Do Wargaming Care About the META in World of Tanks?

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Source: QuickyBaby

Last September I questioned the META in the ranked of World of Tanks and with to the Berlin map, I question if they care about lights and tank destroyers.



  1. Unbekannter Nr. 1

    This game is missing some hulldown lights, WG easy buff wheelchair armor….

  2. Simple solution to arty in my opinion is 1 max per game 1 clown car per team. Still don’t understand the nerf on HE. I have games with 0 light tanks and sometimes games where i have 6 light tanks per team so WG should really fix there mm and they can because they did it with ranked battles.

  3. Lost on Berlin in this way yesterday though our problem was not a hesitant renegade, it was a 45% muppet STD B and a 45% muppet Skoda T50 – both top tier – who let the opposing team shred them

  4. Sounds like Wargaming responding to their players’ preferences.
    I feel like this isn’t the first heavy meta in WoT history.

  5. Fully agree QB, way too many peek-a-boom maps these days which allow little tactical innovation. Could it be that WG marketing have found that new young players don’t like tactical variety?

  6. Wargaming is slowly taking the fun out of the game. Long duration game, with outplaying flanking manovre, are now 1 in 15-20 games. All the others are 15:1 simulator – 4 min battles. Very boring, all the same, even if you win.

    As QB said, 5k dmg battle and still no vibes, no blood pumping for your game; just peak, shoot, repeat.

  7. I fully agree: the game is turning in to a HT and MT game. Maybe a joint video of all content creators would help…

  8. As a tracked-light-tank-lover I just become sad with nearly evry change. EBR -> ure more at danger in agressive spotting bushes because many of them will just go on a suicide run to dig you out (even though most of them have no idea where you sit and just roam half the map freely), Arty -> less spotting, Intuition -> getting HE’d much more, Equipment 2.0 -> evryone has view range -> less spotting, Berlin change -> 1 map less to spot on and so on and so forth…
    I mostly end up with a dmg delt, to spotting ratio of 1.5 to 2. Thats not really what I want. I want to mainly enable my team to do dmg and not do dmg MAINLY myself.
    You could argue that sitting in a bush is not really “playing” but I’m a bit of a voyeur, I like to sit in weird bushes giggling at surprised enemys and observe the map to understand the game dynamic… mimimi I know
    *sad LT noises*

  9. In my opinion Berlin feels not as campy as it used to be. Since the changes I had more fun on this map (at least in my lights) Minsk has been made worse in regards of flanking

  10. If wargaming cared they would limit gold rounds. T
    hey would alter arty to either do damage again or give them an active role in helping the team. Give them smoke shells or some other method to impact the field of play. Hell give them mustard gas to deal with hull down metas. If arty does not impact fights then lights have no function since 90% of the maps have no foliage that needs spotting through that the light needs to deal with.
    How to balance wheeled vechiles is simple make it so they can’t bounce any hits. They are already hard enough to hit so if I hit one and it some how bounces that is bs. Literally program the engine to say you got hit you are dead. NO one enjoys fighting them. They invalidate passive scouting.
    The biggest change that they need to do is remove pen rng. I have told this story many times of how bs it is. I got penned by a full clip in the front with an at15 by the amx 12t. It rolled high enough to pen. Hell I have penned things I shouldn’t have because of the rng of pen rolls.
    The nations honestly need something to tell them apart in quality because most of the tanks are garbage to play and are horrible to grind or they are horrible to play at the end game. Wargaming was always nerfing american tanks by giving them huge weakpoints with commanders hatch to make hull down unviable but instead you have the swedish tier X and other stupid stuff that has no commanders hatch and are on steroid. Hell the german tanks are all avoid unless you are going to get the tier 10s and even then they get outplayed. The Japanese heavies need their HE rounds reduced drastically so that HE gets turned back for other tanks.

  11. The new section stopped my light tank from spotting anything, there is nowhere for me to spot or hide without being immediately spotted.

  12. QB, I’ve been a sub of your channel for donkey’s years and will continue to be. Love your vids. However, I haven’t played WOT in months and will be uninstalling the next time I’m at my computer? Have invested hundreds of dollars into the game over 10 years but the fun is gone? Hate picking a non-meta tank that I love to play and then sitting there with my fingers crossed waiting for the right map to play it? Most of the time I’m now disappointed each time I play and it’s not worth it. For me the game is toxic, not in the player base, but the meta. I guess Wargaming have milked enough money out of me and I’m now moving onto DCS (Digital Combat Simulator) where realism is still important to the developers.

  13. Simple. Buff arty back up.

  14. I like the Berlin changes because as a heavy and medium player I can now move around the map more.

  15. the best change is the removal of the golden ammunition

  16. And that is one of the many reasons why I don’t play WOT anymore…

  17. Having watched 1 second of the video, I can safely conclude with absolute certainty that WG only care about maximising their income above all else, which tbf is why/how some/many/most businesses operate – in UK by law directors are obliged to operate in the best interests of the company. HOWEVER if WG did not so blatantly profiteer how many players would they have retained versus how many new players do they get? It is impossible to say… As someone who played at the start, personally I do not like the direction it has gone and so stopped playing 15 months ago. Things change – get over it and move on!

