Does the Manticore SUCK in World of Tanks?

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Source: QuickyBaby

World Tanks. When Manticore was first released I thought it was a useless tank – has my opinion changed?


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  1. good one QB… please unblock me from your Twitch account

  2. Passive agressive tank for passive agressive play style. Its a thing… I guess? Id rather play my russochina lights… hunting these flowers

  3. Thegamingtrooper 73

    Why does this video exist?

  4. Hey quickybaby big fan of the channel, just wondering if you could do a review of the obj 907

  5. What equipment do you put on the manticore?

  6. this video could of been about 5 seconds long

  7. The worst vehicles are the easiest to grind. So this thingy should be recomended as a beginners tank to keep players away from WOT!!

  8. Qb, you are in denial mate, they suck. Not everybody has 10 skilled crews, not evey map has bushes and not every game lasts 10 mins long. 10/11 games end in 4-5 mins.

  9. @1:17 That STB-1 was really salty that QB wasn’t needlessly dying in order to spot for him.

  10. QB the manticore totally sucks. it forces extreme discipline: never allowing yourself to take a hit or be in a position where you could be easily engaged. if you did this with any other tank, your performance would be even better, as when you are finally forced to engage 1-1 you’d have a chance.

  11. The tank is only expensive is if u spam gold, it’s should not be half of your ammo load out

  12. 1:17 lol at the chat

  13. Basically a better AMC ELC

  14. This tank line needed atleast 100-200 more average alpha per shot then it would justify the ammo load out and slow reload if the manticore did 600 alpha that reload would be justified

  15. I’m rather forced to wonder if the reason you’re doing well in it is because you are more cautious in the tank, because you know it is weaker. As you are not taking the risks you might take in say, a T-100 LT, you are alive longer, contribute more, and help your teams pull out wins in games where you might’ve gotten yourself into trouble going for the big play in a stronger light tank.

  16. similar DPM to a T3 premium light tank.

  17. tier 8 American heavy tank T32 its not good its hard to play it has bad accuracy, penetration and mobility.

  18. This… thing… 😀
    And underratet tank? Mhm, I really love the Centurion AX, its a great tank <3 ^^

  19. Still needs another buff. More ammo at least 30 rounds would be better. I’m still puzzled as to how you only get two crew when the Even 90 has 3???

  20. ST-I is very underrated. Im a mediocre player at best and Im still blocking almost 80% of damage and having fun and consistent games.

  21. So Manti is a Tier X AMX ELC ? with full turret turn ?

  22. Its just a poorly designed tank. Why play it when you could play a t100?

  23. best thing about this tank is that the driver is also a loader. Never seen before

  24. Quickybaby are feeling okay? You’re talking quietly, slowly and slightly unenthusiasthic. There are also long pauses between your monologs.

  25. That tank always sucks ofc there will maby 1 very great round out of 10-20 but with tanks like the ebr I will have that round I’ve just saw after like 3 rounds…..

  26. buff the alpha to 490

  27. I feel the WZ 132-1 is underrated. You compared it to a medium because it has turret armor. I’d have to disagree. If you can be content with 8 degrees of elevation and only about 7400 damage potential, I’m sure you can make due with a light that has some actual stats. A decent gun with good shell velocity, and troll armor. It still has to characteristics of other lights too. Great mobility and good camo. I think ots a tank worth playing because it requires you to use what strengths it does have to know when to use your gun and armor aggressively.

  28. When i wach you play WoT im just amazed, you get 2k damege on lower tiers like its a joke

  29. Q: Manticore, does it suck?
    A: Yes, it does suck.

  30. You would have had the same game in eny other light tank. But esier. Why grind your balls to tier 10 in british lights?

  31. I hate that crew directives are credits now. 20k is way way too steep a price. I hope others feel as I do and stop paying for the crew directives. If they were 5 or 10 k I’d be less angry with this awful turn of events

  32. Does it suck for a Unicum? Clearly not.

    This guy cracks me up. Hey. Doofus. Not all of us are Unicum. In fact most of us are terribad at this game compared to you. Of course it doesn’t suck for you.

  33. like I said when this thing was introduced, is not as bad as most ppl think. when I played it on the CT it was somewhat enjoyable?

  34. Selling good acc

  35. This reminds me about T92LT you get rekt by EBR(weird vehicle) , and Lt432 but if you use T92s view range and good camo correctly it can work somehow.

  36. Yes, the tank is still crap, if you use every single skill, equipment and consumable and you are very careful because you know its shit, you can do well in it. It still sucks however

  37. Wot literally winrate about the team. Always either 1-15 or 15-1

  38. i’m player on world of tanks, but in this game i really don’t like arty at tiere 8 till 10 bcs takes too much damage and too OP can you make about it topic.

  39. You definetly watched voodo’s video on this tank 😛

  40. I love my amx elc

  41. I really like to play in the obj 416, even though in a lot of games is very hard to manage the poor gun depression and the luck of armor

  42. Yes it sucks.

  43. wheeled shits still have a better camo, although they are bigger -.-

  44. My favourite tanks so far is T30 and Lansen C

  45. Yes it does suck. Worst light tank in game. Worst light tank line in game. Just because you can have a good game in it doesn’t make the tank good. A good player can make anything work. Circon has used the m46 with the 105 derp gun and got top Xp of the team. Does that make the M46 105 DERP good?

  46. So, if you give a bad tank every possible advantage, prop it up with every crutch possible, play cautiously, wait for a good map with a good matchup where you get lucky, and it’s an excellent tank.

    Or, just play the soviet one, which will cost a fraction the gold and credits to outfit, and in which you might actually have some fun.

  47. In my opionion is that your win rate is down to the holidays and the fact that you know exactly how poor this tank is and you play it very, very carefully.

  48. there is no question this tank sucks.. bad review..

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