Disgusting: Map, Tank & platoon.

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Source: SirCircon

Warning, this game is filthy. E-25 Platoon…


  1. Warning, this game is pure filth. Enjoy you filthy animals <3

  2. this tank sums up how useless wargaming developers are

  3. I miss Chip.

  4. Andread AndreadAp

    Yo just a random info the e25 on wot blitz got recently buffed now has 194 pen standard Apcr and premium Heat op op

  5. most disappointing 😀

  6. Jbbbjhjhbbhj Yvthgvgfv

    Did you know that in the new update e25 will have 194 mm of pen

  7. It’s not my proudest fap…

  8. fuck you circon I needed to shower 5 times after watching this

  9. Not My proudest fap for sure.

  10. this platoon is ISIS man…

  11. Surprised that wasnt your 2nd mark Circon. If this thing ever comes back on sale i need to get it again. Had it on old account and burnt my own d*ck off with it.

  12. 9:44 Sounds like a bunch of fucking seals :P. Got that part as my 6th sense 😀

  13. I saw the load screen with the E25 platoon and I laughed. Nice.

  14. I feel dirty after watching this…….

  15. i remember when this first came out i wasn’t impress. i actually thought it was going to suck because stat wise it screamed Stug but tier 7. boy was i wrong.

  16. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    9:45 Just listen to the Amount of “CDC” said at the same time 😀 disgusting

  17. E-25 has no armour( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  18. I liked how the KV2s sat behind your platoon all game.

  19. You are a pig ?

  20. E-25 people! My kind of people!

  21. There’s hardcore porn that’s not as filthy as this

  22. You dirty rotten bastards! (Love it!!)

  23. Reminds me of my Pnzr 2J days when I use to play 😉

  24. Do a PZ1c fap platoon next.

  25. Why is the quality so shit?

  26. Bounce the Skorpion with your ass!

  27. You trying ta give me aids by watching 3 e-25s?

  28. *see’s three E-25’s*
    *clicks away from vid*

  29. More disgusting than watching The Thing while eating greasy pizza while having the stomach flu.

  30. “I un-shoosh him”

  31. you scrub

  32. Imagine, a 5-man platoon of this on the Frontlines game mode

  33. I”m off for a shower.

  34. “cease your fagetry” ha ha ha!!!!

  35. So you caused all that damage and blocked a lot but your still not happy? Wtf?

  36. 40 rounds for gold spamming ………………

  37. Avoiding that nose pick at 2:37 huh?

  38. a platoon of Stalin cannons is better 😛

  39. I need to take a shower after watching this.

  40. Ha! Nice meme. Now try MAUS platoon

  41. With Power Creep being what it is now in WoT, why don’t they just bring this thing back for good? It’s not as if it can do any better against all the Libertes, Defenders and Patriots than anything else ;P

  42. o god, circon in an op25 platoon, those poor bastards didn’t stand a chance

  43. I love my E25. fun to see these platoons like this ?

  44. Bought the E-25 at Christmas. My win % is 30….you can’t tell me there isn’t karma

  45. Pigeon Floof Lord

    I know he didn’t have much choice, but firing APCR at a Hellcat… oh so dirty.

  46. Your reticule triggers me… IT’S TOO TIGHTLY PACKED!!! Is the E-25 the same as the one on Consoles?! because currently… it’s better, your game is a shitstorm with all the crazy nerfs, buffs, op premium tanks, neutering of arty to the point they’re even more useless(as they won’t play other tanks)…

  47. Y’all should be ashamed of yoselves :P.

  48. Circon is playing the p2w special: E25 platoon, 2/3 gold ammo and food. Can it get any better?

  49. Anybody spotted the Arty Safespace group yet? circSoon

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