Dominating Berlin in World of Tanks!

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World of Tanks. Today I’m talking about how to dominate Berlin while playing the Somua SM!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:


  1. I have a toonmate who has the Samua, he absolutely dominates in it.

  2. Now that QB said this tank was a hidden gem and how good it is, the next time its on sale wargaming are going to make some good money.

  3. how does he go in to free camera view instead of fixed view?

  4. Friedrich II. der Große

    I love somua!! I had it for 7 days and it was AMAZING !!!!

  5. One of the most broken tanks along with more reasons to quit the damn game

  6. Frontline no gold rounds? No, it’s nearly exclusively gold rounds

  7. Thumbnail is very Russian sounding

  8. Never seen that side win. I’m always on that side and it always loses.

  9. Chieftain completely dominate the city 😀

  10. 0:26 FCM 50t cries in non meta

  11. Qb playing my favorite tank on a map I never played on in a game I neglected to play, nice, makes me want to play it, miss it

  12. This is literally first video on this channel where this man is not mocking WG… finally

  13. It’s not glass cannon because if you want the gun and armor you have to pay for premium tanks….

  14. nice video QB, like your content, learning a lot about the game!

    do you plan to make videos like this for the others maps?

  15. 14-7 and the amx running for cap, lmao

  16. I love this map. I hated at first but after learning where to put each tank it has grown on me a lot.

  17. Oh, wait. So You DIDNT go right into the dip to instantly win? interesting, it feels like thats wahat I said after you first critizised the map 😀

  18. This tank is my secret weapon to make general in frontline. When your about halfway threw major load in in this tank and one or 2 clips and done. No its longer my secret weapon all well gl testing it on the next frontline. 😎😎🤫🤫👨‍✈️👨‍✈️👩‍✈️👩‍✈️

  19. What every game I played in we wrecked the campers and pushed through the field. Always blaming TDs for being tds and getting upset they get bush cover. But it’s fine if lights have op cover as you said.

  20. I play Souma SM often. I like it too.

  21. And i feel proud of myself doing 6k in a st2….

  22. Yes..dominating Berlin..against an autoloader..yes..and u cant even get the top

  23. Well considering you are a TY’er that means you can choose what to show.
    But this is literately the first time I see the east side win a match.
    I played it now numerous times now and I never(and i mean NEVER) seen the east win. Something to do with A5, B5, C5.
    It seems the west got slightly better firing positions and better angles for crossfires.
    That is my experience I got with this map. Anybody else that cover the same experience or seen other results?

  24. This map is not as easy to play on when there’s arty

  25. freaky disorder

    How about a TVP 50/51 vs M48 Patton for us trying to decide which Battle Pass reward style to choose.

  26. Haha I am having quite a stroke watching this video because this autoloader is nowhere near the gun on the AMX 13 105, which is just a fully grown RNG troll. Seriously only 1 in 3 shots end up dealing damage on this sh*t. Meanwhile this premium tier 8: farming simulator

  27. perm ban for this map 😉

  28. If I have to watch a premium battle every single time you upload you’ve lost a subscriber in me not to mention you’ve lost your touch with the game bud.

  29. Germans: Soviets can’t do anything without planes!

    Soviets: Let me intredouce you to my plan, it’s called “Destroy everything”

  30. AMX 50 100 needs a buff

  31. Set a T110E3 up on the bridge down the midline. Enemies could not dislodge me. My front is damn near invincible, there’s no one who took the flank so I’m fine from the side, if they try crossing the middle road to attack my team they’re right in my line of fire and hurt for 750, and if they try to cross the bridge to deal with me, my team lights them up. I wouldn’t say that’s an unused area at all, it’s a nightmare if your opponent can set up there first.

  32. Trash map. So many spotted enemies with no firing solutions on them. They are mostly hull down in bunkers .

  33. OK, no do a Berlin vid when playing a scout or squishy medium.

  34. World of bots game

  35. I have the same notice than qb. Somua is a great tank, really. Good armor good pen good interclip good clip damage

  36. Wot suspended by account for “Reselling Id” 🤦‍♂️. Haven’t used laptop as it was broken for 4 months and when it was repaired and opened wot 😭 wtf suspended.
    3 yrs of hardwork, bought lorraine 40 t with my savings.😭😭😭😭 And the reply from wot” PLEASE READ OUR POLICY”. F***k policy give me proof

  37. What are the best premium tier 8 tanks expect patriot, defender, progetto?

  38. This reminds me of War Thunder

  39. Nicholas Walker

    Berlin is the best Map WG have ever made imo. Its so detailed and feels fairly balanced.

  40. dunno how u make those shots qb, but this .4 acc are more like .32, i flip out every time my leo cant hit a fully aimed and not even max ranged shot….

  41. “This is the worst map Wargaming has released. Everybody is just gonna rush to this dip and whoever gets it will just dominate the game. What a stupid map design” – Quickybaby his first time playing Berlin, as he rushed in like an idiot and died first.

  42. the map is from warthunder

  43. autoloaders are cancer.

  44. best world of tanks gaming ever

  45. please do a 1v1 aganist skill4ltu

  46. war tunder map…

  47. From my 50 or so battles on Berlin as a main tier 10 player every game was decided by the bunker in the middle. People with hulldown tanks rush in there and just can’t be killed if they stay put of the crossfire and can shoot anyone if they make a move. I’ve had battles where platoons of 430u’s rush in there and come out with 5k each.

  48. How to win Berlin map? Rush bunker, EZ…Safe from arty just go hull down with a tank and its such a EZ win dmg farming simulator….Specially if you get there with a mobile heavy or a medium with good turret…Anything with good turret really, lol

  49. Kailer is my name
  50. Looks like berlin from war thunder.

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