DO NOT Try This! | World of Tanks AMX 50 Foch B – Dez Suffers [NEW SERIES]

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks B Full HE Ammo Gameplay. World of Tanks AMX 50 Foch B, Tier 10 French Tier 10 . World of Tanks Best Battles, Best Replays.

I will always be providing free entertainment and content for you, but it really helps the channel out!

Because you guys enjoy watching me suffer so much, we can turn that into a series… Pilot episode is going feature me playing with Foch B and the version of in, with full High-Explosive ammunition.

This is going to be fun!


  1. I hope you enjoy this new series and feel free to make me suffer with even more ideas. 🙂
    This video has a bit different touch to it, trying out new things.

  2. B-C 25 t 90mm(ap only)

  3. Next, E50 with stock gun. Only standard ammo allowed

  4. Frederick Burkert

    UP NEXT T30 HE

  5. What is this 21 sign /number in garage

  6. Put a 50% crew from arty to a heavy tank, do NOT retrain them and have fun 🙂

  7. HWK12 with HE only

  8. Try playing the game only using the arrow keys for aiming. (yes, it is on by default)

  9. Foch155… Never Thought of doing it with my FochB, thanks dez. Im going to try it out.

  10. Love the new series, please continue with the memes and music

  11. play with bc 25 t stock gun

  12. Play SU-152 with the 152 MM gun only HEAT

  13. 25TP Stock

  14. Doooo worst version of kv2

  15. M3 Lee with full HE……need i say more?

  16. Stock Emil I or Stock Tiger I

  17. I love this type of videos

  18. Platoon with 3 foch b and full HE. 😀

  19. To realise that EBR105 has more pen than your 155mm boomstick!

  20. Loving your edits dez, making your content even more fun to watch! keep it up 😀

  21. I just got rick rolled
    And so did you

  22. Your edits are top notch

  23. Love the editing <3, Stock Tier 10 Bat Chat. 🙂 Good luck

  24. AT7 with the autoloader xD

  25. my ob 703 II full HE only double shots challange still up Dez 🙂

  26. Not sure this is worse than full AP

  27. T28 Prot. completely stock…

  28. Wow I got rickrolled

  29. Dez
    Another great Vid. I downloaded your crew voice mod. My win rate is now at an all time high. Thanks for the Mojo:)

  30. I want the rotating seal instead of the countdown reload timer. That cracked me up.

  31. You have outdone yourself both with the edit and the gameplay.

  32. BlixiPaper_ World Of Tanks Mercenaries

    The Machine Tank Is Console Is Worse : 4 shell autoloader with 375 alpha , very fast and great armour .. whhat game is this !?

  33. Boom one shot one kill I one shorted that guy. Lmao ahahahahahha

  34. You’ve convinced me – I’m going full HE on ALL my tanks ALL the time from now on.

  35. Nice series. “Damage is damage”. I think I remember my mum saying that too 🙂
    Try 50% crew at tier 10. I dare ya. Any tank you like.

  36. I got one.
    At7 stock gun.
    Its a 6pdr with an autoloader.
    So basically, its an AMX 13 57 :^)

  37. Locked turret challenge! Any tank set up but no moving the gun and turret!!

  38. I want to see the profit/bill

  39. man that was some crazy ways to suffer a whole match…

    i dare you play the 25TP (tier 5 polish medium) with the stock gun, no premium ammo… you can choose if you want to use AP or HE or both… but it must be with stock gun…

  40. STOCK IS3 !!!!!!!!!! ONLY AP !!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Dam dude this editing was on fire

  42. Floris van den Steenhoven

    Next time Matilda with derp gun

  43. Play Emil I stock…its painful as hell

  44. Nightcore/Anime Lover

    Just looking at how much damage you would do with AP makes me mad.

  45. Your editing skills are amazing. Love your humour and your talents. Keep up tree good work bro. Love from nz

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