Distorted Reality – Armored Warfare Post Balance 2.0 Gameplay

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Source: Phontomen LP

‘What the hell am I playing?’
It’s a dead game, don’t bother.
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  1. Got myself a T-15 HIFV with the update. Its… not exactly great, too much focus on the missiles that are finicky still and the gun is terrible. But hey I got a T-15. I am the king of a sandcastle. I am a king of nothing.

  2. Jesus who pissed in phonto’s cornflakes? And phonto has yet to realize this for world of tanks yet since its na pop from what i hear is declining as well.

  3. Smart, tactical decisionmaking is happening here.

  4. Armor Warfare is just now an exaggeration of itself and tankery, in essence. A parody in the same skin.

  5. 9:26 “I actually kind of like this in a strange way”

    You sick fuck.

    Edit: 11:11 “the retrofits for mobility are still fucking worthless
    >get a VBL/XM800T
    >Put mobility upgrades on it
    >play eurobeat

    Can’t go wrong… …before obsidian got cucked

  6. Ironclad Fighter

    It was a beautiful dream… full of potential… something to challenge Wargaming to try and be better. We never saw the terrible trap for what it was… it’s become a silent nightmare… a WOT clone with a thin smattering of modern war to make it look like something better… and the horrible irony is… it did give Wargaming some good ideas. The SPG changes are a near mimic of Armored Warfare’s artillery style. I smile at the jokes but inside, rancid pangs of disappointment fill me… It was a beautiful fever dream…

  7. I found this video to be very depressing.

    Liked and Favorited.

  8. *continues to shovel dirt into AW grave*

  9. YES! YES! YEEES!!!

  10. Wow. This is sad.

  11. 19:46
    it’s pronounced shah-den-froi-duh, not shade-n-frowd

    that aside, it’s a shame this game went the way it did. I bought a founders pack ages ago for it. There just wasnt a huge amount to do, can only play the same PvE missions so much. Will miss my expeditionary tank and my chally 1 though

  12. So you wanna be like Gaijin or Wargaming? Tuff luck, kiddo.

    *takes the original developers away and turns the game-play into a online version of a CoD tank mission*

  13. theDinosorcerer

    well, this whole Armored Warfare situation is a damn shame. I’ll be honest, your series grinding for the Warrior made me really want to get the game, but I guess it’s not meant to be.

  14. Um…

    HESH shells don’t like extremely flat angles because the fuse won’t trigger reliably if it impacts at such an angle. Like, it literally even tells you: Failed to fuse.

    PISH were an actual Cold War project that made it into the prototype phase. They’re HESH shells with a substantial armor-piercing cap and an intelligent fuse that was supposed to be able to differentiate between soft and hard targets and delay the explosion of the plastic explosives depending on the nature of the target to get the best possible effect – they’d basically work like normal HESH against heavy armor or hardened structures and like a delayed-fuse HE shell (IE, penetrate fully and explode inside) against light armor or lighter structures. On a sidenote, that also would have allowed them to break straight through thin spaced armor, light ERA or slat panels instead of being detonated early.

    It IIRC failed because they never managed to get the fuses working properly. You could get it to work today, what with the advances in electronics, but nobody’s interested in spending the money for that right now.

  15. I’m glad it’s over.

  16. I feel like we’ve gotten used to Russia fucking up their games. That’s why we don’t feel anything now that AW is dead. I certainly have.

  17. Fun fact: russian servers sill have a decent chunk of people playing PvP.

  18. the NA server was anyway dead long before 2.0, so nothing new

  19. CommissarPancakes

    So what you’re saying is…go buy and play Tokyo Warfare instead. ‘Cause that at least is purposefully supposed to be comical and arcady.

  20. *happy memories of bradley*

  21. You have to remember: this is NOT the full 2.0 balance. and im pretty sure the angled armor thing is a glitch.

  22. Common guys. I know its horrible.. very horrible. But still theres hope. The game isnt advertised yet or anything. Its just us here. You have a game with everything built in it ajd screw balancing now but u have a new development team with a better budget. Just fix the game ruining things and advertise the game and start balancing. I mean like world of tanks still balances tanks that were made 4 years ago. There is hope

  23. Balázs Juhász

    R.I.P T-90MS and T-14 .

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