Don’t BURN your Bonds on This Tier 10!

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks AMX 50 Foch 155, The Worst Gun in Tier 10? Is The Bond Store Tank AMX 50 Foch 155 worth 12,000 ?

Today let's talk about Foch 155… yes, that legendary tier 10 French tank destroyer with 750 alpha autoloading boomstick. It is super fun when it hits, right, but… The keyword over here is WHEN it its.

What do you think?


  1. What is your take on it? Is it your Sunday drive (1-2 battles) or have you felt the same as me? 🙂
    I used to love it… I really did, but now… oof, tough one.
    Either way, have an absolutely fantastic weekend and Happy Easters! 😉

    • i have it since was changed to Reward vehicle and the entire foch 155 line was a single shot TD, just 2 times in like 500 games hit the 3 shots, and always at last 1 of the 3 shots was a low roll.

    • I love the Foch 155 but like you said the gun is not the best and not the one you want to shoot with only to reload after three shots for almost 1 minute.

    • I hate playing this tank, so you are spot on. The problem really is with WOT itself. You have shown many times that accuracy stats are just BS.

    • I loved the Foch back when it was a tier 9, but then the whole tier 10 thing happened and that line has never been the same again.

  2. it to late for me i bought it way before the video came out

  3. hhaha leopard was re balanced by the cobra made me laugh

  4. No random, no balance and a mismatch-maker.

  5. The original Just Flank tank

  6. Liberty or Death 1776

    I love this tank. Not sure why it doesn’t work for you Dez.

  7. I love playing it, I have 2 marks of excellence on the foch 155

  8. I was top #1 with this tank for the month of March and I swear to god if you play it in a certain way you can get very good games

  9. Ive played about 200 game in this tank, sniping is frustrating so i just go city if theres one. When it works out, its pretty hilarious to see heavy tanks panic while you clip them. Other than this, this tank is a hit or miss, my performance is really inconsistent in this tank, sometimes you get 6k other times you get 0 lol

  10. And it’s it’s one hit to the body
    It comes straight from the heart
    One hit to the body
    Sure went straight to the mark…[…]
    One punch and you knocked me down
    Tore my defenses apart
    One round took me out of the game
    You did me some permanent harm

    [Rolling Stones; One Hit To The Body]

  11. Chadrick Basedman

    Its not as bad as the Grille. I know 3 people who have grinded it, and every one of those 3 has sold it after just 20-30 battles because they said it would not hit the side of a barn even if it was inside it.

  12. Luís Augusto Panadés

    Grille 15 is worse: has same shit accuracy; worse pen with all ammos; no armor; worse camo; worse chassis traverse; worse gun handling. And the shit Grille is a pushed over vehicle.

  13. I can tell french guns have some sort of hidden stats that makes the guns shoot awkwardly compared to any other nation. Your videos thumbnail with the S barrel is right. But having one barrel lead into at least 10 barrels that point in random directions would have been better. “which one will it come out next!” But i Gotta give it to the frenchy 155. It got me over 8k damage for my obj 260.

  14. Inconsistency in WoT? Nahhhh.

  15. Dez:Dont buy Foch 155!
    New crew skills:Ahahahahah:)

  16. Andreas Apostolidis

    No good results,but big fun to use.I like it

  17. 1 month to late!

  18. Save it, plan for using it
    All bond burns the same

  19. AMBT is another one that refuses to hit where you want it to. Very frustrating.

  20. Yessss John wick

  21. imagine playing this tank on clan wars and enemy team is full of mediums

  22. ISU-152K made me uninstall the game twice in a row.

  23. I have met foch 155 close up with my st-2 and a super conqueror by my side. However Super Conq. needed to defend my back and i obviously couldn’t fight the 155. He killed me with his 3 shots.

  24. 155 with new crew skills?

  25. Felipe Shimazaki

    Why Brazil camo ? Lol

  26. My first game with the fosh 155, I got to 2 shot a shitbarn, then slap a grille with the last HE shell. I miss the HE 155 spam.

  27. Pražská umývárenská

    The video came out very late, I already spent it. But kinda like this tank 🙂

  28. I have it, i hate it, should save bons for something else. M60 or 121 are way better choices than this garbage.

  29. Unbekannter Nr. 1

    Five thousand of my bonds will go for Tiger 131.

  30. I thong bo is more like bond burner

  31. Whenever i play it, it is 1-2 hit per game. Win or loose. Nothing to write home about.

  32. god job

  33. We are burning our bonds on bonds equipment instead. 155 should get a shrapnel round, like a buckshot. per shot: 75 fragments with 300 pen and 10 dmg each.
    Then WG could sell chokes for it, like shotgun chokes. Bonds Full Choke. Would be a nice sound when it hits, like someone throwing a bucket of gravel on your Maus.

  34. I’ve bought the Foch myself last year.. And I hav eto admit, even though u don’t hit all shells in the mag I enjoy playing it

  35. Ognjen Radosavljevic

    I actually really like this tank, I was scared I wasted bonds with this tank when I got it last year, but its actually one of my favourite tier ten tanks, the amount of ammo racks you get with it is pretty fun too. Yes you miss sometimes and the shell speed leaves much to be desired, but it’s so fun to play around and play as a support heavy tank instead as a sniper (which you can also do when you need to). I’m running improved aiming, vents and mobility improvement system. It’s super fun and the mobility system helps you run in, clip someone and reverse out. you can lower the dispersion to 0.3-0.29. Not every tier 10 has to be super competitive, you’re allowed to have fun and don’t have to play only chieftain and object 907 to have fun in the game.

  36. It is sooo much better than the techtree variant. Techtree cant do shit with tier 8 penetration values.

  37. yeah, it’s been nerfed for a while, hardly any pens and misses most of the time, lucky if a third of the shots actually land. Unfortunately I cant get it refunded.

  38. I bought it… I regret buying it… i could have a 907 instead

  39. Well to late for that i already got it some time ago, at first i really enjoyed it and the gun behaved…but now its just trolling all the time and no fun to play

  40. Too Late for me XD

  41. Damn, john wick has been defeated

  42. Moureau Pierre-Olvier

    I got my foch 155 on auctions, when it cost 20k bonds… 3 weeks later, it was available for 12k in the shop… And this gun is super hard to play, but maybe this tank wikk benefit a lot from crew skills rework!!

  43. its one of them tanks that will love you on that day or hate you

  44. I bought it, played like three games and haven’t touched since lmao

  45. just bought the foch 155 🙂

  46. High Admiral Bittenfield

    The right way to play this vehicle is to platoon with two other Foch 155s and just yolo a flank at the start and completely destroy 2-3 tanks from the start.

  47. I bought the Foch 155 during the first black market event (2021 i think). As the Foch B was my first Tier 10 tank, it seemed like the logical choice to buy. But this tank just died in the slow but steady power creep with each new premium and gameplay mechanic. I still have it next to my Foch B, collecting dust. But it’s still fun, even with the bad gun handleing and huge weakspots.

  48. I put my 1st Dez commander in this because I remember how much you loved the full HE 155

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