Does the Leopard Suck in World of Tanks?

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – . Many new players start to get the beasts, like the Tiger or Leopard, which can give the vehicles a bad name – here’s my take.


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  1. OBJ 430 exists ?
    It’s not a bug
    It’s a tier 9 tank

  2. Leo will be my first tier X tank and I think it isn’t a bad choice because on Leo PT A after 200+ battles I can reach 2000 avg. DMG and 54% win rate (2300 WN8)

  3. If they had the authentic engine sound I probably wouldn’t mind it. As it is, definitely needs buffs.

  4. Pershing
    Need buffs
    Also, every single non-prem light tank

  5. When I to this in the Leo, the first hit is track and ammorack and incomming artyfire puts me back in the garage

  6. Buff the germans

  7. It had superior accuracy until WG changed how the accuracy worked. Buff the soft stats to give it the best gun in the game to counteract the platform it’s on.

  8. Modern ONION defense
    Don’t get hit. Use mobility.

  9. I sold mine after 20 battles or so … It always felt like you’re bringing a tier 8 medium to a tier 10 game.

  10. It doesn’t SUCK, but you might as well play a Soviet tank, if you want the same speed, more armor, better gun and a better gun handling.

  11. Emmm QB can I ask you something? IDK which TierX HT should I go… Never play HT before…. Should I get OBJ705A? 277? IS7? IS4? KRV? 60TP?????

  12. Hate on all the German line. History burns deep I guess.

  13. The leopard is a very fun tank and I enjoy it alot, but it does need some buffs. They dont need to do much, but add better camo, better dispersion values, and maaaybe some spaced armor on turret, and then this tank would be fantastic. Doesnt really need more DPM if you give at a lazer gun in terms of soft stats.

  14. Dispersion on the move.
    That needs to be gone

  15. The only reason to have a Leopard 1==> it looks the best!!! 🙂

  16. eric neitzert santamaria

    I have the Leo 1 and I play more with the pta because it’s almost the same but a tier lower. The Leo 1 need a buf, and I think it shud be the moving soft stats, it really need to be able to do some shooting on the move, and more camo pls. Gun Depresion and armor is not so important. The dpm can be increased too but it really doesn’t need it. Just buff soft stats and a little more camo, that’s it

  17. Video about defender?

  18. You forgot the fuckin centurion AX

  19. Well my first tier X tank was the FV215b… I had a hard time getting used to it. 😀

  20. I think the Leopard is fine. Maybe not the most competitive. But fine.

  21. Took about amx 30b

  22. why didn’t you compare it to the Centurion AX tho?

  23. I can’t enjoy this game anymore. I guess the way to enjoy it is
    – have shit ton of money so you can actually play the way you like, without being forced to make profit
    – play already finished lines of the tech tree, because grinding means playing vehicles you don’t want to a lot of times

    So basicaly, I feel like the game isn’t enjoyable until you have for example 10k games. Maybe it’s just my opinion, but I feel like it has became such a try hard game due to the gold firing players and power creep

  24. I’ve read suggestions that they should drop the Leopard PTA and Leopard I down a tier, and add the Leopard 2 as the tier X. The Leo PTA could keep its 105mm gun at tier VIII (since there are plenty of other medium tanks at tier VIII with big guns), and the Leopard 2 would be adept at going hull-down thanks to the thick turret front.
    Remove the Indien Panzer since no one really likes it. Bring it back as a premium for all I care.

  25. Stats n game play are published on the subway walls but players still cry about those stats when they get to tier ten n cant play their tank thru a win.
    Illiterate or emo? Idc.
    Everyone has the same intel when they load the game.
    Why command anything but a Russian TANK?

    Does your program break down those win rates by map?

    It would be interesting to see if those Leopard commanders are able to put their tanks strengths to good use on open maps.

  26. I think the improvement u suggest are totally right, as an addon i would also improve viewrange up to 420m

  27. So we not going to talk about the 252U returning…

  28. themasterofdisastr

    1:45 It basically means that the .50 cal Mgs on Tanks like the Hellcat, Bulldog, M44, WZ-132, etc. can penetrate the rear of this tank.

  29. I think that war gaming should decrease the repair cost of tanks a little bit too, even if i do good with my Tiger P the repairing always takes everything from me

  30. I think you should do more videos like that QB. Very good one !

  31. the gun always the gun

  32. Lemmingrush made a nice video about “accuraty in WOT”, I love how the most accurate T10 MT in the game cant snipe weakspots at 400m.

