Does the Sheridan SUCK in World of Tanks?

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The Sheridan gets a hard time in and here’s why!



  1. WoT Blitz Sheridan: you under estimate my power

  2. 9:33 the spaces armor on this tank is totally useless and irrelevant. Its 3 mm thick if I remember correctly, any decent HE goes through. Miss the days when FVs couldnt pen the Sheridan

  3. Stanislav Coros

    Yes it sucks

  4. all the autoloaders and ammo changes killed this tank. you can still manage to derp though. i hit a kran in the ass yesterday for over 900. then 0 on a clown car. RNGesus giveth and RNGesus taketh away

  5. I bet that Strv 103B was mad after the game

  6. The people having fun with the derp were always using the T49.

  7. Just give sheridan his seeking air missile like in blitz..its gonna be fun to play..🤪🤪

  8. When played by you yea it does

  9. social3ngin33rin

    @11:13 i thought Germany had the worst T10 light tank in the game?
    I think it only “performs” worse than the Rhm is because ppl continue to try to use the derp

  10. Funny enough the sheridan was my first ever tier 10 tank like 4 years ago

  11. Nah QB the worst tier 10 light, the worst tier 10 anything is the Panzerwagon.

  12. How did you know how much shells lose penetration over distance?

  13. 3:39 10% veiw range from optics > -20% camo from Commanders vision system.

  14. Sheridan was my first tier X light tank and definitely still my favourite together with t100 Lt.

  15. I say WG should program View Range to give a bonus Camo rating. View range past 445m should increase camo rating and when stationary increases accuracy since we can’t penetrate anything at 400m that extra Camo rating will be a godsend to those light tanks that have crappy camo rating. The reason I hate the Sheridan was due to the HE changes with the 152mm and its camo rating. I have a 506m view range with Commanders Scope and I still can’t hit and spot tanks at ranges of 400+. The tank and T49 aren’t fun anymore. Ultimately WOT is no longer fun. The tank grinding is not fun, and game modes are not worth doing for any long period. There’s no worth wild drive to play the game.

  16. Hello can you make a video discussing what has happened over the past couple of years? I am starting to play again (aside from my yearly sign in for free tanks and stuff around Christmas) and would like to know what’s going on without spending days watching videos that get mw nowhere.

  17. to be fair, why would i have the sheridan when you can do the same and better with a medium? The tank for me has become rendundant.

  18. The Sheridan always pissed me off with its terrible camouflage and excellent view range.

  19. The HE changes still have me sour. The ability to have HE be a good alternative to dig out tough enemies being taken away is semi frustrating at minimum.

  20. All games are manipulated by the matchmaker in favor of premium and reward tanks. Any balanced game is purely accidental.

  21. I have all the tech tree tier 10s…but if I’m driving a T10 scout I’d rather drive the British or Chinese machines; notes were taken though!

  22. The derp gun is silly, stupid fun. If I wanted to be competitive, I would not be playing this tank in the first place, I would play the CS63. It is just as fast, but has actual armour.

  23. Something tells me that QB really wants to progress the situation.

  24. I am going for the Sheridan because i drove one in the Army

  25. sCharles sCalvin, Memecoin Lord

    the sheridan is the kv-2 of tier 10. everyone comes for the derp, but at one point, you gotta recede to the small gun (107mm or 105mm).

  26. Lol we had a t49 A in wotb back in 2017 and it had rockets, it was sooo op basically artillery that could track you. in present wotb we have the sheri with missiles (only in game modes)

  27. The derp is like blow fish prevent and scare other lights come closer and I hurt you

  28. Hey QB, I was browsing through your channel seeing if you have a video on the Obj. 430 and I mean you do but that’s when it was a tier 10 medium, just wondering if you plan on making another video on it?

  29. it took him 5 years to get a good game in it 😀

  30. Skoda and T30 were doing the lord’s work on the south side, definitely turned the game around

  31. WOW~!!!! I could never play this way

  32. Wasn’t the PZW the worst teir 10 LT?

  33. This is to much! Kill the mood!

  34. Bruhh that was a close call towards the end, juking him out 😂😂

  35. Always loved your channel, please keep making these amazing videos

  36. Bejoalan's Channel

    I stuck at T49 XD

  37. Worse than the Flipwagon?

  38. Michael gerard Koll junior

    The Sheridan sucks cause Russian Bias, they don’t want any American tanks to be mediocre, let alone good

  39. GlitchyGamers18

    The funny thing is that in WOT console the Sheridan is OP because of the ATGM launcher. The difference between games is apparent.

  40. Worst tier 10 scout. Maybe in the game

  41. BMPersonalTrainers

    Hmmm….does it suck? In real life it was the pure definition of what a turd is. Wargaming in their wisdom often overlook a tanks many real life shortcomings and make said tanks strong or overpowered. With that in mind, I give you the Sheridan, wargaming style. 😊

  42. Panzerwagen is the worse tank to be honest….

  43. You were lucky to have only to fight the E-50 at the start and you had help. That road is usually more crowded than that.

  44. I still use the derp but I only play this tank or t49 for fun. No doubt the silly HE nerf massively affected the t49 and Sheridan, because WG don’t want us having fun. No point playing it with the normal gun imo, just play a better light tank or medium tank instead.

  45. i really love this tank with the proper fieldmod. just like e qb mentioned, vent, CVS, rammer. I have 54% WR with it!

  46. ‘Yes’

    Join me next week for my TED talk on is there Russian bias….

  47. Light tanks like sheridan or rhm.pzw are basicly worse meds. They don’t have adventage of a LT witch are camo and speed. This days every med goes 50 km/h+ and camo on those two LT (even though on paper doesnt looks so bad) have no option to outspot theire opponents mostly because of the size. I think WG did well with the manticore when we are talking about LT that has it purpose in the game in tier X. Before it was only Russian LT-100 and those french pest on wheals that I hate the most in the game since it has been added

  48. it sucked in real history; it sucks now.

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