Don’t abuse the 0.5sec reload

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  1. Розовенький Гусь

    0:03 rank 5))

  2. Ultimate vidar removal tool. I’m so glad gaijin made it 8.3 where it meets cardboard MBTs instead of true armor like kinng tigers, maus, jagdtigers. Makes it 1000 times better.

  3. Did gaijin changed his firing rate?

  4. Father of 2S38

  5. i will abuse it.

  6. this look like overpower

  7. Efficient. But. Not nearly as satisfying as holding down the mouse button and making the wreck look like swiss cheeze.

  8. The T-90 that stares into your soul

    Hoi4 music gameplay

  9. No, there is no Russian bias

  10. Remember when this tank first hit the field from the BP and at its low BR oh ya what a monster

  11. 1:28 I love when you can pen 90 degrees with aphe

    • Soviet APHE*
      Try that with any other nation’s APHE and you can’t pen even a 45* Slope at point blank.

    • ⁠​⁠@Grenadier its literally a Marder A1, it has no armor and literally any APHE shell could have penned that, stop acting like penning 11mm of 80 degree angeled armor with a gun that has over 150mm of penetration is soviet bias when it really isnt

  12. That is the case, when the villain lived long enough to become a hero, saving war thunder from Vidar plague

  13. I always forget i have this thing

  14. man hoi4 soundtrack outside of hoi hits just different


  16. It is rank V now since the september update

  17. I knew what this vehicle was going to cause the moment I laid eyes on it. Personally, I refuse to play it due to how disgustingly handheld it is.

  18. It’s just one of those vehicles that could care less about BR.

  19. least obvious Russian bias

  20. As a light tank enthusiat I can proudly say I fucking hate this thing.

    Also why don’t we get premiums vehickes in events anymore ? 😢

  21. Very biased, whoops, meant balanced 😂

  22. Most sane WT player

    Begleitpanzer: finally a worthy opponent, our battle will be legendary!

  23. And in what universe is that balanced

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