and you’ll win. Fuck that. Light tanks scout…. Or what happens it 2-3 light/mediums push hard, take south, and flank fuck you or cap you out… In this particular battle, had LR gone south and worked with the E25, they would have dominated south and won easily….

  14. Fix your ping, it will make a huge difference

  15. I find the corner on the way up is good, as you often get suiscouts trying to fuck about under your TDs. I even caught a Super Pershing doing it the other day! Going up to C2/B2 is just too dangerous and you can get nailed by enemy TDs and clickers.

  16. Love seeing these breakdowns of regular games. Great example of keeping your cool when losing a big chunk of health early on; I think all Light tank players can relate to that? But really, the playstyle is still basically the same: don’t get hit. Also like seeing the Chinese Light tanks being driven; just basic vehicles that are really easy to relate to. 🙂

  17. Hey lemming, could u maybe do another thing on the t54?

  18. Warthunder ad on lemmingrush? wtf

  19. Fapcam? Is this an alternate universe?

  20. Thank you for being so informative about game play, Can you do more map tactics in other vehicles and lights?

  21. Lansen’s alfa is 320. You looked at your damage TO the Lansen C 😀

  22. Yea the lansen has like, 28 hp/t and a top speed of 50 iirc so the thing is pretty damn fast

  23. Do you buy tanks with 100% crews? I would assume so since you have yet to research the next tank.

    • a good player with apropriate use of crew XP bonuses and a crew from the tanks before in the tech tree never plays tanks over tier 6 with shitty crews 🙂 plus you get the 100% crew members with BoA and 1 100% skill for misssion finishers

  24. Your tactics videos are really good, I am a veteran of WOT started 2011 but i always struggled with the LT’s play. So more of these type would be great 🙂

    • just remember that even though you are a light, you don’t always have to spot, try to play safe early game and save hp for mid and late game which is where lights are the best. btw I have 3 marked multiple lights 🙂

  25. Lemming, you and I play very similarly. I, too, often lose 80% of my HP at the start of the battle. The difference is that I then go on to lose the remaining 20% shortly thereafter, and finish with three shots of damage. 🙂
    By the way, the Lansen has 320 alpha, not 180. Potentially a game-changing difference.

  26. “Whats the Lansen’s alpha? 180?” Lol, 320 pal, with a good RoF too (sub 8 second reload).

  27. Hey lemming, here’s another bad joke : what did one chair say to the other? I don’t chair what you think Lol

  28. Thanks I am also grinding the WZ 131, and it seems you played it more aggressive than I do, I am more cautious and try to keep distance between me and the enemy and if possible use my view range to my advantage due to the fact that my WZ 131 gets ammo racked a lot and some are from being from 3/4 health to ammo rack boom your dead. I plan to train my loader on safe stowage next skill because I feel getting ammo racked in Chinese lights might be a prevalent issue

  29. How do you get that camo? Is it purchasable for gold?

  30. It’s a crap map. It’s yet another map, that is made without considering 3 classes of vehicles out of the 5 classes in the game. Unfortunately, that’s WG’s whole MO when it comes to map making… fuck any vehicle that isn’t a heavy or medium. The unibrowed track suit wearing cunts have no idea how unfun their game is beoming because they refuse to listen to reason. If it was a good map you could have had a lot of assist damage to go with what you did. But hey. let’s not speculate why the biggest games (and highest spenders) market has the fewest players.

  31. 0:20 that chair squeak is such an iconic part of Lemmings videos

  32. Forget the WZ132. Super high repair costs, and WG will milk that by constantly giving you shit teams, especially when bottom tier. Your only wins will be when you are top tier and carry.

  33. WZ 132 is a pain!!!… but 132-1 is great!! Worth the grinding

  34. Why play on EU? Are NA servers ded or something? Great video regardless.

    • NA has around 10k players peak time if I remember correctly while EU has around 150k-200k depending on the day 🙂

  35. 3marked wz131 and i would never do the play you did,because wz line has no gun depression. Wz 131 is flanking tank not brawling one.

    • Then where would you have gone?

    • +Jonah Qi you have 2 options to spot. That circle where the capture zone was or the little town in the bushes. Then you wait to flank and shoot people in their ass. By going on heavy tank lines you can easily be dead in no time and you cant trade with those tanks. Try to play like lemming and 9 out of 10 times you will be insta dead.

    • +Leo 19 in my experience, going to the cap circle part just lets you spot tanks crossing at the start of the game and not much else. Imo the small town is the best option for a light, but even that doesn’t give much opportunity early on. Where do you flank people?

    • +Jonah Qi you only go there to early spot and to know where are enemy tanks. Usually i wait a little bit to kill enemy light and then i go for heavys from behind.

  36. Lemmingrush is like a mix of Claus and Quickiebaby. I like it like it. ?

  37. 3:38 a couple of days ago, on Airfield, enemy team lost the game after they lead with 7-0, so yeah, it’s possible.

  38. So you did top damage in a light while the premium tier 8 scorpion G had one pen the whole game, and the premium tier 8 heavy (Lowe) stayed back from the fighting while the lights, meds, and mid tier heavy won the corner. Yup, seems like a regular game indeed. lol

  39. Question: is there a point to the Chinese LT light tanks line? ie compared to Russian for example?

  40. Amazing content as usual. Keep up the amazing work.
    Just a quick question? Where are you from, Swindon?
    I’d seen someone who really looks like you.

  41. Shreyas Chandrashekhar

    Great video! Would love to see more on the chinese tech tree .. especially the mediums

  42. Viper_db Viper_db

    Cool video, smart player. Informative, thanks dude. 🙂

  43. Was Lemming talking about the Fire for Effect medal..? I suppose if you see it every game you’re not going to think its too important lol

  44. Remarkably fluffy Lemming. Kudos.

  45. Lansen C has a mediocre top speed, but it has low weight with a high power-to-weight ratio. These make it a great hill-climber.

    So yeah, be weary of spotting over horizons if one is on the enemy team.


  47. What is the mod on the end plates that shows tank statistics?

    Im tired of going to my service record…

  48. Flanking the phallic max… lmao

  49. I promise to Pin This

    Lemming you Promised,

    Guys Upvote this that way he can see it

  50. Corneliu Codreanu

    Please do more map guides. I just returned and some of the new and “new” maps are hella confusing for me.

    • Corneliu Codreanu

      Also, can you make a revised version of the TD guide? Kinda struggling with my Grille. The high octane fuel is good though.

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