Do Polish Tanks SUCK in World of Tanks?

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks. Today I’m asking if the Polish is in World of Tanks playing the 25TP, 40TP, 45TP and 53TP!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to a T-127 with a 0% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. you forgot to say something about the tier 8 QB. to be able to get the top gun, you need roughly 80-100k experience which if i did not get 50k from the free loot boxes i would only dream of :D.

  2. I dont care bout Polish HT line but i hate the 60TP. Hard hitter idiot prove. Even sniping its driver hatch/box is hard for low profile tank.

  3. How do you get rid of the bushes in sniper mode like that?

  4. Balance balance balance, why some tanks are op and others suck? Because WG wanted so

  5. Good video for me. Next video can you italy tank.

  6. 20:16
    didn’t want to say “ideal”

  7. Trevn TheTractorGuy

    you should do a video on dealing with stock tank grinds !!

  8. Quickybaby:makes the best thumbnail

    my mind:this is about to be the best video

    Quickybaby:starts the video already talking about facts


  9. lol, I’m playing 25TP stock right now. M3 Lee was worse BY FAR. Both are terribad.

  10. Hey Quicky. Check out the following link it’s an old Polish tank TV show. Four Tankers and a Dog it was super popular in the 70s

  11. @1:11 is a great display of one of the things wrong with (or at the very least I loathe about) this game.

    >Shoots 220’s hull.
    >Bounces *once*, instantly loads the gold.
    > Shoots weak turret with next shot anyway.

    Good players, especially unicorns like QB, should know and be better than this. He even reiterates the weak turret @3:38, where he then also loads gold to shoot the rear, which even another 220 can pen with standard ammo. Fair enough to QB that he didn’t just spam it (at least in that match), but he still didn’t *need* it.

    • If he doesn’t *need* (would pen with standard) it, then what does it matter? Do you also complain when people buy the branded more expensive milk rather than generic cheaper alternatives? It’s his money, he can spend it however he wants.

  12. Tog snack? Tog SNACK?! The Tog is a fucking four-course meal, silly Quacky Baby

  13. I would literally murder people to get such soft MM from the game. I’d might actually start playing again!

  14. JAG - the Panzer - GEMINI

    The polish Tier 7 tank is a HIDDEN GEM imo

  15. 10 and 14 tp variants…this designation describes how many sheets of 1 ply toilet paper they will penetrate.

  16. Nice vid QB. WG needs to come back and refresh the Polish mid-tier stats. 25TP’s stock gun has awful pen, and the second gun has very slow shell speed. The 40TP, either needs mobility buffs or armor buffs.

  17. Thanks, good to know about the Polish tanks

  18. I drove circles around a KV-1 while reversing around him and I was a one-shot the entire time with the 25tp. Getting the top engine was a blessing in this tank. The guns were a nightmare to play through until I got the 75mm, especially since I had to face mostly higher tier tanks

  19. T5 – T8 so far <3

  20. Nice chat near the end by the Churchill vii towards the t32 ??

  21. T32 sad noises in the background

  22. QB gets first class “What a heart break!”
    Average player gets a first class “Finally a decent match!”

  23. Heckler & Koch HK416

    If tier 7 – 9 full upgrade, They are good enough. And 60TP is good too

  24. 25TP, 40TP, 45TP, 53TP. I pretty agree with your assessment as well. I thought the 25TP, 45TP, & 53TP were good tanks when fully upgraded. Didn’t really like the 40TP much at all. To go further, I enjoyed the 50TP at tier 9 as well once it was fully upgraded. Just bought the 60TP a few days ago and haven’t really played it much yet, but seems like it should be good.

  25. Its the German tanks that suck in WoT

  26. Clorox Bleichmittel

    Polska sita!

  27. That funny gun on IV with clips were also good, but you can shot wit him only tier IV and III. 🙂

  28. The t10 is a bit frustrating to play, that gigantic frontal weak point is giving a mostly flat surface no matter how you angle it, at least that is a problem I have while playing it… I admit the turret is top notch and 70 alpha is lovely after grinding the Maus line and the e15 line and only having 400ish

  29. 53tp Is Nice

  30. I’m on the tier 8 and I agree

  31. You have good matchmaking while you stream?

    I’m going to have to put on my tin foil hat here and say Wargaming is always up to something shady.

  32. Tier8-9-10 all in my garage love the 3 beast. The alpha damage and nice touch of armor is veryvery lovely.

  33. Inawana Industries

    “decent game” = ace tanker

  34. The comments from Churchill VII in chat @ 27:19 , classic WoT. 😀

  35. Polish tanks are good

  36. 1:13 I just got this tank few days ago. Playing with this tank with 50mm pen stock gun, no gold spamming at tier V with heavy tank speed, no armour… I can fell your pain

  37. I also like the Polish line. Tier 5 and 6 where not half as bad, as they where portayed in forums, but from tier 7 and up, it is just wonderful.

  38. im at the moment at the 45TP and it stills a really good heavy for tier VII i love it really good tank and i cant wait to go forward in the tech tree !

  39. Do polish tank suck ?
    .well yes kinda ….teir 8 9 10 are better

  40. So clickbait video title?

  41. Come on QB, not everyone has tens of thousands of free xp spare to just skip to tier 5.

  42. Thomas Van Der Vegte

    Wow you have less than 600k subs again 🙁

    You deserve these 600k subs 😮

  43. The thing that impresses me most about you QB, is how you consistently find juicy targets. Blasting heavies that you find in the open with their armor turned away from you seems god sent for me. Not so much for you. Nice vid.

  44. “Goodness gracious!”

    All this strong language is a little off putting.

  45. “You just want to expose yourself.”

    QuickyBaby 2019.

  46. 1st class mastery: On no, absolute disaster, what a heartbreak!
    Classic QB

  47. Polish tank dont suck as much as Tiger II and e100… Polish tank like 60tp are damn freaking good

  48. So many “close but no cigar” moments here

  49. Why then does the t110e5 have 440 alpha?

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