Do Unicums Ever Have Terrible Games?

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Source: LemmingRush

Thought some people might need a video like this, even if im going to get hate for the gold spam.. Its totally normal to have games where you do half, or less than half of your average :p

On a side note;
GOLD MAKES YOU GOOD RIGHT? This game proof even gold cant help players like mexD


  1. I cant even lose credits as good as you lemming, 🙂   –  but thanks for showing us that you are human too 😉

  2. uhhhh a lot of players would consider equivalent hp in damage and 3 kills a good game

  3. world of yolo-ing the purples

  4. A penny just dropped with the “Don’t let a shitty game affect your next one”. I’ve shot bows and arrows for years and am great at this in archery competition, but in WoT, forget it. I need to translate that archery vibe. But it’s made harder by currently grinding the Tiger (P) and Panther II. I fucking hate those tanks and it’s hard to keep the faith after several losses in a row.

  5. This was a great video in my opinion. For a while I’ve watched your videos but kinda thought of you as an arrogant prick. Dunno why, mannerisms, or the way you talk, or whatever, anyways. This was a very humbling video that changed my perception of you and your outlook on the game. Keep making the great videos.

  6. Great video as usual. BTW, that was every other game for me……

  7. If you are “unicum stat padder”, dont you think that it is fair game to xvm-snipe “unicum stat padder’s”?
    If you don’t use xvm or care about stats, you wont know or care.
    But if you do use stats to formulate your game strategy, even if it pisses you off, strategy of others to take out unicum on other team at any cost seams fair-play if not logical.
    I think this is rather rhetorical question, but reveals fact that xvm is just another mod that brings whole new level to game strategy, you will play different if you are “blind” to enemy stats, and if enemy dont know your stats, they cant xvm-snipe unicum.

  8. In a way i almost wish XVM were an illegal mod because i have the same problem that you did in the beginning where the IS-7 yolo’d around like 3 tanks to try and just shoot you.I have that happen all the time from arty where they go out of there way to shoot me.I could be in a tier 7 pile of crap tank with 14 other tanks still alive and i will have all there arty shooting at just me.
    Or i will be in a tier 8 tank and the tier 10’s will go out of there way to kill me in their tier 10s.It’s frustrating to say the least and just pisses me off.
    It makes me want to dump my stats into the shit just so i can play the game and enjoy myself and not have crap like that happen.So if XVM were not able to be used we would not have that problem,and my stats are not even close to as good as yours my resent is 2587 and my over all is 1750 win 8. So you being purple i can feel your pain lol. Great video,love to see videos like yours because your an honest person even though i can imagine you probably did not want to show this replay so not to be embarrassed. But no reason to be embarrassed with your stats everyone has shit games.

  9. especially in the SEA server

  10. This helped me tbf. Grinding Jagtiger, 40k Xp away from Jpe100 and been one shotted by arty and abandoned on flanks only to be clipped by batchat platoons. Although have to admit the Jagtiger really is a beast.

  11. do you get yoloed more in high or low tier games?

  12. Quick question and hope you can give me some advice.How do you manage to get your win rate up so high ? I have like 33K battles and i started playing wot when it was in beta and was clueless on how to play.
    So as you can guess my win rate sucked and i have invested a shit ton of money into my account so i’m not going to re-roll. I have gotten my win rate up to 51.33% and my last 1K is 55.68 but it seems like my overall never goes up.

  13. 1.9k damage and it’s a bad game, I know this is higher tier so I can’t expect to get as much in my T7 T29 but still, my great games in my T29 are only about 2k damage…

  14. Good video, but the part where IS7 came for you rather than the Maus, could have been because it was the best choice for him, not because you were purple. The Maus was full health, and since the IS7 was low health, he chose to go after a 400 HP Patton and take a gun out of the game. Going after the Maus would have been a terrible choice. In the end, of course it made no difference, as he died anyway.

  15. Honestly, who wouldn’t do what that is7 did, with a maus at nearly full to your butt, you don’t have much of a choice. Either slowly turn your tank to face the maus, and maybe pen 1 shot if you lucky as jag and m48 shoot you in the butt, or try and take down an enemy one shot. I know the is7 shouldn’t have put himself in that position, but he did the best thing he could in that situation bar doing what he set out to do,

  16. Of course! Difference is, where or not you let it get to you.

  17. Looks like that game I had with you the other day… got nailed early, and didnt get squat after
    Bags2247 NA

  18. Can you please create a Discord server?

  19. “Worse game i have ever played” except for in mahou clan wars 🙂

  20. I had a game like this in an IS-7 last week. Couldn’t pen a fucking Panther 2 or FV4202. They ended up killing me and I only did one shot worth damage.

    Heres a video idea for you Lemmingrush: How to consistently play well in a tank that you hate.