  18. R.I.P Light tanks 🙁

  19. berlin map is so crap now i have this map blocked now

  20. laughs in warthunder where the people inc ahrge never cared in the first place about the game experience

  21. I happened to like some of the changes in the south of Berlin, though I do agree they may have put too many additional structures. Heavy tanks do have the challenge to get to the south though the eastern side from the northern spawns!

  22. arty_lover EBR_hater

    New hull down meta? un-nerf the arty and that’s it ! 🙂

  23. What counters hull down monsters….SPG/TD’s…oh and HE, the game is tiresome and lacking in innovation, and the gold creep which was now situational, is now the norm. They have mechanics in other parts of the game that would benefit random battles eg smoke/bombardments etc this would counter hull down meta and radically change how some maps are played depending on classes present. How long has smoke been in the game, 2yrs+, where is it, why can’t arty/scouts use it…sigh…

  24. Short answer? No. Long answer, WG doesn’t play their own game. I bet you not one WG employee plays this game and is subject to its bad game design mechanics, guaranteed if they did it’d be alot better. They just keep making the game worse with each idiotic decision then sit there and tell you youre the one that’s wrong

  25. Thats what I am saying. They ruined this map. I was enjoying it with every tank class before, but not anymore….

  26. QuickyBaby: makes a video about the game’s status
    Wargaming: *Why do I hear boss music?*

  27. WoT is PURE GARBAGE, More and MORE, Patch after Patch!

  28. No, they dont care. They have changed so many things over the years that have clearly made the game worse.

    Accuracy nerf – nothing better than shots fucking off into space on a consistent basis
    Matchmaker – if you platoon, prepare to spend your gaming session at -1 and -2 all night. Solo? Hope for on tier with an occasional +1. And if your top tiers are potato, lol…
    HE – great decision in the hull down meta
    Arty – as much as I hate arty, they did help control camping hull down heavies
    Maps – consistently making it harder for lights and mediums to play with very strong positions
    Premium/Reward tanks – are now better in 90% of cases than tech tree and can be game breaking depending on MMer
    Tech tree tanks – very few are actually competitive at this point, especially in the upper tiers
    Lights – other than a couple of maps with some very specific positions, lights are near useless. Wheelies are the exception, but even they are getting hit by this meta.

  29. Played for 6-7 years. Hate the new Meta ive had to really stock up on High explosive rounds, In some tanks i end up having more HE than APCR or HEAT needs fixed.

  30. Jullian J. Weskier

    I think WG could better try shaping vehicles around the campaigns a bit more.

  31. They’ve learned all the worst parts from Blizzard, minus the sexual misconduct afaik.

  32. Profesor Baltazar

    QB should release this kind of video before loot boxes so maybe ppl would spent less money on it.

  33. oh QB, i haven’t played this game in 6 years now. I’m a free to play, its just so much of a grind and no fun. I like to play competitive so yeah its really hard. I love this game but it is just grind grind and grind.

  34. I actually enjoy the state of World of Tanks at the moment. No, it’s not perfect at all, still plenty of problems, but the quality of life improvements and variety to tanks is so much better than ever.

  35. Yes WG with their typic fantasy mind set, on Berlin the J/K line is completely made up. As well the East has better concealment overall which allows them to push further into the West’s mid section.

  36. “Does” Wargaming care?

  37. The new meta is clearly focusing on players spending more credits for prem. ammo and on the new fast hull down tanks. Most changes go in the direction to increase the pay to win factor.

  38. sorry but there is no meta in WOT, most forms of meta in any gaming sphere require teamwork, a meta evolves as people formulate methodologies and formulae for success within a game, in WOT you cannot even guarantee your allies will fire at the enemy nevermind working as a cohesive unit to blitz your enemy team, and when it does happen, when a game has 3-5 competent players and a dozen or so even cognitive others, a match will be over within 5 minutes.

    tl;dr they can’t care about the meta, because there isn’t one.

  39. My name is ADRIAN . For game to be on survival he need HighExplosion back in game.

  40. Michał Korybut Wiśniowiecki

    This is why i play my Pz 35 R i got from the 3 boxes i bought.

  41. Wargaming is ALL about GREED nowdays, they don’t seem to give a sh*t on what ppl want, they just pump out another OP russian premium after another and gamble mechanics inside a pegi 12 game (which should be illegal btw)

  42. the answer is simple.they dont care years now.they just create a game for THEIR fav-well payed tanks.thats it .nothing else.

  43. No point playing arty at all now. Only play mine to do the 7 Crit’s daily mission and thats it.

    And now that WG have made Artillery a totally pointless class (they well well beyond a nerf), you now get hardly any scouts either as there is now very little point playing them as they ahve now lost all that arty spot damage.

    It used to be that you could spot a good player when in artillery view as they were the ones that new how to stay in the best arty shaddow. Now, no one cares. They sit in stupid positions and are easy to hit, or they bunch together so its like shooting fish in a barrel. BUT YOU DO NO DAMAGE. Its pointless.

  44. Playing TD or light on Berlin now is kind of pointless. At least I feel so

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