    Accuraty in WOT is just plain frustrating 90% of the time. The KV-2 can hit everything every game when I fight against it, but I cant use it, same that a strv 74 with all upgrades (Vents, BIA, Food) has .29 accuracy, let me tell you that I know how to aim and where to aim and I still miss around 40% of my rounds. That is just retarded imo, I 3 marked the tank because i loved it, but missing with it is so dumb.
    WOT needs more accuracy in general imo, Armoured warfare was so much better because tanks just shot where you aimed, I dont mind about long aimingtimes, but WOT needs some real changes to stay fun.

    And people should stop comparing tanks to WR, because if you are behind 1 tank in the first minute in the game there is a 90% chance in WOT you lose, another super frustrating part of the game…

    Damn, I wish AW had more players so WOT had to adapt in order to stay competitive.

  33. Had a great time in the Leopard PTA, managed to 2 mark it ( i suck ) When i got the Leopard 1 i started to preform sooo bad!

  34. Leo needs some love. Agree. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeease WG. 44% on Leo, Average 50.7%

  35. The leopard 1 is my favorite tank, iv played over 1200 games in it, and i can say, the “accuracy” is not always there. they should increase the accuracy a lot, so rng has less influence on the sniping capacity.

  36. How come QB never mentions maps? These days it’s all corridors, armor and gold. There is no place in WoT for vehicles like poor Leo 1. That is, unless you are 60%+ unicum, which, since they are rarer then Polish WoT player with basic understanding of English, is irrelevant.

  37. Better pen and superb gun handling and bang it’s competitive again

  38. It needs T100lt gun bloom.

  39. Ярослав Филимонов

    Need buff…

  40. Is it my imagination, or did he fail to mention that it’s almost entirely made out of ammo racks?!?

  41. Btw QB, Wot-Life statistics are overall – every single match ever played in one of those tanks in random matches in included in those statistics – which is the the 430 is still listed as it once was a T10 medium tank…
    And how to change the Leo? Give it gunhandling more like the M48… so the M48 vs Leo would be that trade off between speed and armor+RoF instead of speed vs armor AND gunhandling AND RoF…

  42. Man what you think about is4 its suck with that tureet 90 mmm and a paper all round if they shot Gold on u
    Grille its bad too they replace the wt auf e 100 and give us this silly tank at the beginning was good but they nerf it and after it rebuff it Again
    Or about Jgpz e 100 its to heavy to slow and if you compare the obj 268 4 have better armor and much better mobility and faster… is it because the obj a russian tank
    I suggest that they delete those tanks would be better or replace them

  43. The age old “it’s the bad players that make the tank look bad, not the tank itself having horrible stats” argument. A decent player can average 3-3.3k dmg per game in the leo while in an m48 the same player can easily get 3.5k. The leo sucks and there is no arguing against it. Also, the “armchair generals” that blame the soft stats are exactly the players you said you know are better than you, yet you still seem to criticize them.. for knowing better? Maybe its time to move on from 2015 and actually count soft stats as being more relevant than accuracy and aim time, like every other good player does, because they are.

  44. why does the tiger 1 and king tiger suck in this game? Because they fight tanks that they were never built to fight

  45. Tune up for the gun and depression of gun on slopes.

  46. The IS-7 has better dispersion on the move than the Leopard 1. Is there really any further evidence required to prove that Wargaming are totally inept? Seriously, this tank is only in the game so they can use it for their fancy marketing presentations. To think I only started this game because I wanted to play some of those famous German tanks …

  47. Great video QB! But why did you exclude the Centurion AX and the Object 140/T-62A from the comparison?
    I would buff its tank moving/tank traversing dispersion to at least the level of the CentAX (0.14), and buff its turret traverse speed MASSIVELY to probably 48, also comparable to CentAX.

  48. What about the E100? It needs some love as well! ???

  49. yeah, to be fair in all senses of the term………… they really shouldn’t allow the use of “Reward” Tanks of an overtuned sort in regular game modes real players take part in, such where real / normal players of average+ skills not in the right _Specific_ clan groups can never gain them per their own meritocratic efforts in a fair or open way.

    _ACTUALLY_ in the game Tech Tanks and Normal Prems should be the only things able to be used in regular game modes that are not specifically “Clan Wars” things where such tanks in target specific places can be seen as fair or allowed. In the regular game?
    such “reward” tanks are only a cancer.
    (we all know the ones)

  50. Just make that can make the amx 30b work??

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