  21. meanhile, some of us struggle to even do 2k dmg at tier 10 XD

  22. Lemming rush I just got the m48 what tier 10 should I get next I can’t decide there is so much tier 10s; I was thinking about the is-7

  23. To be fair, the IS 7 may not have been running xvm.  He may have felt he was outnumbered and went for you to get a kill because you were a one shot for his gun.  I think a lot fewer people run xvm with all the recent hud improvements.  The purple yolo was entirely possible, but he could have just thought, “Well, I’m about to die…let me try and at least get one kill”

  24. I just finished TD15 for the Stug IV so yeah

  25. Coming from another Unicum, I would’ve stopped firing at the jagtiger after the first 2-3 heats bounced off, and for the T30 and STRV I would’ve fired apcr for them.

  26. I can top this game lemming, 94.73% mark (also on the M48) fired 31 shots, of those 29 hit, and 3 penned. Fucking 3. I was so fucking tilted about it, of course it happened to be when I was about to mark the tank, it always is.

  27. Yeah the inverse happens as well. The sessions i platooned with you on was 5k for the day which was nice. Next day 1800 but it happens (also was getting interrupted so that doesnt help :P). Personally i would recommend people have a “Fun” game where they can vent off a bit and cool down a bit so they dont let the negativity get to them (mine is Senran Kagura, any one of them). The key with that it has to both be fun and a little mindless (something you dont have to full focus on) so you can relax.

  28. You are unicum and still dont know that the game gives bad RNG values to one team even before the battle starts?

  29. 0:01-0:11 :))))
    Know your pain bro

  30. 1900 dmg, 3 kills: “terrible game”… That would be a decent game for me 🙂

  31. No offense, but this just comes across as whiney. Your definition of “terrible” is far from terrible for most players. Doing 1.9k damage and winning is not exactly a terrible result for a large number of players.

    I understand it was “terrible” by your standards, but c’mon….

  32. Even more frustrating imo is when youre aiming at someone and take a shot but it hits the wall just next to you, even though you were clearly not aiming at it. Good hitboxes wg.

  33. This would be a reasonably good game for me xD

  34. My record loss ever is 78k lol. Was in a 2v2 in Himmels against two pre-nerf E5s. Fired only heat, was using food and used a large repair kit.

  35. Seriously, he’s telling the truth. Being able to get over your bad games it’s the key.

  36. Vladimir Shogunalfa

    HI Lemming.) so i think, this replay u call bad game? Thit is for most players good game 🙂 3kills? 2k dmg?Thats good for 80-85% of players…
    I got for unicum its bad.. Show us game where u did mistake and die in 1st or 2nd minute… That i call bad game 🙂
    BTW ur videos are great, keep comming.
    Vladimir Wolverine966 – EU

  37. Thank you for showing this.

  38. most of your shots have 1 or 2 pixels
    and not fully aimed, so how us this unlucky?

  39. You think this is bad, try hitting the floor 3 times in a row in Obj 704 from 200m(bush “sniping”) while fully aimed. With full% crew(BiA + food) plus vents.

    Also, I don’t know why you get mad when people yolo for you; you kind of asked for it when you rerolled and it’s a compliment to your stats.
    Too bad allchat is gone, otherwise you could have baited them out of position by saying killing you gets them 200 gold. 😉

  40. that IS7…. my WN8 is just over 2000, but i have noticed, that ppl are more than willing to throw away 2-3 tanks at the start just to kill me… very frustrating, and it happens more and more often. it even made me take a break from the game.

  41. The real moral of the story is this: consistency is still a function of RNG. The higher your WN8, the more average damage you do, to first order. Average is not a robust statistic and as Lemming rightly says, the the center of the variation (good game to bad game) is merely higher overall for unicums and the typical number of bad games is much lower. That was clearly a -3sigma game for him – not in terms of damage but in terms if hits/penetrations.

  42. hey could you ever do a video on working hills with poor gun depression?

  43. How did people not think u were a Unicom ur in the top 4 clans in America lol “Mahou”

  44. This was comforting. 😉

  45. We just need RNG to be heavily reduced (like +/- 5% on dmg and pen and bring back pre-9.6 accuracy). RNG is good for noobs. I would rather get hit myself but hit everything I aim well, than miss myself all the time and leave everyone that shots me to lottery (and my luck is pretty bad)

  46. That HEAT spam though…

  47. Wargaming should really learn from Valve….
    Just like Negev, after 15 missed shots the tank should get 100% laser accuracy ▄︻̷̿┻̿═━一

  48. This is why I never play anymore unless we have CW. I get tilted immediately when arty and shitters focus me.

  49. how unis do so well….they load the skill lol

  50. Unicum who doesn’t rage to every single thing… But it’s great! Good video, keep it up bæ <3

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