Doing the DIRTY WORK in World of Tanks!

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World of Tanks. Sometimes, in World of Tanks, the team will fail their role and require you to do the dirty work! Here's how I handle it!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. once I cap to win by FV304.

  2. Cục Cứt Biết Đi

    hopeless 212A

  3. I quite often like to play my UDES 03 as a light tank. Whenever I see there’s no light tanks in a game it is very fun to play that light tank role,use it’s speed to get into the bush,activate binos and just troll people with it’s insane camo rating. I just adore that tank….
    P.S. keep up the terrible work QB

  4. I thought he wasnt wearing a shirt and had a hairy chest lol

  5. The audio is not bad at all!

  6. Best video yet this year

  7. Turn chat off. All the guys who died early think they can give advice. Treat them like dumb ai

  8. It’s sick how your videos line up with what I’m currently doing in WOT.

  9. Your mic is fine.

  10. Quickybaby, I know well what you are saying, I use my t95 and tortoise like a heavy tank most of the time, with good results.

  11. Ghost town again?

  12. why was your tank and name listed in the end of battle report 1st page,, never seen that before

  13. I played my T30 last month and I 1 hit a freaking SU-130PM with HE <3

  14. obi wan kenobi would have be disappointed by the arty

  15. The great crash of 2020

  16. Good sportsmanship!

  17. Another Brit talking about the HIGH GROUND, we know he’s gonna win?

  18. More Videos of that tank pls

  19. Isnt the 130mm gun better?

  20. Fallow my replay shanell!

  21. Why do you go on about your microphone every time? 1. It’s fine 2. Who’s bothered?

  22. Nice kill on that ebr I hate hate hate those wheeled tanks

  23. I appreciate giving advice and tips, but why showing off your results?

  24. Crocodilul Siberian

    Qb say to comment our oppinions but he never read it.Why why? 🙁

  25. Only 1 out of 1000 players would give you the well deserved Top Gun kill. Probs to this honorable 212A.

  26. I played the S35 CA with the105 mm gun as an assault td.

  27. where can i find quickybaby latest modpack

  28. Snowflake anonimizing his name

  29. Oh my god, quickybaby… i just farted on my couch. Am i still in time to be popular and promiscuous, exterminate the filth and save the day?

  30. You did not fire or follow him after you spotted him. So he could also think you were out of ammo and take that chance. He would just have to run circles around a heavy vehicle in the cap.

  31. Great game, which proves that situational awareness and ability to adjust (taking over the role of lights and mediums) is more important than cat-like reflexes. I hate games which are carried by luck more than by strategy, and happy that this wasn’t one of them!

  32. Vilmos Segota Bóli

    Ja volim mlijeko – In Croatian language – I love Milk 🙂

  33. new year new headphone. 😀

  34. Not possible not to kill an arty with a big gun ? I got several experience with E100 or IS4 gun bouncing or 0 damage on the flank of a large artillery. World of Trolls….

  35. There was no water on the map, he had no choice

  36. Im glad i stoped playing this shit game after 7 years of playing, i found my piece in War Thunder and im never coming to this shit again.I cant un sub my fav streamer QB and still watch his videos i wish him luck but this game is dead.

  37. yeah whenever im playing with an arty and its a loss i will do my final shotgun in an enemy tanks face and after that just raise up the gun since thats it i did my final shot theres no way ill survive for another 30ish seconds(depending on what arty it is) so they can have that final kill :D. but not once have i drowned or suicided in my arty. ill always at least try to shotgun someone before i die. And back in the time arty had ap shells oh boy would a shotgun be dangerous 😀 i had those moments of tanks like is-3 coming from a corner just to get shotguned by ap shell for over 1k dmg and killing him. And while its also true that i hate artys. that applies only to the ones on my opponent team. since my own team artys have saved my arse countless times.

  38. ja_volim_mlijeko is a Slav too. Somewhere from the former Yugoslavia. And hearing Quickybaby reading it and pronouncing “Ja volim” just fine in a decent way.. wow.. so cool. Bravo! Having a Slavic wifey does pay off.

  39. But why is there an infinite wall behind you?

  40. Anybody else saw that shot in the sky at 6:21?

  41. Will you da vid on the tier 10 chinese TD?

  42. @quickybaby i love this tank^^ was my first with 3 moe?

  43. Sry I dient See the Full Video

  44. Seems I’m not the only one with the crash (graphics card error crash for me?) and then can’t write in chat when I join in.. gg 1.7 Wargaming 🙂

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